Introducing the Toyota Hilux Hybrid 48V

Hybrid 48V

Our legendary pick-up opens a new chapter with the introduction of the Hilux Hybrid 48V, which will arrive in the UK in mid-2024. Electrifying this workhorse delivers greater efficiency, improved performance and smoother driving across all terrains – without compromising the model’s exceptional towing and payload capacities or off-road capability. It also strengthens our commitment to reducing emissions through a multi-technology pathway to carbon neutrality.

Hybrid 48V

Please note: the availability of vehicle features described in this article may be dependent on the grade of vehicle. Consult your local Toyota centre or visit for more information.

Hilux Hybrid 48V: new electric technology

This new 48V ‘mild’ hybrid electric technology will be introduced in Invincible and Invincible X Double Cab models with the larger 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine and automatic transmission. The engine uses a reinforced belt drive system to turn a compact motor generator, which in turn charges a 48V lithium battery installed beneath the rear bench seat. Braking energy is also regenerated to supply charge to the battery and provide additional braking performance.

Hybrid 48V

The hybrid battery weighs just 7.6kg and supplies the vehicle’s 12V electrical system through a DC/DC convertor. It sends up to 12kW of power and 65Nm of torque through the motor generator to the engine to enhance acceleration, power and efficiency. Outright power remains the same at 201bhp.

Using the motor-generator in place of a conventional starter motor has created the opportunity to enhance the vehicle’s stop-start function and allow the engine to remain off for longer periods. When coupled with the benefits of the hybrid 48V system, fuel efficiency is improved by up to 5.0% in comparison with the conventional diesel powertrain.

Hybrid 48V

In urban environments, the additional power of the new hybrid 48V technology delivers improved throttle response and more linear acceleration, while the regenerative braking system is tuned to create a more effective and natural deceleration feel. Similarly, when negotiating rough surfaces, the robust motor-generator enables smoother acceleration, and regenerative braking supports safer downhill manoeuvring. A reduced idle speed (720 to 600rpm) makes it even easier for the driver to control the vehicle.

Enhanced off-road and safety technologies

Featured for the first time on a Hilux, our Multi-Terrain Select (MTS) system provides extra performance and control by giving the driver the option to adjust vehicle stability control settings according to specific driving conditions. The system automatically calibrates the vehicle to regulate power and wheel spin in order to enhance traction and manoeuvrability. But the driver can select one of five pre-set options: dirt, sand, mud, deep snow or rock.

Hybrid 48V

Special attention was paid to ensuring the Hilux Hybrid 48V possesses the same off-road credentials as its Double Cab siblings. It offers ground clearance of 310mm, approach and departure angles of 29 and 26 degrees respectively, and the ability to wade through water up to 700mm deep. Meanwhile, anti-slip and strengthening measures on the motor generator pulley and belt ensure optimum performance, even when wet.

The new Hilux Hybrid 48V features the latest Toyota Safety Sense technologies to provide drivers and other road users with world-class protection from many common accident risks. These include an enhanced pre-collision system, updated lane departure alerts, adaptive cruise control with road sign assist, and an automatic high beam function for the headlights.

The high grade specification includes the latest Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system. This offers an eight-inch screen, cloud-based navigation and interactive voice agent for hands-free operation of mobile phone calls, audio functions, air conditioning, electric windows and ambient lighting. Drivers can lock or unlock the vehicle and control the air conditioning via a smartphone app. Connection via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity is wireless.

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  1. Is the new hilux awd… by that I mean can I drive on sealed surfaces (roads) with power/torque going to all 4 wheels?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi J,thank you for getting in touch.

      Great to see the Hybrid Hilux has you asking questions.
      The vehicle is All Wheel Drive and this can be used on road where required.


      Toyota UK

    1. Hi Gregory, thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the delay in our response.

      Yes, the 48V still uses both of these aspects as is required for emissions standards.


      Toyota UK

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