Camatte 57s – Toyota’s new family plaything

Where better to unveil a car that’s all about bringing the family together than a toy show? Toyota is presenting the Camatte 57s, a sporty, open-top family-focused concept car, in the colourful surroundings of the Kids’ Life Zone at this week’s Tokyo Toy Show.

Toyota’s new concept is about sharing ideas to build the ideal car, inspired by the fun that generations of mums, dads and kids have had making things together. Toyota believes that involving youngsters in choosing the shape and look of a car will help these drivers of the future learn more about the fun aspects of motoring.

The Camatte 57s builds on the original Camatte concept, shown last year, with an even greater range of customisation opportunities that are even easier to apply.

The body is made up of 57 small, lightweight, detachable panels that can be finished in a wide choice of colours and designs. The open top roadster body style adds to the fun by allowing everyone on board to enjoy the colourful exterior they have created.

The pedals and seats can be adjusted so that even children can drive. The position of the right-hand rear seat lets adults help with steering and braking, so youngsters can make an early start on developing their driving skills in appropriate, safe places, off the public highway.

Powered by an electric motor, the car measures 3,000mm long by 1,440mm wide and 1,000mm high, and seats three.

The name Camatte is from the Japanese word for ‘care’ and is meant to signify ‘caring for others’ and ‘caring for cars’.  The ‘s’ stands for the Japanese word sawaru, which means ‘to touch.  The name thus reflects the idea that people should feel more in touch with each other and their vehicles.

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for getting in touch and for your interest in the Camatte 57s. There is no price available, as it is just a family-focused concept.


      1. Hi Brody, thanks for your comment.

        There are plenty of family-orientated options in our current model lineup, if that is what you are referring to. Have a look into the Yaris Cross, RAV4, Highlander or even the upcoming Corolla Cross.


        Toyota UK

      1. Hi Fred,

        As far as we are aware, it’s not for sale, and won’t be going on sale any time soon.


      1. Hi, thanks for your question.

        The vehicle is not on the market as it is just a family-focused concept vehice.


  2. Hello Toyota, We are studying in a design school and we need detailed information on Camatte 57’s. For e.g. Blueprint of the vehicle and orthographic pictures of the vehicle like side view, top view. Can you help us out ASAP?

    1. Hi Rachit,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Unfortunately this is not information that we hold.

    1. Hi Rashid,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately, the Camatte is a concept car. Therefore, we are unable to give pricing information at this time.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your interest in the Camatte 57s.
      The vehicle is not on the market as it is just a family-focused concept.

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