Toyota reveals the all-new Yaris Cross compact SUV

Introducing the new Toyota Yaris Cross compact SUV. The urban sprawl. It’s the context in which modern motorists increasingly appreciate the robust, high-riding qualities of an SUV. But this class of vehicle is often too large and unwieldy for the city, and neither as economical or environmentally efficient as many road-users would prefer.

It is into this familiar scenario that Toyota launches the all-new Yaris Cross compact SUV. It is a vehicle that combines our small car expertise and all-wheel drive heritage in one robust model specifically tailored to handle the rough and tumble of urban life, allied to a genuine emphasis on environmental performance.

Yaris Cross: true hybrid, true SUV

The Yaris Cross benefits from our fourth-generation hybrid powertrain technology. The Yaris Hybrid of 2012 was the first supermini with a full hybrid system, and since then more than half a million have been sold in Europe. Our unmatched experience and ongoing development of this technology ensures that the latest powertrain in the new Yaris Cross delivers exceptional performance and efficiency.

The new 1.5-litre, three-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine in the Yaris Cross is developed directly from the larger 2.0- and 2.5-litre powertrains used in the latest Corolla, C-HR, RAV4 and Camry. It offers a remarkable thermal efficiency of 40% and a maximum output of 114bhp, the result of which is responsive performance with high torque at low engine speeds and excellent fuel efficiency. Provisional WLTP emissions data suggests that the front-wheel drive model will start from below 120g/km of CO2 and the AWD-i version from below 135g/km.

As part of the next-generation Yaris family (as above, between GR Yaris and Yaris hatchback), the Yaris Cross shares the model’s new GA-B compact car platform. This ensures a high level of body rigidity and a well-balanced chassis, making the car responsive and agile. It also shares the big-small design and packaging concept that has characterised every Yaris model since 1999, presenting a roomy interior within compact exterior dimensions that make it highly suited to urban driving.

Read more: interview with Yaris Cross design general manager Lance Scott

Special attention was paid to the new model’s practicality and versatility. Details include a powered rear hatch and a height-adjustable luggage deck, giving the flexibility of either a secure underfloor compartment or more space to carry larger items. The deck board itself can be divided in two and the luggage compartment has a new flexible belt system to keep items secure when driving.

Yaris Cross is also a genuine SUV, featuring a raised ride height, larger wheel and tyre combination, and the availability of intelligent all-wheel drive to reinforce its credentials. It benefits from our experience in originating the concept of the recreational SUV 25 years ago with the RAV4 – currently the world’s best-selling SUV – and more recently in producing the stylish and highly efficient C-HR. Indeed, arrival of the Yaris Cross will give Toyota an SUV range that spans the B, C and D segments.

The rear drive system is electric and therefore lighter and more compact than traditional mechanical alternatives. In normal driving, the Yaris Cross operates with front-wheel drive, but when low-grip conditions are detected, all-wheel drive is engaged automatically. The system also directs drive torque to the rear axle when pulling away and accelerating.

In terms of size, the Yaris Cross shares its 2,560mm wheelbase with the new Yaris hatchback but is 240mm longer overall, with 60mm added to the front and 180mm to the rear, securing more interior space. The ground clearance is 30mm higher and the vehicle is wider and taller overall – by 20 and 90mm respectively.

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    1. Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We have no news to share on this at the moment. Do keep an eye on our blog and social channels for the latest!


  1. It looks great! Are you able to mock the car up in any other colours? Not sure many will buy one in gold!

    1. Hi Bryan,

      We’re glad you’re a fan! It’s a great addition to our model range from the fourth generation Hybrid powertrain it has to its compact, SUV qualities. The launch colour is called Brass Gold Bi-tone with more colours to be revealed at a later date…


  2. I’ve been waiting for Toyota to produce a small hybrid SUV to replace my 9 year old Verso, so this looks as though it should be perfect. However, will it be available with a light coloured interior liner as I’m not a fan of black liners (which makes cars feel like coffins)?

    1. I’m with you on that. I don’t like black interior. When I used to have Auris’s they had a lovely light interior option. My current C-HR only has a dark interior option….😪

  3. I agree on the lovely bright interiors of yaris gone by. Even had the funky digital dash that I love and a sun roof. I live in Wales so this awd will be perfect as I was going to go for a rav 4. Shouldn’t need to now. Well done Toyota. Please add a sun or pan roof.

  4. With 55Kw battery this car would be a hot selling EV in the UK market. Come on Toyota offer some full EV versions of your cars today 2020 not wait until 2025.

  5. The lack of a centre armrest is a mistake, even the new Yaris hatch has one. Also the lack of middle vents and or USB sockets in the rear reduces its appeal – and where did the brown tinted door and facia panels come from? The use of hard / scratchy plastics at high level further reduces the appeal of this car. I think Toyota has missed a golden opportunity to steal the show in this segment with this car – expect the motoring press to have a field day with the interior and the awful screen tech that Toyota uses.

  6. Any news about launch dates? I am very interested but unless launch dates are revealed soon, I will look elsewhere, need to change my car sooner than later.

  7. Hopefully right hand drive versions of the new Yaris Cross wont be penalised for desirable optional extras like the current Yaris here in the UK is.
    Heated steering wheel & front seats really need to be available for right hand drive buyers to spec as optional extras.
    Built in sat nav would be nice even if its optional extra ( awaits the default Toyota UK answer of it will have android auto / apple car play for navigation )
    A 2nd USB port would be useful in the front & another 12 volt socket in the boot for powering cool boxes / tyre inflators etc – both wouldn’t add much to production costs.

    1. Hi Lee, thanks for your comment.

      We’ll pass your feedback regarding the Yaris Cross along to our product team for consideration.


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