2024 Toyota Yaris Cross: What’s changed?

2024 Toyota Yaris Cross

Our multi-award-winning compact SUV has been gently but significantly enhanced, with the aim of maintaining the model’s position as the segment leader in Europe. This article reveals what has changed within the 2024 Toyota Yaris Cross line-up in the keys areas of technology, power and style.

2024 Toyota Yaris Cross

Please note: the availability of vehicle features described in this article may be dependent on the grade of vehicle. Consult your local Toyota centre or visit toyota.co.uk for more information.

2024 Toyota Yaris Cross: technology

The revised model introduces a completely new digital user experience. This includes new instrument displays that be configured and customised to suit the driver’s preference, and a new Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system that is more powerful, quicker to respond and offers a wider range of functions. The size of the displays are now class-leading: up to 12.3-inch for the driver’s combimeter and up to 10.5-inch for the multimedia touchscreen (both grade dependent).

In addition to wireless smartphone integration for both Apple and Android devices, a function of the new multimedia system is its ‘always connected’ cloud-based navigation, which uses up-to-the-moment information on routes, traffic and delays to offer optimal journey planning. The system also offers speech recognition through an on-board voice agent that can recognise and react to natural, conversational language and requests. For example, by saying, “Hey Toyota, I’m cold,” the system will automatically realise the need to raise the climate control temperature.

Convenience and security is enhanced with the availability of a new smart digital key (grade dependent). Linked to the MyToyota app, this digital key grants access to the vehicle through the user’s smartphone, and can be used to lock, unlock and start the vehicle without directly interacting with the phone. The app provides other useful functions, including remote locking/unlocking, pre-journey climate control operation, and activation of the hazard lights to help locate the vehicle, such as in a busy car park.

The revised car is also equipped with the latest generation of Toyota Safety Sense. The advanced features of this system – now with increased scope for detecting risks thanks to a new camera and radar set-up – are provided as standard throughout the 2024 Toyota Yaris Cross range. It is linked to a new data communications module that allows seamless, over-the-air software updates.

Protection is also offered when the car is stationary with the availability of a system that provides a visual and audible warning to help guard against a door being inadvertently opened into the path of approaching vehicles and cyclists.

2024 Toyota Yaris Cross: power and driving pleasure

The 2024 Toyota Yaris Cross joins its hatchback sibling in offering a second, more powerful version of its fifth-generation hybrid electric powertrain to further increase the model’s appeal.

This means that in addition to the established 1.5-litre full hybrid electric system, higher grade GR Sport and new Premiere Edition (see subheading below) models will be equipped with an upgraded system that features a new transaxle and a larger, more powerful motor-generator. Together with adjustments to the power control unit, output rises by 14% (from 114 to 130bhp), and maximum torque increases by 30% (141 to 185Nm). Acceleration from rest to 62mph is now reduced by half a second to 10.7 seconds, while emissions from the revised powertrain remain at a best-in-class 103-122g/km.

2024 Toyota Yaris Cross
High-spec GR Sport model (above) is one of two grades to feature new 130bhp hybrid electric system

Statistics are only part of the story; equally significant is the impact the new powertrain has on the driving experience. It gives the 2024 Yaris Cross a more dynamic and responsive feel, with drive motor assistance also having been tuned to deliver a more linear relationship with accelerator input for faithful feedback.

Improvements have also been applied to how occupants are isolated from noise and vibrations through the powertrain. A dynamic damper has been added to the left-side engine mount; a resonator has been fitted to the intake hose; the inner dash silencer has been changed from a single layer to a three-layer construction; and an extra layer of felt has been added to the cowl top silencer. To combat wind and road noise, thicker glass is used across the windscreen and side windows.

2024 Toyota Yaris Cross: added style with new Premiere Edition

The new Premiere Edition represents the halo model of the 2024 range. Among the body colour options is an exclusive new Urban Khaki bi-tone paint finish (below and lead images), which is paired with exclusive new 18-inch machine-finished five-spoke alloy wheels. Inside, upholstery stitching and deco lines on the instrument panel and doors coordinate with the green paintwork.

2024 Toyota Yaris Cross

When will the new Yaris Cross arrive?

UK pricing and ordering details for the 2024 Yaris Cross will be announced before the end of the year.

All information was correct at the time of publishing


  1. We have been loyal Toyota customers for many years and currently own 5 year old CHR. We drove a Yaris Cross last year. Nice likeable car but on the road no improvement over the CHR, which is fair enough given it’s size, so we did not buy one. When will the revised Yaris Cross be available for a test drive please and is it really better on the road as we seek a quiet, comfortable, smooth riding car? Thanks.

    1. Hi there, thanks for your comment.

      We’re pleased to hear of your interest in the Yaris Cross. Demonstrators are expected to arrive in dealerships around May time. Your local Toyota Centre will happily register your interest for a test drive now.


      Toyota UK

  2. Please can you clarify which of the above changes apply to the Excel version ( I understand that the new drive train does NOT but am less clear on what DOES!) I’ve just ordered (1 Feb 2024) an Excel and would ike to know what its specs are now as all the brochures etc are still showing the old model specs.

  3. Will there be any electric automatic hatch on any of the Yaris Cross or the Corolla Hybrids?
    Can’t find any information on this.

    1. Hi Alan, thanks for your comment.

      The Excel grade of the Yaris Cross features a kick acitvated power back door. We have no information on this being introduced on any further grades or models at this time.


      Toyota UK

      1. Hi,

        When will the Toyota website reflect the new models that are available in the Toyota Yaris Cross line-up, including the latest GR changes and the addition of the Premier addition?

        Great work on the new models.

        Thank you.

  4. Guys a few questions:
    – The photographs shown appear to be the ‘current 2023’ model not the new design with the revised front end which has been shown at model launch shows. Is this correct?
    – Re the navigation system, what mapping system is it based on? If the navigation system using an in-house Toyota navigation system?
    – The smart lock, as well as working with a smartphone, in my case Apple iPhone, can it be unlocked using an Apple Watch?
    – The speed limiter – once set can this read road signs and the speed limit be automatically adjusted, or if not prompt the user to press a control to make the adjustment?
    – Does the cars system monitor and advise on tyre pressures?
    – On the Premier model will the car be available with the ‘black’ colouring at the rear of the car?

    No doubt there will be more questions to come 🙂

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your questions.

      1) Our website has not been fully updated to the 2024 Yaris Cross just yet. However, the imagery for Premiere Edition is correct.
      2) The Multimedia System you get in the 2024 Yaris Cross is dependant on grade. The grades that come with navigation in the multimedia are Excel, GR Sport and Premiere Edition.
      If you could give us some more information on what grade you are interested in, we can assist you further with this.
      3) Smart lock – this only works on phones, not Apple Watch.
      4) Speed limiter – this has to be manually adjusted by the driver. The traffic sign recognition will light up when going over the speed which would encourage the driver to slow down, but there isn’t anything for speeding up.
      5) All of our new vehicles are equipped with a Tyre Pressure Warning System (TPWS), where it will send an alert if a tyre pressure has reduced.
      6) The only colours available for Premiere Edition are bi-tone.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment.

      For the 2024 Yaris Cross, the Safety Pack now contains the elements from the City Pack.
      These features are:
      – Blind Spot Monitor
      – Safe Exit Assist
      – Intelligent Front & Rear Parking Sensors with Clearance Sonar & Automatic Braking
      – Lane Departure Alert Switch on Steering Wheel
      The Advanced Safety Pack is also available which includes the 360 Panoramic View Monitor.

      We hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions.


  5. It saddens me that there is still so much emphasis on ‘performance’. I know that you will say that you’re only reacting to what customers want but if everyone keeps ignoring the ever-growing climate crisis then society will eventually collapse. It’s hard to see people who prioritise driving faster above environmental destruction as adults to be honest.
    The self-charging hybrid offers the best mid-term solution to reducing our motoring carbon footprint until pure electric vehicle performance overcomes the current disadvantages. Toyota should be focussing on increasing the hybrid electric performance to further improve mpg, not decreasing 0-60 acceleration times.

  6. When we get to see a detailed specification including optional extras for the new Yaris cross premium and excel

  7. Has the 12v battery issue been changed for the new 130 engine – was about to place order for the premiere, but cant be doing with having to check battery levels or solar chargers just to leave it at the airport for a fortnight on a £30k+ car. The updated/larger media/entertainment screen would suggest a higher electrical load – has the 12v battery been upgraded or is it the same 54ah battery that has proved to be inadequate for drivers with a lower or infrequent annual mileage. Off to look at the updated Puma…

    1. Right with you regarding the 12 volt battery problem which features a 35Ah Multu that doesn’t appear to be up to the job if the car does a low mileage. Either that or the charging system just does not get the battery up to charge quickly enough.
      It would be interesting to get a response from Toyota whether the charging system or 12 volt battery for the new Yaris Cross have been improved or will thermal clothing, solar chargers, trickle chargers and a jump pack still be the order of the day.
      Shame to ruin a really nice car for a hapeth of tar.

    2. * correction I meant 35aH, not 54aH..on the current Yaris Cross…. anyhow has this been changed or is it the same ?

  8. I have just recently purchased the Yaris cross design due to be delivered May 2024, can you confirm which additional features is has, and if it has wireless charging and connectivity? It’s very unclear on the website what’s included in the car and what isn’t.

    1. Hi Kiran,

      Thanks for your question.

      The all-new Yaris Cross Design comes with:
      – New 7” Digital Combimeter
      – New 10.5″ HD Toyota Smart Connect (with Cloud Navigation) with Wireless Smartphone integration incl Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™.
      – New Lower Instrument Panel
      – New fabric seat

      We hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions.


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