Toyota Touch2 with Go receives major software upgrade

Toyota Touch 2, our range of innovative, highly-affordable touch-screen multimedia systems, has been refreshed for 2016 and has been launched at the Geneva motor show.

The simplified range now comprises a choice of either the standard Toyota Touch 2 system, or Toyota Touch 2 with Go, which incorporates a full-map navigation function.

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Toyota Touch 2 with Go

Toyota Touch 2 with Go receives a major software upgrade which includes an improved, clearer, more user-friendly menu screen design, 10 brand new features, the improved functionality of over 30 items, and simplified connection to the Toyota customer portal for easier downloading of apps.

The system also benefits from three years free map care and connected services. These include map updates and free registration to TomTom real-time traffic information, mobile speed camera notification*, fuel price information, parking locations and availability, weather updates, Google Search, Google Street View, Aupeo!, Aha and Twitter. The three year package may be extended by two years** to match Toyota’s five year extended vehicle warranty**. Moreover, this 2016 software update is also available to all current system owners.

All Touch 2 with Go system top menus now feature a tile-based icon design for greater clarity and improved touch operability. It also improves functionality by reducing the number of steps required for each operation. The navigation menu and sub-menus have been simplified, and a redesigned map screen features new shortcut tile icons for improved clarity and operability. A new split-screen view allows users to see more functions at a glance, combining the navigation map with media and app information.

Navigation services have also been enhanced within the system. For instance, when entering a destination, the driver can simultaneously check Street View images and the weather at the destination, as well as look for parking in the area. As the vehicle approaches the destination, the system will also inform the driver of available parking spaces nearby. TomTom real-time traffic is now automatically adopted as a default traffic information source as soon as the driver establishes a data connection with his mobile phone.

A new auto navigation function allows the driver to programme the system with up to four destinations, and a departure time window, for each day of the week. When the vehicle is switched on within that departure time window, the navigation system automatically activates, plotting a route to the chosen destination. The system incorporates TomTom real-time traffic information, and will propose alternative routes to the driver in order to avoid congestion on, for instance, a daily commute.

Point of Interest (POI) search functionality has also been improved through better map and listing information integration, and a POI search-word history function for the faster location of favourite destinations. The phone interface has also been redesigned for easier, more intuitive use on the move. A new screen layout gives direct access to an incoming/outgoing/missed call list in the top menu, once again reducing the number of operation steps required.

A higher grade Touch 2 with Go*** system further features voice recognition, a text-to-speech function and 3D navigation mapping. Voice recognition may now be used for the launch and control of apps, for simple, one-shot navigation address confirmation, and for the use of Apple Siri eyes-free. Driver merely need to press and hold the Voice Recognition button on the steering wheel to talk to Siri on their iPhone.

The setup menu now also includes a ‘Let’s get Started’ QR code which opens an online quick start system guide on the user’s mobile device. Connection to the Toyota customer portal has been made easier, and customers can now quickly create a My Toyota account on-screen, from within the vehicle. The downloading of apps has also been simplified. Once the owner has established a data connection with his mobile phone, apps can be installed directly onto the system from within the vehicle.

* Where allowed by law
** Market dependent
*** Model/grade dependent


  1. Hello,

    what is error code 4013? Keeps displaying given error when trying to use any internet connected application (traffic news, weather, …). Started 2 days ago.

    Regards, Pablo

    1. Hi Pablo,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The Issues appears to be with us, we have logged the issues and it is currently under investigation. We’ll let you know as soon as we have further information. Thanks.

  2. I have a 2017 GT86 with touch 2 and go and just tried updating my software and maps with the downloads from
    The update went successfully but just updated to exactly the same versions.

    The versions installed are 6.7.0WL and map 2016 v1.

    Surely there’s been an update since start of 2016.

    Makes a mockery of 3 years free updates if there aren’t any in over 2 years.

    What are the latest versions I should be able to get?


  3. Hello.

    It seems new version 6.11.0 is available. Are there any information on this release/changelog available?


  4. Hi,
    I downloaded 6.11.0WH on windows, extracted and then tried to move to the 8gb usb drive as per normal process.

    Usually on 8gb USB drives there are only approx 7.25gb available for use. However the file size is over 7.25gb so it cannot fit onto the USB key. Also I believe USB keys over 8gb cannot be used. This is the first map upgrade I have not been able to use my 8gb usb for. Please help what are my options.

  5. Have same issue as others have mentioned, The Toyota Touch 2 with Go mapping is out of date. Downloaded and unzipped the update but the navigation system does not “see” the USB stick.

    Problem 1 of course is that few people will have a standard USB stick of 8GB capacity, I certainly didn’t. The unzipped files totalled 4.7GB. Putting these on a 32GB USB drive, nothing happens. Toyota Multimedia Support suggest the 32GB stick is too big! Got files on to a smaller drive but again no recognition. The USB port recognises same USB stick if I put music on to it, so it is not the port itself, or the USB drive for that matter.

    Another problem is exactly what update file I should be downloading? The Toyota site originally said 6.11.0WL, which is what I have tried using. Today it is showing two different versions: 6.11.0H, which it tells me is not valid for my vehicle, and 6.11.0L which it seems to be willing to provide. So is the file I spent half an hour downloading and an even longer time unzipping on to USB drive not the correct file?

    Not impressed. Seems Toyota are relying on only the really technically savvy even bothering to try to update the mapping system. No doubt the “buy a new car every year” types aren’t affected. Some of us though buy a car and keep it for years. Along with other engine management issues, it is increasingly looking like this Avensis won’t be staying long and I’ll be returning to Hyundai or VW. To paraphrase a Toyota advert from some years back, “the car left behind is the Toyota … “

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Can we please contact you using the email provided, in order to investigate this further?

    2. I hope you have a better experiance than me, after numerous emails with Toyota IT department, they finally admitted the system had problems they could not sort and wished me luck with it, not a good experience at all.

      1. Hi Dennis,
        We are sorry to hear about your negative experience.
        We will pass your feedback on to the relevant teams.

      2. Thanks Jessica, but I feel it is a waste of time, the car has been to two different dealer’s on five occasions for the various faults on mine to no avail, your IT people asked for my phone number to discuss the problem but no call was made, I emailed again to ask why and that is when they admitted the system is flawed and wished me luck.

      3. Hi Dennis,
        I am sorry you have had this experience.
        I have had a look through your case and have now escalated this for you.
        One of our Customer Relations Managers should be in touch in 3 – 5 working days.
        I hope your concerns are seen too.

      4. Well it’s good news this time, Toyota’s customer relations contacted me to discuss the problems I had with the car, this resulted it my car being taken to my local dealer, John Roe Toyota and Graham Picken the after sales manager taking responsibility, since this time I am pleased to say I have had no further problems with the Touch 2 system and the Mirrorlink is finally working correctly as well.

      5. Hi Dennis,

        Thanks for getting in touch, that’s great to hear! We wish you many more happy miles in your Toyota.


      6. Having read the latest comments on here about problems with the Touch 2 with Go system, I should like to share my own experiences.

        I bought a new Avensis Excel in October 2015, and although I felt the satnav/media player was very ‘clunky’ and had some annoyances, on the whole it worked fairly well.

        In April 2016, Toyota issued a major upgrade (version 6.7.0) to great fanfare and that is where the major problems started. The USB player would cut out randomly (often after only a few seconds) and required the ignition to be turned off and on again for it to reset. It would then play for a random period again before cutting out again (again, often after only a few seconds). This effectively rendered the USB music function unusable. In spite of many users reporting exactly the same problem, Toyota tried to blame anything and everything but their own faulty software. There is also no facility to roll the software back to the previous version, which did at least work. The next software upgrade in October 2016 (version 6.8.1) still did not fix the problem and it took until January 2017 (a delay of nine months) before an interim upgrade (version 6.8.2) was issued to fix this problem.

        At the same time in April 2016, the voice recognition feature for selecting music would reset every time the ignition was turned off (rather than permanently storing the data as previously) and would take from around 15-20 minutes (on a good day!) to on the worst occasion over 2 ½ hours (and often an hour or more) before the system had ‘synced’ and the voice recognition would work again. Not only did the system not work properly, but I had to endure listening to the recorded message “The media device is syncing, please be patient”, over and over again, which was, to say the least, intensely annoying.

        I took this up with Toyota Customer Services in June 2017, providing a detailed description of the problem and all I got was vague and patronising responses. They would not accept my detailed explanation and analysis of the problem and insisted I took the car into my dealer. I took the car into my dealer and demonstrated the problem to them and as expected, they agreed it was a software problem and there was nothing they could do. They fed the findings back to Toyota and I waited patiently for a response. In October 2017, I got a call from my dealer saying Toyota wanted to close the case, although I had received no communication at all from Toyota directly, which I found completely unacceptable. I made it clear that the problem had not been resolved and I took the matter up directly with Toyota Customer Services again.

        Again, after exchanging many emails and having to endure more vague and patronising comments, Toyota Customer Services finally admitted in November 2017 that there were “limitations with the system” and there was nothing further they could do. They failed to provide any sort of detailed explanation as to why, especially as the voice recognition worked satisfactorily when I bought the car. They are also still promoting this feature in their promotional literature for the car, even though it doesn’t work satisfactorily.

        I am now on the latest version of the software (6.11.0) from April and still nothing has changed. Toyota also fails to publish a change log for each update detailing what changes have been made to the software.

        Other, less serious, problems that have been widely reported and still not fixed are the failure of the album and track details to scroll properly in the split-screen view (they sometimes will scroll sideways for a few seconds but mostly the scrolling doesn’t work) and overall the response from the unit to selecting stored destinations or using the touch screen to select music is extremely slow. Either the hardware is not up to the demands of the software, or the software itself is very badly written and not optimised.

        In conclusion, the last two years have been a series of continuing annoyances and frustrations. Together with the very poor attitude of Toyota towards sorting out problems entirely of their own making, this has spoilt my enjoyment of the car and destroyed the good reputation that I previously had for Toyota. It is disappointing that a global company of Toyota’s standing with a reputation for quality can produce such poor quality software for its cars.

        It is highly unlikely that my next car will be a Toyota.

      7. I think that what you experience and feel about Toyota’s multimedia system most people do feel the same.
        The car is robust but the full experience with the car is not only to have a good engine and structure, most of it is the multimedia system that completes this car experience, and Toyota has done a really really bad job in this case, and on top of it, charging gold for a system that work slower than my old pentium 1 computer.

        I know many people in the Toyota community that are saying the same, their next car will probably not be a Toyota!

      8. I just find something strange in my Yaris hybrid 2017 brochure! Toyota mentioned that there is no more traffic info over FM radio. So would you please clarify why this option still exists in my navigation settings? I have to manually change this to internet every time after starting my car as I described before here and no changes are made after latest update.
        I think after all Toyota must understand while people have Iphone in their pockets, Expect more functionality from huge boxes in their car do almost anything for them. Insisting to this kind of customer service and sending them to customer service maze is just leads Toyota to lost customers. It is 2018 now, not 1980 anymore. You have to follow up people generic problems here, If not better to close comments for your blog.

      9. Hi Mervyn,

        Thanks for your detailed report. I gave up as well for a while. It’s just frustrating. Newer saw such a bad piece of software.

        Today I was a little bit lucky.. but just for a single drive… I had a 2 hour journey and I took the time to update to 6.11.
        Right after the update was finished, I unplugged the update usb stick and attached again a stick with about 5000 songs (because, doesn’t need to reduce if it anyway doesn’t work with less songs as well). I didn’t turned off the car when switching the USB sticks. Surprise: It took only one song (maybe less, I didnt’ try) – the voice recognition system was working and was moreover very fast and responsive. I enjoyed the remaining time in the car with choosing every 2 minutes by voice control without hearing the annoying “device is syncing ” message.
        So, I thought the bug is fixed by the update, but obviously it isn’t. On the drive back, I waited half an hour … no chance: “device is syncing” again.

        I made a test. I switched again to the installation USB stick, but unplugged it again when the screen appears that indicates that it is detected. Plug in the music again. And wonder, again only 1-2 songs and voice recognition was working perfectly…

        Next Test: Drive to parking place, turn of the car, turn on again… no chance: neverending synchronisation of the device.

        So, for me that’s the proof that it should work and the response about the limited resources of the device they gave to you is simply wrong. For sure it’s not the fastest one out there.. but it can manage it. It’s just a matter of producing buggy software or not. By the way, to point on limited resources while letting the device sync everytime an USB stick when switched on is the most ridiculous excuse I’ve ever heard.

        For me that’s a serious security issue of the car … The manual interface it’s not useable because of it’s poor performance. If you try to while you are driving, you risk a lot… Either you stay with the radio or risk it, because the voice recognition system is not usable. That’s a problem and I don’t understand why they simply not fixing that. Solving it by not sync the USB stick over and over again and maybe just offering a reset USB function that can be manuallly triggered to resync it if I really want to… that would save the resouces!

    3. Hi Sandy, please let us know here what the outcome of your personal contact with Toyota is, so that we can all benefit!

      Also, one thing is for sure, my next car will inseed NOT be a Toyota, however much I appreciate the mechanical quality and robustness, unless they get their IT/navigation/multimedia/updates act together.

      1. I’m in the Netherlands and the link you gave is only for the UK. Do you have an NL address?
        And by the way, as I’m sure you know, a web form is NOT the same as ’email’, so please don’t say we can ’email’ you.

      2. Hi Nick,
        We are Toyota GB, in order to deal with your concerns you will need to contact Toyota in your region.

  6. Hello.

    Seems to me that system forgets setting about traffic information via internet quite often after upgrading to 6.11.0. Could you please check it?

    And one more question – seems is shutdowned, how can one download newer versions of SW?

    Regards, Pablo

    1. Hi Pablo (and Toyota),

      I’ve been experiencing the same problem over the last few weeks but that’s BEFORE I updated to 6.11.0! Sometimes it uses traffic information via Internet immediately (my default), other times I can be driving for 5 minutes or more after setting off somewhere and it’s still set to TMC radio station for traffic information!

      I certainly haven’t changed any settings and it’s obviously not specific to the newer software either so something has gone wrong somewhere.

      Did you get any response from the Multimedia team Pablo?


      1. Hi Steven,
        Thanks for getting in touch.
        We’re sorry to hear this. If you wish to contact our Multimedia team directly, you can email them using this address:

      2. Hello.

        No I haven’t received any answer – as I haven’t sent any request.

        That’s because of my previous experience (communication started with requests of VIN numbers, … – which are surely not needed to solve multimedia issues).


      3. Hi Pablo,
        We ask for a reg or VIN number so we can find the exact model and year of your car so we can give you the most accurate advise.

  7. Hi,

    I’ve spotted an issue with the turn-by-turn list. Sometimes I’m finding that it doesn’t show the whole of my route! What I mean by that is the chequered flag is showing against a road that is on my route but NOT my final destination, and no other roads appear after that one in the list.

    The ETA still reflects the time to get to my REAL final destination so it’s just the turn-by-turn list that is incomplete.

    I known you’re going to ask me to e-mail your Multimedia team but wanted to raise this on the blog in case anyone else has noticed it.. Anyone else seen this issue please?


    1. Hi Steven,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. A member of our Multimedia Team is going to email you directly to gather some more details and help to solve this problem.


  8. What has happened to the September map update? They have appeared in March and September for the last two years. Not that I have noticed and difference with the updates. The system is still unaware of changes to the A40/A417 completed well over 12 months ago!

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The map update to Touch2 will be available in the next few days.

      Hope this helps.

  9. Log into your My Toyota account and select the My Toyota tab then click “e-Store”, then select “Purchases” near the top of your screen and click the appropriate map update (this should show near the top of the page under “Active”. You should see a licence key listed. Write this down (again carefully) or select “Print Activation Code”. Once you have the key to hand, press “Download to USB” and save the update anywhere on your computer.
    While the update downloads, it’s time to prepare your USB stick. To proceed, you will need a USB stick with a capacity of minimum 8GB. Plug it in to your PC and open “Computer”. Right-click the USB stick and select “Format…”.
    Beware – all data on the USB stick will be deleted after following this step. Set the File system to “FAT32” and Allocation Unit Size to “4096 bytes”. Leave all other settings and press “Start”.
    Once the download and format are both complete, unzip the downloaded update to the USB stick. Do not simply copy the zip file over, as this will not allow the update to be installed.
    Securely eject the USB stick from your PC and take it to your vehicle.
    Turn the ignition on in your vehicle and allow the Touch 2 with Go unit to start completely. Once it has started completely, insert the prepared USB stick in the USB socket. You will be prompted to install he update and enter your key. In addition, you will be asked to select the countries you wish to include on your Touch 2 with Go unit.
    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete. The update will take between 30 and 90 minutes, where it can be left unattended. Do, however, ensure the ignition is left on to ensure the Touch 2 with Go unit stays on and the update is allowed to complete.
    Once finished, remove the USB stick and turn your ignition off and back on to re-start the unit. To verify your new software version, go to Setup, then General and choose System information.
    I hope this helps with updating your multimedia system to the latest software version.

    1. I seem to be having a problem with map update 6.12.0H. I can download it ok and extract it to a USB ok. When I try to update the car nothing happens. With past updates there were some files in the root directory of the USB and a nav folder, with the current update there is a 6.12.0H folder in the root directory of the USB and I think that this is the problem. I have looked at the downloaded zip file and within it is the 6.12.0H folder. In past updates this has contained some files and the nav folder. I have downloaded this update several times with Internet Explorer and also Chrome but the result is the same.

      1. Hi Gerry,

        Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. We would advise for you to contact our Multimedia Team regarding this, as they will be able to assist you further. You can find their contact details via the following link:


  10. Hi Jon,

    Which updates would you like to know about? If you let us know, we can speak to our Multimedia Team and get back to you with the information you’d like.

    Many thanks.

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