Auris Hybrid: your questions answered (part 2)


Welcome to part two of our Auris Hybrid Q&A. If you missed part one yesterday, you can find the answers here. If you have any more questions, it’s not too late to ask – feel free to submit more questions below.


What is the service interval?

Auris Hybrid has an intermediate service after 10,000 miles or one year (whichever is the sooner), with a full service after a further 10,000 miles or one year. This is then repeated throughout the life of the car.


How does the cost of servicing Auris Hybrid compare to that of standard petrol vehicles?

Auris Hybrid and the Hybrid Synergy Drive system are designed to be reliable, durable and low-maintenance. The 1.8-litre VVT-i engine has a maintenance-free timing chain, an element-type oil filter, miniaturised spark plugs and no drive belts, all of which require little maintenance and so save you money.

In addition, short service times, low parts pricing and low labour costs mean that the service costs are the same as for a 1.0-litre Yaris.


So many ‘green’ cars seem overpriced – why is hybrid technology still so expensive when it is no longer new? Is Auris Hybrid worth the money?

Auris Hybrid delivers class-leading cost of ownership, with low service and maintenance costs, best-in-class residual values, plus the low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions you would expect from a Toyota hybrid.


How long is the manufacturer’s warranty?

All Toyota passenger cars now come with a 5-year/100,000 mile warranty. In addition, we are pleased to announce that Auris Hybrid will benefit from an 8-year/100,000 mile warranty on its nickel metal hydride (hybrid) battery.


You say that the nickel metal hydride (hybrid) battery will last the lifetime of the car. What does this mean?

Toyota has a history of innovation and success in hybrid battery technology going back to 1997. Toyota is offering an 8-year/100,000 mile warranty on the hybrid battery, and is confident that it will last as long as the other components of the car.


If the hybrid battery has to be replaced out of warranty, what is the cost?

The price of a replacement battery has not yet been confirmed.


Does Auris Hybrid have multi-link rear suspension?

Auris Hybrid uses highly efficient torsion beam system with a separate spring and damper layout, giving a compact design that doesn’t intrude into the car’s loadspace.


What is the boot space capacity? Do the rear seats fold flat, and if so, what does this increase the capacity to?

The boot capacity of standard 2010 Auris is 354 litres, with the nickel hydride battery taking up 75 litres of space in Auris Hybrid’s boot. While we had access to the car in Barcelona we experimented with folding the rear seats down, and while they don’t sit absolutely horizontal, they’re certainly flat enough to load luggage on top of, for example. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official figure for the boot capacity with rear seats folded down, however you can find a picture of this in our Flickr gallery.


What is the box-like shape in the boot, and how much boot space does it take up?

This covers the 12v battery. There is no official statistic that tells us how much boot space it takes up, but having seen Auris Hybrid in the flesh, we can tell you that it’s not very much.


Will Auris Hybrid be affected by the same braking issues reported by some Prius owners earlier this year?

Customer concerns about Prius brake feel concerned the specific set-up of the ABS system. Toyota set out to recall all Prius built before 27 January 2010 so as to modify the ABS system and improve the brake feel. This was not a safety recall but a voluntary campaign.

All Prius produced since 27 January 2010 have had the ABS software update installed at the factory. All Auris Hybrids will be manufactured with the latest software update.


I drive regularly around town, on country lanes, motorways and everything in between! Is Auris Hybrid suitable for me?

Definitely – EV (Electric Vehicle) mode is ideal for town driving as you can drive emissions-free using electric power alone for up to 30mph, while the 1.8-litre VVT-i Atkinson cycle engine excels on motorways.

We did exactly this while in Barcelona for the Auris Hybrid press launch. We drove in ECO mode on motorways, winding mountain roads and congested city streets, and achieved 68.9mpg. And when we needed an extra boost, POWER mode gave us a 25% increase in throttle response, while still delivering over 60mpg.


If I drive carefully, using the brakes only lightly, will I benefit from the hybrid system?

Driving in EV mode – during which Auris Hybrid uses power from the electric motor only – is only possible while driving carefully at low speeds, so this driving style is perfectly suited to Auris Hybrid. After all, in EV mode no petrol is used and no CO2 emitted. Even when the engine is running, light acceleration and light braking will ensure you achieve great fuel economy.


How effective is the ‘B’ position of the gear lever at providing engine braking? Does it control speed on steep downhill descents?

Using ‘B’ for engine braking is certainly effective, and does control speed on downhill descents. However, factors such as slope gradient and road conditions will change the way you experience engine braking. Our advice is to book a test drive in early July and test it out for yourself.


Is there a foot rest to the right of the accelerator pedal so the right foot can rest close to the pedal when using cruise control?

No, there is no foot rest of this type, however there is a foot rest (for the left foot) to the left of the clutch. [Correction: it is to the left of the brake pedal. Auris Hybrid has no clutch.]


Will Auris Hybrid be available on Motability?

Yes, however pricing has not yet been confirmed.


Have cabin noise intrusion and in-cabin rattles been improved over previous generation Auris?

Yes – the manufacturing of Auris Hybrid involved EV (Electric Vehicle) testing, during which previously unknown noises were discovered. These enhancements help improve levels of noise and vibration of both hybrid and non-hybrid Auris models.


  1. Hello

    My question is, does the 2018 Auris Hybrid have a fuel filter?
    Silly question I know but it would help a lot

    Thank you..

    1. Hi Liebs,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Could you please provide us with your reg? We can then look into this for you.

  2. Hello , I have a auris 2015, and my catalyst was nicked, I change with a new one from a garage ; and they told me this one it doesn’t contain any prices mettal, my question is the CO2 is at the same level ?
    And way Toyota is not changing those catalyst or make them impossible to be still , or put a proper alarm system on the cars !??

    1. Hi Nicu,
      Thank you for your comment. We’re sorry to hear that you have been affected by this awful crime.
      All catalytic converters contain a certain concentration of precious metals in order to do their job effectively.
      Is this an official Toyota part? We are unable to advise on the effectiveness of aftermarket parts to do their jobs, but an aftermarket part might not be as effective as filtering out of emissions as an official Toyota part.
      Criminals are using high-grade power tools to remove the catalytic converters. Whilst we have developed theft deterrent devices such as tilt alarms and CatLocs, it is impossible to make these parts unstealable.
      Once again, we’re sorry that your vehicle has been targeted by criminals.

  3. Hello there
    I have a toyota auris hybrid 2010 with 40000 miles. would you know if the cvt gearbox needs oil change and what is the cost.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Hashem,
      Your nearest Toyota Centre would be best placed to advise on this as they can physically inspect your vehicle.

  4. I have toyota auris 1 . can’t find my device with obd at the toyota dealer, what can I do to verify my battery health ?

  5. Having previously owned an Auris Hybrid Sports Estate (FA16XFV) the only thing I could fault it on was the position of the satellite navigation screen and the beam lighting, which showed the road in the distance well, but not the immediate road. Fuel economy was fantastic, sometimes averaging almost 80 mpg. The engine only cutting in on overrun braking when the battery showed full. When going down a long hill the battery would charge until it showed full and then you could hear the engine start churning to take over braking from the electric motor so that the battery did not overcharge.
    When the new Corolla Hybrid Sports Estate arrived on the scene I jumped at the opportunity to get a satellite navigation screen in the right place and lights that allowed you to drive in the dark (GP19UJU). I was also pleased to find that the car would drive electric up to 70 mph.
    What did upset me was to find that fuel economy had disappeared, averaging only just over 50 mpg.
    The rubbish fuel economy would appear to be because the battery does not recharge to the same extent as my previous hybrid. Energy is wasted on spinning the engine, sometimes to 4000 rpm and above, in B mode, when it could be charging the battery which is only carrying a half charge. the same thing happens when braking and on overrun.
    This has been mentioned as a fault when the car was serviced, but I was told this was normal with the new Mark IV version of the synergy drive. Not what I call progress.
    Your comments on this would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Colin,
      Thanks for your comment.
      There are many factors that affect fuel economy, not just the hybrid system.
      Please let us know if we can assist you further.

      1. Hi,

        That does not answer my question.

        Why does the hybrid waste energy churning the engine, when the battery could be charged?

      2. Hi Colin,
        Without physically inspecting your vehicle, this is difficult to diagnose.
        If you believe there is a fault with your vehicle, please contact your nearest Toyota Centre.

  6. My car Toyota auris 2016 estate hybrid! ” Check sooner system” massage with blinking flashing light s on dash took it to local Toyota garage they changed sensors still not resolve the issue!! Don’t know what to do? Please help me and advise.

    1. Hi Abul,
      We are sorry to hear about this.
      Unfortunately, without being able to physically inspect your vehicle, we cannot diagnose it.
      So we would recommend taking your vehicle back to your Toyota Centre.

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