Toyota’s Geneva motor show concept cars

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the world’s key automotive events, with a host of manufacturers unveiling new models and designs each year.

Toyota is showing the new C-HR, Proace and Hilux models in Geneva in 2016, so here’s a look back at the incredible concept cars Toyota has shown in Switzerland in recent years.

Toyota i-ROAD: 2013

The wonderfully innovative Toyota i-ROAD concept stole the limelight at the 83rd Geneva motor show in 2013. Its clever tilting capability and riding-in-tandem layout offered a glimpse at the ideal city transport of the future.

i-ROAD has since been trialled on public roads in Japan and Grenoble, France.

FT-86 Open concept: 2013

Ever since the GT86 was unveiled, car fans have been speculating about the possibility of a convertible version. Toyota delivered exactly that in the form of the FT-86 Open concept at the 2013 Geneva show.

Presented with the exciting ‘Shadow Dodging’ film above, the car caused a stir but sadly is yet to go in to production.

RAV4 Adventure: 2013

RAV4 Adventure

The RAV4 Adventure pointed toward a more rugged-looking and stylish version of the popular SUV. It appeared alongside a second concept, the RAV4 Premium.

Toyota FT-Bh concept: 2012


The FT-Bh concept was given a world premier in Switzerland in 2012. It promised to use cost-effective technologies and manufacturing methods to minimise emissions.

Powered by a two-cylinder 1.0-litre petrol-electric hybrid engine, the FT-Bh claimed fuel efficiency of 134.5 mpg and CO2 emissions of 49g/km.

Yaris HSD concept: 2011


The Yaris Hybrid is now a familiar sight on roads throughout the UK and Europe, but the journey to mainstream popularity began with this 2011 concept.

Unlike some concepts, the Yaris HSD bore a remarkable resemblance to the finished product – the Yaris Hybrid arrived on UK roads the following year.

FT-86 II concept: 2011


The prelude to the production-ready GT86, which launched in 2012, the FT-86 II was the second iteration of the FT-86 concept. Compared with the first design study, it featured styling tweaks from the front to rear, particularly around the lights and bumper treatments, while retaining the overall sleek shape of the first model.

Hybrid-X: 2007


Intended as a look ahead to future hybrid design, the Toyota Hybrid X concept showcased a series of forward-looking styling features. Designed without B pillars behind the front seats, the car’s A and C pillars instead wrapped around the roof to create a glasshouse effect.

Other features were designed to maximise aerodynamic efficiency – for example, the headlights were mounted inside the cabin on the dashboard, and projected through the front windscreen.

Toyota MTRC concept: 2004


Unsurprisingly for a concept named the ‘Motorsport triathlon race car’, the Toyota MTRC concept promised capability in a number of driving situations – specifically off-road, on the race track and in the city. The tandem two-seater was designed and built at Toyota’s European design studio, ED2 and promised power from a hydrogen fuel cell stack and four in-wheel electric motors.

The MTRC was made available as a playable car in the Gran Turismo 4 video game.

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