New GR Yaris special editions commemorate our WRC title winners

GR Yaris special editions

Two super-exclusive new GR Yaris special editions have been revealed at the opening event of the 2024 World Rally Championship. Built with personal input from the Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team drivers that bear their names, the Ogier Edition commemorates Sébastien Ogier’s WRC titles in 2020 and 2021, while the Rovanperä Edition was developed to recognise Kalle Rovanperä’s WRC titles in 2022 and 2023.

GR Yaris special editions

These special editions were developed as a result of Toyota chairman and master driver Akio Toyoda’s respect and gratitude to the drivers and teams who improve our cars through the punishing crucible of rallying. This honour continues a theme introduced by the Carlos Sainz edition of the Celica GT-Four in September 1991.

GR Yaris special editions

Both cars are powered by the latest development of the 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine and matched to the six-speed manual transmission. But in additional to exclusive external and internal features (see box below), each car exchanges the standard ‘Gravel’ and ‘Track’ modes on the GR-Four mode selector for settings programmed to reflect the respective driver’s personal preferences for handling and performance.

GR Yaris Ogier Edition

The new GR Yaris Ogier Edition has two new all-wheel drive control modes. ‘Morizo’ mode was developed by master driver Akio Toyoda (aka Morizo) and calibrated to help deliver consistent race times under acceleration, partial acceleration and braking. ‘Seb’ mode was developed by Ogier and tunes the front and rear Torsen limited-slip differentials and all-wheel drive to distribute torque to the rear axle so that the back of the car can be swung out with relative ease. This gives the driver a sense of being fully connected with the car and will help achieve quicker times with enhanced body control.

The Ogier Edition’s bodywork has a dedicated Stealth Grey matt paint finish and is decorated with the French national flag (Ogier’s home nation) on the radiator grille and BBS alloy wheels. Commemorative WRC victory decals are also added to the front wings, while Toyota Gazoo Racing decals have been added to the doors and an Ogier Edition badge on the rear hatch. Additional stand-out details include a new-design CFRP rear spoiler and blue-painted brake calipers.

Inside, there is a WRC victory commemorative plaque on the instrument panel and contrasting stitching in the French national colours (red, grey and blue) on the steering wheel. Grey stitching is also used for the gearshift and handbrake gaiters and seat upholstery. Finally, the digital instrumentation has been revised to include the new drive modes.

Rovanperä Edition

The Rovanperä Edition also has two unique driving modes which were created specifically to mimic the enthusiastic style of the WRC’s youngest champion. The first mode delivers a strong torque bias to the rear wheels in order to promote a particular technique that allows the car to rotate within a short radius. The second mode, ‘Kalle’, adopts similar oversteer-focused calibrations through the front and rear limited-slip differentials to promote what’s known as the ‘Scandinavian flick’, where the back end of the car is induced to swing outwards prior to entering a bend so the front end of the car is lined up to pull it forward cleanly on the exit. Both modes are made possible by the special inclusion of a constant-velocity rear differential unit.

This version has an exclusive three-tone paint finish, applied as a series of painted motifs by the designer of Rovanperä’s race helmet. WRC victory decals are added to the front wings and there are Toyota Gazoo Racing decals on the doors and rear bumper as well as a Rovanperä Edition badge on the rear hatch. The GR Yaris is completed with 18-inch BBS alloys and an adjustable CFRP rear spoiler.

In the cabin the trim and upholstery stitching again match the driver’s national colours, in this case blue and grey for Finland, while a special plaque commemorates the team’s WRC victory.

Summary of features in GR Yaris special editions

 Ogier EditionRovanperä Edition
Exterior* Stealth Grey matt paintwork
* WRC victory decals on front wings
* French flag decoration on front grille
* Blue-painted brake calipers
* 8×18-inch BBS alloy wheels with French flag and TGR logo
* TGR decals on doors
* Ogier Edition badge on rear hatch
* New-design CFRP rear spoiler
* Exclusive three-tone paintwork
* WRC victory decals on front wings
* 8×18-inch BBS alloy wheels with TGR logo
* Red-painted brake calipers
* TGR decals on doors and rear bumper
* Rovanperä Edition badge on rear hatch
* Adjustable new-design CFRP rear spoiler
Interior* WRC victory commemorative plaque on instrument panel
* Exclusive fully digital GR instrument display with new ‘Morizo’ and ‘Seb’ drive modes
* Steering wheel stitching in French national colours: red, grey and blue, grey
* Grey stitching across seats, gearshift and handbrake gaiters
* WRC victory commemorative plaque on instrument panel
* Exclusive fully digital GR instrument display with new ‘Kalle’ and ‘Donut’ drive modes
* Steering wheel stitching in Finnish national colours: blue and grey
* Blue and grey stitching across seats, gearshift and handbrake gaiters
Mechanical* Exclusive Ogier Edition GR-Four mode select: ‘Normal’, ‘Morizo’ and ‘Seb’* Exclusive Rovanperä Edition GR-Four mode select: ‘Normal’, ‘Donut’ and ‘Kalle’
* Constant-velocity rear differential

GR Yaris special editions: How can I get one?

The Ogier Edition and Rovanperä Edition will be built in strictly limited numbers. Details of ordering and sales in European markets will be announced at a later date by national distributors. So watch this space!

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  1. Hello there Just a quick up date need, have been waiting for the release of price and placing an order for a Seb Ogier Special Edition Toyota GR Yaris. Just by chance late last night looking for any up dates on the above on the lap top. The Price had just been released 28\3\24 £60,000 yes. Also there are been sold through a Ballot system. Existing GR Yaris customers and those who joined the official UK waiting list prior to it closing in may 2022 will be contacted to enter the draw in May 2024 Well that’s okay for the normal Yaris GR. So the Special Ogiers & Rovanpera GR Yaris had not been mention at that point in May 2022 ! So people that want to buy or be in the Ballot for the above version now don’t even get on to the Official waiting list. My question to Toyota UK is, when you make contact to them since January 2023 they have always said there was no waiting list for the GR Yaris at all. How do we register now !.
    The Main Toyota dealers can’t help either. Crazy world we live in. I want to buy a car, Have the Money to buy, Can’t get onto the waiting List, To be in the Ballot, To win your car.! For Free. joke. please Toyota UK. could you make contact with me via my e mail to advise or direct me to ordering or joining the ballot for a Seb Ogier G R Yaris. Lo forward to hear from you regards Peter Machell.

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately, the wait list for the GR Yaris is currently closed.
      We recognise that this means many potential customers will not be able to purchase the new model.
      However, we strongly believe that a ballot process for this group of customers is the fairest approach, honouring those that have supported the Gazoo Racing brand for many years first and foremost.
      We can only apologise for any disappointment caused.

  2. So just to confirm what I think is correct.
    As an individual that bought, from new, the first Yaris and still own it, I should be contacted in May to see if I want to go into the draw. Do I need to do anything other than wait for someone to communicate with me?

  3. Bought a GR Yaris earlier this year before they announced the ballot for the facelift (in fact, IIRC, even before the facelift was announced). Bought it because I love cars, I love the story of the GR Yaris, I love Toyotas (I had a Starlet Turbo way back when, I have driven rally-prepped GT86 etc), I love the fact it is a hand-built homologation special that drives like a proper old-school hot hatch etc.. So I just called Toyota to ensure I am registered as new owner so I can go on the ballot for a facelift one, which I would love. Apparently you have to have owned your current GR Yaris for min 12 months to get on the ballot. So they have now created a scenario where a genuine enthusiast (i.e. me) who loves the current car, its story and the brand (and btw I bet I love all this stuff more than 90% of the people in the actual company), is being turned-off Toyota because folk in the commercial team made up a rule. I appreciate this is a first world problem but if anyone now asks me what I think of Toyota I will say that I think they are disgusting. Bad bad bad Toyota. What are you playing at.

    1. Hi Howard, thanks for getting in touch.

      We will pass your feedback regarding the process along to our team.


      Toyota UK

  4. Hello,

    I am waiting for an invitation to purchase the new GR Yaris Evolution. I have owned my GR for over two years (GR*****).



    1. Hi Tony,thank you for getting in touch.

      We have checked and added your information to the ballot invite list. Please keep an eye out on your inbox and spam/junk folders.


      Toyota UK

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