‘Do you do locking whelk nuts?’ Five funny questions we’ve been asked

Here at Toyota GB we’re proud of our industry-leading customer service. Our hardworking Customer and Network Support team aims to provide prompt answers to any questions, whether they are posed by existing customers or prospective buyers new to the brand.

Our customer-facing website also has a ‘self-service’ portal. It is a simple interaction that allows customers to ask a question on any subject and get the most relevant answers.

Occasionally, though, we receive questions that even we find difficult to answer. Often these are caused by finger trouble while typing the query, but every so often we do wonder whether the user is searching for a solution to life’s more perplexing questions.

Here are five funny questions we’ve been asked via our website:

‘How much to repair sensors on a god?’

The service centres throughout the Toyota GB dealer network have heavenly skills when it comes to maintaining your car in tip-top condition. However, even they might struggle to fix malfunctioning deities. If you need a Toyota model serviced, click here for more information.

‘Locking whelk nuts?’

Unfortunately TGB doesn’t sell sea snails or any accessories for them. We do, however, offer a range of accessories suitable for the vehicles in our model range. If you do plan to transport whelks in your Toyota, we’d recommend fitting rubber floor mats and a boot liner first. Read about the full range of accessories here.

‘How much is wind?’

A deep-thinking scholar could spend a lifetime trying to answer this philosophical poser. All we can say is that harnessing renewable energy such as wind power is an integral part of Toyota’s Environmental Challenge 2050, our six-part pledge to achieve zero environmental impact in all vehicle-related activities. Read more about it by clicking here.


Not a question as such, but definitely a statement that gave us ‘paws’ for thought. We can only assume it was written by a Toyota owner who was in a hurry because their canine friend needed walkies. If that was the case, the owner was in luck: we offer a range of pet-related products, which you can read more about by clicking here.

‘Don’t forget to buy onions on the way home! Ohh, and cheese…’

We don’t do grocery deliveries. Neither can we tell you whether the super-smart Toyota boffins responsible for future mobility are working on a self-driving car that will visit the supermarket for you. However, the generous boot space in our new cars means there’s plenty of room to accommodate the weekly grocery shop. Read more about the carrying capabilities of our model range here.

Ask us (almost) anything…

Do you have a question? We can’t promise to answer curve balls such as our funny questions listed above but we’re confident we can help with any query related to our products or company. So please get in touch.

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