What’s changed for the 2015 Toyota Avensis?

Earlier in March, we unveiled the new Toyota Avensis at the Geneva Motor Show. On sale in the UK later this year, the model benefits from new engines, far sharper exterior styling and a redesigned interior.

In this jargon-free post, we compare the visual differences between the new and outgoing models.

Up front

The upper grille has been made thinner and dispenses with the three-bar arrangement of the outgoing model. It now consists of a single strip of chrome pointing towards the Toyota badge, which is no longer metal-backed and appears to float. The headlights incorporate new inverted v-shaped tracer lights.

Lower down, the central air intake has been widened and now includes a body-coloured section below the registration plate, which is now housed within prominent gloss black moulding.

2015 Toyota Avensis front end

Avensis 15 front end Geneva

Current Avensis front end


In profile

A new range of alloy wheels is offered, while the edge of the front wing has been squared-off to accommodate the straighter edges of the redesigned headlights.

2015 Avensis profile


Current Avensis profile


At the rear

Narrower LED taillights debut and feature less white space, while the bootlid now features an angled strip of chrome with pinched edges that run across the top of the tailights to the boot shutlines.

The registration plate housing is now trapezoidal-shaped and the bumper has a smoother appearance.

2015 Avensis rear

Avensis rear 15 Geneva

Current Avensis rear

Avensis 64 rear end crop


The dashboard has been divided in two. At the top sits a pair of redesigned air vents and driver instrumentation. The vents are now longer and thinner and feature a brushed aluminium strip across the centre. For the first time on the Avensis, there are cowled dials and these are mounted beside a new 4.2-inch colour information screen.

The lower section of the dashboard houses a new 8-inch touchscreen and uses Toyota’s Touch 2 sat-nav and multimedia system. Additionally, the door card materials have been upgraded and the design has been revised to incorporate new gloss silver accents and ridge stitched cloth or leather (depending on grade) on and above the arm rests.

2015 Avensis interior

Avensis 15 interior

Current Avensis interior

Avensis 64 interior

Also good to know

There is a choice of five engines for the 2015 Avensis – three petrols and two diesels. The petrol units offered are: A 130bhp 1.6-litre, 145bhp 1.8-litre and a 150bhp 2.0-litre Valvematic unit. The diesel engine line-up is all-new and comprises a 110bhp 1.6-litre unit – first seen the Verso – and a 141bhp 2.0-litre unit which makes its Toyota debut in the Avensis.

Four grades will be offered – Entry, Mid, Mid+ and High – and prices for each will be announced in due course.


  1. I do love the new avensis just cant wait for a test drive. but why can’t we get the camry in this county?

  2. Hi Carl. Great to hear you’re looking forward to a test drive. In answer to your question, the Avensis and Prius cover our needs for the UK market, making the Camry difficult to justify economically. Thanks again.

  3. Hi there,
    Thank you for your post. The reason why we do not have an Avensis Hybrid is because the Prius fulfills this segment of the market. We do appreciate your feedback and will pass your comments to our marketing team. Just to make you aware we will be introducing a RAV4 Hybrid into the UK market next year. More details will come soon so stayed tuned to our blog for the latest news.

    1. Hi George,
      Thank you for your post. We have checked with our product team and Avensis comes with cruise control but not adaptive cruise control at present. Our technical team have advised that Mirrorlink 1.0 is used due to its safety features available once the car is in motion. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

      1. Interesting – In mine question I ask why, but you answer is…. we checked, you are right, I know I’m right, because i bought the car and was surprised when i was on a highway. that there is no AAC. Just not understand how it is possible, the older Avensis to have that option, and to not present into the latest model as the all necessary hardware is existing. About MirrorLink 1.1 – of course it is up to the company will it implement, and mostly to the car driver will it use it, but Honda, VW, Subaru etc – all they have its own apps ensuring at least the use or MirrorLink 1.0. Where is your app? Except ONLY these 2 issues – I’m very very glad from the new Avensis, really, very comfortable, noiseless, stable car. And that 7CVT working on 2600 rpm at 140 km/h – just awesome.

      2. Hi George,
        Thank you for your quick reply. We have passed this to our technical and product teams to look into this further for you and we will respond to you as soon as we have heard. Many thanks.

  4. Hi, my girlfiend and I bought the new Avensis 2015 business edition. It comes with LED daylights but old innefficient halogen headlamps. Is it possible to replace those halogen headlamps with LED ones as they offer more clarity and visibility?

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical team and they have advised that there is no upgrade available for LED lights on this model. Hope this helps clarify and if you have any other questions please let us know.

      1. Thanks for your quick response. I thought that the lights from the business edition plus could be fitted in the business edition. It’s a shame as I drive at night a lot and white lights would help significantly. I absolutely love the car, it’s very smooth, comfortable and looks very elegant. Please let me know if LEDs become available for my model, thanks again.

  5. I need to replace a headlght on my 2003 avengis if i get a used one from a breakers yard does it need to be same year or Does any avengis headlight fit .

    1. Hi Bill,
      Thanks for your post. We would advise asking your local dealer about this. They will be able to advise you in more detail. Hope this helps!

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