Toyota GB in Burgh Heath – our Surrey HQ hits 20!

Toyota GB at Burgh Heath

The headquarters of Toyota GB in Burgh Heath, near Epsom in Surrey, was officially opened on 10 July 2001 by Mr Fujio Cho, then President of Toyota Motor Corporation.

The state-of-the-art headquarters, designed by architects Sheppard Robson, is set on a 14-acre (5.66-hectare) site in the parkland of an existing grade II listed building. The 150,000 square foot (13,935 square metre) building was carefully designed to relate to its landscaped surroundings while providing a dynamic new workplace for Toyota GB’s staff.

Toyota GB at Burgh Heath

Some staff actually began to transfer to the new site from the old premises in nearby Redhill several weeks ahead of the official opening. In addition to more than 350 staff of Toyota GB and Lexus UK, the building became home for more than 50 staff of Toyota Financial Services, which relocated from London.

In line with the trend for more flexible and informal workstyles which was developing in the early 2000s, staff had the option of working in a cellular office or ‘touching down’ with their mobile or laptop within the circulation street, staff restaurant or by the newly created lake.

An office in the year 2001

Of course, the trusty fax machine was at this time a staple of any modern office, and several of them featured in each of the four wings of Toyota GB in Burgh Heath.

Around 100 VIP guests, including senior personnel from associate companies and Toyota colleagues from around the globe, attended the opening event, hosted by Mr Ken Kuroki, Toyota GB’s Chairman at the time.

The opening ceremony was carried out by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Rt Hon MP Patricia Hewitt, who said: “Toyota’s continued commitment to the UK pays tribute to the quality of our highly-skilled and dedicated workforce. I am delighted to be here today to witness Toyota, one of the UK’s finest flagship inward investors, further cement their presence in the UK market.”

Patricia Hewitt and Fujio Cho

Also on hand to celebrate Toyota GB in Burgh Heath were His Excellency Mr Sadayuki Hayashi (the Japanese Ambassador to the UK), Mr Christopher Grayling MP (the newly elected member for Epsom and Ewell) and local Mayor, Councillor Stan Gates.

The unveiling of a commemorative plaque followed the presentation in the stylish ‘Rotunda’ reception area of the new building. Toyota also presented a donation to a local charity, the Children’s Trust, before a tour of the new premises and luncheon.

An office in the year 2001

Further change came in 2014, when extensive new landscaping and planting was undertaken at Burgh Heath as part of an auto industry-first partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

In a project supported by the Surrey Wildlife Trust, the focus was on identifying and using native plant species from the surrounding countryside and establishing them on site to transform the Burgh Heath site into an Eco-HQ, complete with an orchard and meadow.

Toyota GB at Burgh Heath

To contact Toyota GB in Burgh Heath, please click here.


  1. has anyone thought of putting small camera on front of the passenger wing mirror.You have one on rear of models for reversing , so it should not be difficult.
    think of being parked on right hand side behind a car & how difficult to see oncoming traffic.
    Likewise such item would be useful when driving on the continent to see when to overtake a car or more importantly a lorry.

    i would be pleased to here your comments.

    1. Hi Brian,
      Thank you for your feedback.
      We are always looking for ways to improve our product range, so we will pass this feedback onto our wider product team.

  2. Hi, who assists toyota customers who are having strife with a dealership. Vantage Toyota Leeds. I part ex’d my 2019 C-Hr. Purchased a 2020 Rav 4 excel. Took delivery from salesman I was dealing with, IMRAN on Thursday 7th of July. When he had left I got my bath and then started to get acquainted with the vehicle. That’s when I noticed a chip in the windscreen. As I left for work I decided to check again which was when I discovered rust at the front of the roof where it meets the top of the windscreen. I rang IMRAN while I was at work explaining how bad the rust spot was. He emailed me so I could send pictures of rust and I was told would be sorted when I got back from our holiday. While on holiday I emailed him again saying that I was of the opinion that this was too much for the touch up man and may need professional job done in body shop. Called into Vantage on Saturday 16th of July. Young lady booked me in for Wednesday 20th of July. Took car home and took photos as wasn’t happy with work done. Visited professional body shop and was told it should of been screen out and repaired properly with possibility that whole roof panel may need repainting. Sent IMRAN email explaining my dissatisfaction and photos of body shop quote which was £712
    Did not reply so I rang him. Told me to bring it in Thursday 21st. The colour was a better match and I asked if they would warrant their work, and that’s when he became shady on the subject. Today I called into RRG Huddersfield to ask my good friend John Spensley who I bought the C-HR off what he thought. When he saw the photos he said the rust had penatrated the third layer and was still rough under the paint and was certainly not up to toyota paint warranty repair standards. Told me to get in touch with TOYOTA GB which is turning out to be harder than I thought. Site keep directing me to dealer who’s as much use as a chocolate firegaurd. Any help please.

  3. Dear Sir or Madam,
    This morning we part exchanged our ’20’ plated Yaris Hybrid [fuel consumptin was out of this world!] for a ’72’ plated model – this is our thrid Yaris Hybrid, and the FIFTH Yaris Hybrid in our family in the past five years.
    The last FOUR my family have been extremely happy with the customer serivce we’ve had from Dominic Oris-Bird. It is [and has been] a real pleasure to deal with him – nothng has been too much trouble – he kept us well informed from the time we first ordered the later model [February 2022] until today [1st September 2022] when we took delivery.
    At the moment we’re gettng use to a NEW dashboard [cockpit] of instruments.
    Tomorrow we set off on a brief holiday in Devon and i’m sure we’ll learn much about this new model.
    Dominic is due to become a Dad in February 2023 and I’m sure your company will reward him for his services at Fish Brothers in Swindon.

    1. Hi Ken, thanks for your comment.

      It’s great to hear that the team at Swindon have been looking after you well. We wish you many more happy miles in your new Yaris Hybrid and appreciate your loyalty over the years.


      Toyota UK

      1. Dear Toyota HQ,
        My wife and I have just been back to where we bought out ’72’ plated Yaris at Fish Brothers on September 1st because we had two queries.
        Dominic Oris-Bird was, one again, very patient and helpful and we left with our quesies satisfactoriy solved – we very much appreicate his help.
        Kind regards,
        Ken and Tricia Mumford

      2. Hi Ken,
        Thank you very much for your feedback.
        We wish you many more happy miles.

  4. TOYOTA REG NO mt04mst REG April 2023
    Parts missing of car told by Toyota NOT NEW CAR when I order the Car I was told for the car to be built had to Wait for deliver
    your Customer service not interested
    no one will ring back from Customer service
    only thing I can do is to go to court
    I will issue a press realise with details
    M G Thompson

  5. I took out a full service plan with snows Toyota on a used Landcruiser . I now get told by Hills of Woodford who are my nearest dealership , they will not service my Landcruiser as I did not purchase it from them . Can you comment ?

  6. Hi,
    Struggling to get a passenger side front inner splash guard for my Toyota Auris. I believe the part number to be 53876-02470.
    The local Toyota dealership has had it on order for a while now but there is still no information available about delivery or availability, please can you help. Thanks

    1. Hi Steven, thanks for your query.

      We would recommend re-contacting your Toyota Centre for updates on availability and delivery.


      1. Exactly what I have been doing as I already said at the start, that’s the reason I have contacted Toyota U.K. for some information as I can’t seem to get any from my local dealership as they don’t know.

  7. Hi,
    Contacted the dealer again today as you suggested but it’s the same story as yesterday when I contacted them they still do not have any information about delivery and availability that’s the reason I’m contacting Toyota U.K. head office.

    1. Hi Steven,
      Thank you for your patience.
      Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with an update on this part.
      We do appreciate your frustration in regards to the delay and understand this is not an ideal situation.
      Our parts suppliers have been severally affected by a number of factors around the globe and please be assured we are doing all we can at our end to secure the parts required as quickly as possible.
      We apologise that we are not in a position to speed up the process in regards to this delay.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I can make a bit more sense of the situation now.
        I’ll hang on and hopefully the situation will sort itself out soon.
        Thanks again

  8. Hi I’ve been waiting for the inner wing part since late July, it’s now the first week of October and still no sign of part number 53876-02470. I can’t believe this part is still not available after all this time. Very disappointed with Toyota and it’s supply chain. Still contacting the local dealer but unable to get a delivery date or any information whatsoever.

    1. Hi Steven, thanks for getting back in contact.

      We apologise for the delay in getting these parts to you.

      Unfortunately, there are many factors which can affect each part’s availability that are out of our control. However, we understand this can be frustrating.

      Your Toyota centre are best placed to keep searching for these parts for you and hopefully this will be available shortly.

      We would recommend re-contacting them to enquire for more information soon.


  9. My recently purchased Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid 4WD is a delight, particularly the heated steering wheel ! However, there is one issue I would like you to address for me please. We live in a very rural area with narrow lanes. These lanes frequently have white lines down the middle but are not wide enough for two lanes. The white line follower device on the car goes crazy trying to move the car to the left continually and , as a result goes all over the road.
    PLEASE can it be switched off permanently since I find , in our circumstances, it is a danger rather than a benefit.
    I have asked our local dealer and they do not know how to do it.
    Ausin V. matthews

    1. Hi Austin, thanks for your comment.

      This feature can be turned off via the steering wheel button on the right hand side. However, this will need to be done each time you enter the vehicle as it is not possible to disable completley.
      We will pass your feedback regarding the feature along to our team.


      Toyota UK

  10. Hi
    i have toyota Prius 2017 and engine coolant is keep getting low. i have checked this is common issue and TSB is issued T-SB-0135-19 in USA “Low Coolant, MIL ON DTC P148F00, and/or Poor Heater Performance”. would you please confirm if Toyota has issued same recall in UK. would you please confirm if this part is covered under warranty as this is manufacturing fault.

    1. Hi Tanveer, thanks for getting in touch.

      The recall status of your vehicle can be checked here:
      As for the issues you are experiencing, this is best investigated by your local Toyota Centre. Any potential warranty claims must also be investigated by a Toyota Centre to establish the cause of the issue.


      Toyota UK

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