9 reasons to buy an approved used Toyota

The experience of buying an approved used Toyota is just as enjoyable and reassuring as buying a brand-new model. Why can we say that? Because as you will see from the benefits outlined below, the Toyota Approved Used programme delivers convenience and peace of mind every step of the way. 

1. Always available 

The used car sales areas of all Toyota centres are always open digitally, and it is possible to arrange for a Toyota sales representative to speak with you by phone, video chat or on a pre-booked physical appointment. 

2. End-to-end buying proposition 

The Toyota Approved Used web page has a comprehensive tool (above) that allows you to search for your ideal vehicle from the comfort and safety of your own home. This one-stop facility allows you to enter your postcode and conduct a search based on 12 key preferences. And if the vehicle this tool identifies is perfect for your needs, the entire purchase can be carried out online. 

3. COVID-19 safe 

To help keep you safe during vehicle handovers, we strictly adhere to government guidelines and have social distancing measures and touchless handover processes in place at all our centres. We recommend arranging a pre-booked sales appointment with your local Toyota centre before visiting. 

4. The best of the best 

If it’s a nearly new car you’re looking for, Toyota Plus Direct vehicles represent the best available within the Toyota Approved Used programme. All are hand-selected, less than two years old and have covered less than 24,000 miles. For full reassurance, each vehicle is thoroughly checked for quality and comes with a minimum of three years or 67,000-mile warranty. Toyota Plus Direct cars are available to buy online and are delivered fully valeted to your home within ten working days. 

5. We’ve got you covered 

All Toyota Approved Used vehicles carry the reassurance of at least a 12-month warranty period, while Toyota Plus Direct vehicles (see above) come complete with a minimum of three years or 67,000-mile warranty. 

6. Professionally checked 

All Toyota Approved Used vehicles are inspected by our trained technicians, who conduct a comprehensive 145-point check. If any quality control point fails to make the grade, it is either replaced or refurbished so we can guarantee the safety and reliability of the entire vehicle. 

7. Roadside assistance 

All Toyota Approved Used vehicles are supplied with 12 months of Toyota Roadside Assistance, which includes breakdown and recovery services at your home or by the roadside. This applies across the UK and in 44 European countries. 

8. Part-exchange 

Many customers will have an existing car that they want to trade in, which is why we offer the convenience of a part-exchange service on all makes and models. All we need to do is confirm that the vehicle’s condition is consistent with the information presented during the online valuation. 

9. Investing in quality 

By purchasing an approved used Toyota, you are investing in a brand that is renowned for delivering the highest standards of quality, durability and reliability. A recent survey by What Car? magazine placed Toyota and vehicles from sister brand Lexus in the top two positions for overall reliability. 


  1. I bought toyota auris (approved used car)from toyota dealer 7 months ago with 12 months warranty.my car reached 100000 miles.is my car still under warranty?

    1. Hi Idris, thanks for your query.

      All details of your warranty and the requirements of this should be found in your policy booklet.


  2. Hi, what are the service history criteria for Toyota Approved Used vehicles, please – must they have a full Toyota service history?

  3. Learned from a Toyota dealership in the England that Toyota Approved Used vehicles no longer come with a three-day drive-home insurance.
    Is that all Toyota Approved Used vehicles or only those expensive ones come with drive-home insurance? Would you please confirm if this is true and update the info on the web page shall that be the case?

  4. I have a Toyota Avensis which has done 80,000 miles.
    The hand brake actuator has failed and Toyota cannot supply a replacement.
    Their local agent has fitted a second hand actuator but they cannot programme it.
    The handbrake works but the dash warning says that it doesn’t.
    Where do I go to for advice now?

    1. Hi John, thanks for your comment.

      We are sorry to hear you are experiencing this.

      We would recommend re-contacting your local Toyota Centre to follow up on this. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Relations team to discuss this further.

      The team can be found here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/help-centre#/

      Please let us know if we can assist with any other problems or queries.


    1. Hi Shelly,
      Our Used Vehicle Team have advised that if an MOT is due, it will be done.
      An Approved Used Vehicle should not need to visit a centre for any mechanical work within the 3 months after is been purchased.
      We hope this helps.

  5. I bought an approved Toyota. 5 months ago. Noticed that it’s had a repair and the rear boot has been removed and interment rear sensors going off. I’ve noticed crash damage repair underneath. I did ask for a car without crash damage. What can I do?

    1. Hi Martyn
      We are sorry to hear this.
      Please contact the Toyota Centre that sold you the vehicle as they will be best placed to investigate and resolve with you.
      Kind regards

    1. Hi Lee, Thank you for getting in touch.
      Our Used Vehicle Team have advised that if an MOT is due, it will be done.
      An Approved Used Vehicle should not need to visit a centre for any mechanical work within the 3 months after is been purchased.
      We hope this helps.
      Toyota UK

  6. I have owned my Avensis since October 2016. It was first registered in May 2016. It was srviced by Toyota for the first 5 years and since then has been serviced annually by an independant garage. I did not buy it from a Toyota dealer, bought it from Motorpoint . Does this mean that it would not qualify under ‘The approved used vehicle scheme’ for additional warranty

    1. Hi Paul,thanks for getting in touch.

      Your Avensis does not meet the guidelines for the approved used vehicle programme however you could benefit from an additional warranty if you have a qualifying service at a Toyota Centre.
      Please follow the link to read the terms and conditions: https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/toyota-warranty or speak with your local dealer.


      Toyota UK

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