Introducing the Toyota FT-3e concept


What will the next generation of Toyota battery electric vehicles look like, and what technologies will they possess? The spacious new Toyota FT-3e concept is a tech-study that has been revealed to provide an insight into our thinking on these matters.


Toyota FT-3e: a tech-study on wheels

The five-seat FT-3e concept is founded on a versatile, new generation architecture that can be used to create a wide variety of battery electric vehicles, including the performance-oriented FT-Se sports car concept. It is designed to offer increased efficiency and range through a combination of low weight and optimised aerodynamics, while at the same time focusing on efficient use of resources.


The FT-3e embraces a wide range of future technologies that go beyond delivering carbon neutral mobility. For example, it is designed to connect with society, acting as a medium for transferring energy and data – to and from the car or its surroundings.

Measuring 4,860mm long, 1,955mm wide and 1,595mm high, the FT-3e is sized to be a little longer and wider than the current Toyota bZ4X. It has a sweeping exterior design that combines advanced styling and futuristic aesthetics, with body lines and surfaces kept as simple as possible.

External digital displays within the doors present helpful information to the driver, including the level of battery charge

Digital displays extend from the lower side of the body to the upper door section. These present graphical and numerical information as the driver approaches the vehicle, such as the state of battery charge and the interior temperature and air quality.

The Toyota FT-3e concept and its FT-Se sporting sibling represent a future transformed by electrification and intelligence, which goes beyond providing physical transportation to explore new experiences and values that cars can provide.

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  1. Very interested in FT-3e! Have an Ioniq 5 AWD Ltd Vision Roof. Brilliant SUV and possible FT-3e looks to be a worthy move forward.

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