Toyota hybrids, statistically speaking

Toyota Prius

How many Toyota hybrids would you expect to see pass by on the Tomei Expressway for an hour on a busy Thursday afternoon? We have no idea, but luckily we know someone who does…

Colin Hensley, General Manager of Corporate Affairs and Planning at Toyota Motor Europe (TME), has tackled this conundrum on Toyota Europe’s Aim: Zero Emissions blog. If you’ve not visited it yet, Aim: Zero Emissions focuses on Toyota’s dedication to environmental sustainability – click here to take a closer look.

The reason for this hybrid puzzling? Last week, Toyota not only announced the sale of its one millionth hybrid vehicle in Japan, but also that Prius has been the best-selling car there for the past 14 months. So, if you’re trying to work out the answer to the hybrid question, here are a few more clues:

– There are around 57 million cars on the road in Japan

– Average vehicle age in Japan is just under 10 years, so we can assume most of the hybrids are still on the road, so

– Let’s say 1 car in 60 is a Toyota hybrid

– Traffic flow on the Tomei Expressway is up to 5500 cars per hour per direction

All of which mean, statistically speaking, you would likely see… click here to find out! We can say this, though – it equates to three every minute or one every 20 seconds.

As Colin points out, what’s even more incredible is that in that same hour, another 120 Prius would have been produced at the Tsutsumi plant, one of the locations where Prius is built, and Toyota would have also spent about $1 million dollars on R&D to continue to develop the cars and technologies of the future.

Now all we need to do is work out how many Prius and Auris HSD pass by on the M25 every hour (traffic dependent, of course)… Feel free to let us know your guess below.

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