TMUK’s 25 Objects – 15: Paint Shop Mister and Water Trap

In its pursuit of outstanding quality, TMUK leaves nothing to chance.

That’s why the paint shop uses two systems – a water mister and waterfall-style trap – to remove the tiniest dust particles from the air and prevent any contamination of the vehicles’ paint finish.

Floors are covered in dust-beating plastic and overhead walkways are wrapped in webbing. There are air showers to remove dust from clothes and sticky floor mats to pull grit from the soles of shoes.

The paint shop uses a water mister and waterfall-style trap to remove the tiniest dust particles from the air.

All staff in the paint shop wear lint-free suits and hair caps. What’s more, their gloves and protective safety boots are white to make it easier to spot any dirt. But efforts don’t end there…

The most eye-catching of all the systems are the ‘water walls’ that line every room, with a constant flow of water over fine netting. Designed to trap any fine airborne particles, they work in conjunction with special humidifiers that spray a fine mist to keep the air clear and clean.

The water mister increases humidity to reduce the static attraction of dust to the vehicle panels, while the waterfall trap actively removes dust particles from the air and takes them out of the paint shop.

This highly effective approach to paint shop cleanliness doesn’t come at a great environmental cost either – Toyota’s commitment to reducing water usage means that TMUK has a comprehensive water purification and recycling process to ensure that this precious resource is cleaned and reused.

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