Toyota Hilux zombie testing programme

We are delighted to offer further information about Toyota’s extensive Hilux zombie testing programme.

However, under the Prevention of Nonsensical Hysteria Act 1968, we cannot confirm or deny the presence of zombie virus (Vivi Mortuis) on British soil. Therefore, we are unable to provide any further information regarding:

  • Sump Guard Test (14b) – the underside of the vehicle is protected by the sump guard during a zombie impact
  • Panel Gap Test (27c) – the gaps between body panels are strong enough to stop a zombie getting its fingers into the vehicle
  • Emergency Evacuation (47a) – the ability to safely weave through a horde of undead while carrying a maximum payload of supplies

If you need further information about the ruggedness of the Toyota Hilux and its suitability for The Event, we direct you to our specification and accessories page.

Alternatively, we can arrange personal test-drives of the Toyota Hilux at your local dealership. Please note that for legal reasons the dealer will not be able to speak openly about the zombie-proof nature of the vehicle. All questions should therefore be preceded with the words, “Hypothetically speaking…”

Thank you for your understanding and please be assured that with a Toyota Hilux and the correct preparation, you will be fine.

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