Why is the Toyota GR86 only on sale for two years?


While it is true that the new Toyota GR86 will only be on sale in Europe for two years, some people are under the misunderstanding that its lifespan is being curtailed by stricter emissions regulations. The reality is entirely different, so let us explain why the car will have to be discontinued after 2024.

In 2024, new European safety protocols will come into force, and vehicles that do not comply with these General Safety Regulation 2 standards will not be allowed to be sold. This will even apply to existing, un-registered stock held centrally by vehicle manufacturers.

In order to comply with these strict new regulations, the GR86 would have to be completely re-engineered. Apart from being economically unviable for a small-volume sports car like the GR86, compliance with these regulations would detrimentally affect the dynamic character of the car. Make no mistake, the GR86 is already a very safe car. It’s just that from 2024 it simply wouldn’t be the driver’s car everybody knows and loves.

This is why Toyota is encouraging people to recognise that the window of opportunity to own and enjoy a new GR86 is strictly limited. Because once that window has closed, it’s closed for good.

Regarding emissions, Toyota’s pre-emptive investment in electrification technologies means that our Clean Air For Europe statistics are already much lower than those of all other major car manufacturers. As a result, there was no legislative pressure from the European Commission to prematurely withdraw the GR86 from sale in this respect.


  1. Apparently Toyota customer service are saying more cars were sold than the allocation and that a confirmation order number and deposit does not guarantee we have secured the vehicle.

    Can you confirm what happens to the customers who have had orders placed after the allocation runs out.

  2. Hi there,
    I emailed the online retail team last Monday morning (25th April) asking if my order had been placed before the 2 years worth of allocation ran-out. My dealer experienced difficulties placing my order (I now understand this was due to a computer crash), I believe we eventually managed to select a car sometime around 10.45 a.m. and was given an order number and duly paid the £1000 deposit. I thought my question was polite and straight-forward, it included the order number details and cannot understand why they haven’t replied in 4 days! This would be my first purchase of a Japanese manufactured car and I was led to believe Toyota and Lexus had the best customer service of anyone around, however the chaos experienced by so many keen and loyal British purchasers seems to indicate otherwise. How much longer do I/we need to wait to be proved wrong?

    1. I now understand I had been sent a confirmation email on the 26th but it was sent to an account set-up the dealer and not my main email address which I had used for the query. It would appear I am one of the lucky few! I take back some of my previous comments, but will say that this has been the most nervous period for me in my 52 years of buying cars, it must surely be possible to make the process easier and fairer for the UK!

    2. Hi Bob, thanks for your comment.

      We haven’t been able to find your email, only one sent back in February regarding when the GR86 would go on sale.
      Could you check your sent/outbox and confirm which email address you sent it to please?


      Toyota UK

      1. Hi there,
        The redirected confirmation email I received came from:
        The notification was preceded by Toyota Buy Online ref: ORCA0133014.
        I have yet to receive the ‘welcome’ telephone call that it mentions, I hope this is all proved to be genuine and not a scam!

      2. Hi Bob,
        Due to this very high volume of new orders in a short space of time, it is taking us a little longer than we would like, to reach out to all customers.
        This is a very labour intensive task for our team and we respectfully thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.
        We look forward to speaking with you soon and apologise once again for any frustration caused.

  3. What month are Toyota ceasing supply of the GR86 I thought last cars were being supplied until December 2023 due to legislation, however it seems’ now supply will continue through 2024?

    1. Hi Vance, thanks for your question.

      All Toyota GR86 in the UK will be registered and delivered to customers before the end of 2023.


    1. Hi David,
      As stated in the article, the GR86 will be discontinued after 2024.
      If you have any further questions, please let us know.
      Thank you.

      1. I have one but my understanding was they were not going to be available in 2024 – I’m confused?

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