Toyota service: Have you joined the Toyota 5+ Club?

Is your Toyota more than five years old? If so, you automatically qualify to join the new Toyota 5+ Club. This helpful new scheme rewards owners of such vehicles with exclusive savings every time they book a Toyota service or MoT test at a participating centre.

Entry to the Toyota 5+ Club is free and can be organised in just a few minutes using this online form. You will then be sent a welcome email which you will be able to show at a participating Toyota centre to secure a significant 20% saving on the price of a scheduled Toyota service and 20% off the standard cost of the annual MoT test.

Toyota 5+ Club

There are a number of benefits in having your Toyota service conducted by Toyota itself. These include the knowledge that it will be cared for by Toyota-trained technicians, that only original equipment parts will be fitted, and that these quality components come with a one-year warranty.

And while you wait in the comfortable service lounge, you will also be offered a complimentary hot drink, access to the centre’s WiFi, a free vehicle health check and, subject to availability, a free car wash. Subject to current social distancing regulations – click here to read more about how Toyota centres are committed to keeping customers and staff safe.

Toyota 5+ Club

Toyota 5+ Club terms and conditions

We’ve made entry into the Toyota 5+ Club as straightforward and attainable as possible. However, there are a couple of conditions to be aware of.

The offer discounts genuine Toyota services charged at recommended prices (see table above) and standard-price MoT tests (UK mainland only) carried out at participating retailers.

It is available to UK-registered vehicles more than five years old and it is not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Owners with vehicles registered before 2003 should refer to their local centre for full and discounted servicing prices.

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  1. Just as an earlier comment I had no idea that this offer was available until after I had a full service and MOT charged at full price. When I filled in the form online I immediately received a response indicating that I am now covered and the email can be used as proof of membership. Since I had to wait two weeks when I booked the service don’t you think it would be a good idea to ask your service centres to make customers aware of this offer when they book a service?
    Another unhappy customer !!!

  2. I am a very a happy Toyota owner of three vehicles at present all Toyotas, I have been with Toyota since 1996 owning a total of 8 Toyotas amongst Carina, Corolla, Avensis, Lancruisers(2) and Rav 4s (2). I have been associated with two main franchises at Octagon ( Bracknell and Reading) and Motorline (Newport) both of whom have served me in an excellent way. I defy anyone to bad mouth the effforts of Toyota service departments, body shop and sales as I have spent a small fortune on my cars but I don’t begrudge a penny because I have been so well looked after by the following people:

    Bracknell – NATALIE, Karl, Nic, Sam, Dale and John who looked after my Landcruiser LC4 for 10 years

    Newport Mark, Mel, Ben, Phil, Michael, Ian , Dan whoever….

    Let’s not forget the technicians too who keep your car on the road.
    Please forward and convey my eternal thanks to these people

    Gordon Davies

    1. Hi Gordon,
      Thanks so much both for your comment and for your loyalty over the years. It’s great to hear that you’ve loved the vehicles you’ve had as well as the service you have received from our Toyota centres!
      We’ll be sure to pass your glowing feedback on to the relevant centres and individuals.
      Have you got plans for any other Toyota models to join your collection in the future?

  3. so can you confirm the discounts are for service ONLY and NOT for instance a brake disc and pad change ???

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us.
      The Toyota 5+ Club entitles owners to a 20% saving on the price of a scheduled Toyota service and 20% off the standard cost of the annual MoT test.
      This does not include additional parts costs.

  4. Hi, can you confirm if Shelbourne motors in Portadown, NI are participation in the 5+ club? They are not on the exclusion list. I have joined and I am quoted the normal price for a intermediate service. Thank you.

  5. Hello Toyota, I’d like to join the 5+ club, but the application webpage is down. can you let me know when it will be back up?

      1. Hi Pawan,
        Thanks for both your comment and your interest in the Toyota 5+ Club!
        Our webpage is definitely working, so you should be able to go ahead and register.

      2. Hello. Despite your assurance that the Toyota 5+ Club website is working on 30th November 2020, it is still not working for me. I have tried to register using a Windows based PC using Firefox, Opera & Chrome browsers with no success. I have also tried using a Linux based PC again using Firefox & Chrome browsers & yet again no success. Finally I tried using an Android based tablet using Firefox & Chrome browsers & still with no success, again multiple times using multiple devices. The website appears to accept the vehicle registration number & then that’s it, nothing happens after that, just a spinning icon as though it’s doing something but nothing further happens.

      3. Hi Tony,
        Thanks for your comment.
        We have double-checked both ourselves and with our website team, and the 5+ Club website is indeed working correctly, with the form loading fine.
        We would suggest trying a different internet connection to see if that helps, or perhaps clearing your cache or disabling a pop-up blocker, but as the issue is not from our website, we are unable to offer any further suggestions.

      4. Hello & thank you for your prompt reply. Disabling the adblockers still made no difference, exactly the same results as before. As a last resort I even tried IE browser & still the same result, the registration number seems to be accepted & the inevitable persistent spinning icon. As an alternative to online registration, is there a form you can email me that I can fill in & return either by email or by post?

        Regards, Tony.

      5. Hi Tony,
        We’ve emailed you directly using the email address associated with your account in order to gain more details so that we can get you set up with the 5+ Club.

  6. Hi Lorraine,
    Thanks both for your comment and your interest in the 5+ Club!
    The webpage was taken offline briefly for essential maintenance but should now be back online.
    We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

  7. HI

    I am about to acquire a 4 year-old Auris (my first Toyota) from the Listers Toyota Dealership in Stratford. They have offered me a 3-year service plan, but have quoted a much higher price than your web site (£888 v £614). Part of the reason is that the web quote includes 2 interim and 1 full service, whereas the Listers’ quote is for 2 full services and 1 interim. However, this does not account for the who;e difference. Listers have made no mention of the Toyots 5+ Club, either. The car is very low mileage and I am wondering whether a service has been skipped. Listers have promised to service and MOT the car before I collect. Can I insist that they carry out a full sevice (recommended by Toyota when the car reaches 4 years). Also, if I delay my next service by a week or two, so that the car is 5 years old when it is done, will the 20% discount apply, or does the discount apply whenever the 5th year service is carried out? Is the service plan related only to time and not mileage? Thanks for taking the time to look into this.

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