Toyota Prius: awarded for all-round excellence

The Toyota Prius continues to enjoy great success in annual UK award ceremonies – not solely for its environmental performance but also for all-round excellence.

Soon after the launch of the current model, our hybrid ambassador amassed seven trophies and titles; and now, as the first few examples appear on the used car market, it has also received honours as a recommended second-hand purchase.

Prius: Used Electrified Car of the Year

The lasting quality and influence of the Prius has once again been recognised, with the model receiving Car Dealer magazine’s inaugural Used Electrified Car of the Year award.

Andy Entwistle, Car Dealer managing director, said: “Used cars are hugely important to the automotive industry and our new award recognising the best used electrified vehicle signifies that electric and hybrid vehicles are now starting to be embraced industry-wide. Our award really could only go to one vehicle, arguably the car that started the move toward hybrid technology and the most widely recognised hybrid vehicle on the market.

“There was never any doubt who the winner would be, the Prius remains streets ahead in its category. It continues to lead the field and, combined with excellent reliability, its speed of sale and strong residual value shows how popular it is with consumers.”

Prius: safest, greenest, most economical, and best for families


The UK Car of the Year judges set the seal on Prius’s winning qualities, naming it Best Family Car. For Carbuyer, the hybrid hatchback saw off all comers in its search for the Best Economical Car, while What Car? considered the Toyota to be the safest model among the market’s large family cars.


Prius’s advanced driver, passenger and pedestrian protection features and the active systems included in its Toyota Safety Sense package – fitted as standard – also helped it secure the highest scores for a large family car in Euro NCAP’s 2016 rigorous, independent test programme.

At the same time as Prius has excelled in these areas – all of them important considerations for customers – it has maintained its reputation as a leader in performance that’s kinder to the environment, delivering lower emissions and better fuel economy than any of its predecessors since the original model was launched in Japan 20 years ago.


That status has been recognised by Auto Express, which handed it its Green Award. The international Women’s World Car of the Year judges also named it Green Car of the Year and Telegraph Cars accorded it the title of Best Eco-Car.

Paul Van der Burgh, Toyota GB President and Managing Director, said: “The reception for new Prius has been exceptional and we are immensely grateful for the awards the car has received. The breadth of success and the comments made by many respected and independent judges demonstrate how Prius is fulfilling our commitment to make ever-better cars.”

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  1. Hello Toyota,

    May be you should also include ADAC’s ECOTEST results to the list of accolades.

    Best Regards

  2. I’ve had a Toyota Prius for over 10 years and last week my Catlic converter got stolen, i couldn’t go through insurance as insurance companies refuse to insure you at renewal, i paid £1018 at a Toyota Center, Going back to Feb my friend had his stolen and customer relations were happy to give him a £250 Voucher towards a Catloc to prevent the catlic converter getting stolen again, but i got in touch with them and it seems they have preferences on who they will offer a £250 voucher to, obviously they refused to help me out and i cant afford a Catloc at this pandemic time, but Good old Customer relations refused to help a loyal customer like me, I have owed this vehicle over 10 years but the service received by Customer relations is absolutely discussing, i sent them proof as they didn’t want to admit giving him a Voucher but they still refused to help me out.

    I advise anyone who is thinking of buying a Toyota to Think Twice.
    And anyone who wishes to see proof of them helping my friend out with the Voucher to contact me.
    I will be taking this further and make all the noise possible.

    1. Hi,

      We are very sorry to hear that your vehicle was targeted by criminals. In some instances, where a customer has been affected by a significant part delay of over 2 weeks, we have covered the cost of the CatLoc as a goodwill gesture. Saying that, when vehicle owners request goodwill support for an issue not covered by the Manufacturer Warranty, we also look at several criteria, including the age, mileage, ownership history and past servicing of the vehicle. We are sorry to tell you we cannot offer you any financial support towards the cost of fitting a CatLoc for the reasons above.

      We know this is not the answer you were hoping for an we apologise for the disappointment this will cause. Thanks and apologies again that your vehicle has been targeted by criminals.


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