Toyota at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota took to the stage at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday March 6th to reveal the new Yaris Hybrid and the advanced FT-Bh concept car.

The show also saw the European debut of the GT86, and the arrival of a host of previously revealed concept cars, including the FCV-R, NS4 and Diji.

We reported live from the show, with updates from both the first and second press days.

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Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Yaris Hybrid
The full-hybrid version of the all-new Yaris was shown for the first time in production-ready form, before it went on sale in June 2012. Powered by a re-engineered Hybrid Synergy Drive, Yaris Hybrid is Europe’s first full-hybrid supermini and delivers quiet, smooth performance with the lowest emissions in its class. Of course, it retains all the cleverness of the third generation Yaris that launched in the UK in 2011 and helped ensure Toyota remained the leader in hybrid car sales in 2012.

Toyota GT 86

As mentioned above, the GT86 sports car arrived at a European motor show for the first time. And it did so on a wave of enthusiasm from the media and public alike. It reached the road in time for summer 2012, rediscovering the pure passion and excitement of sports car driving, at an affordable price. Read more about how the brilliant GT86 has wowed driving enthusiasts, including Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson.


FT-Bh concept
This is a Toyota you wouldn’t have heard much about before the motor show. In fact, as Geneva marked the world debut of the FT-Bh, only share a few teaser photos were released beforehand. The FT-Bh concept is an ultra-lightweight, full hybrid city car study. The concept is designed to achieve low emissions within an economically viable production framework. The team that produced FT-Bh purposely avoided expensive materials and complex manufacturing processes, working instead only with those that are already commonplace in the auto industry. Check out the full facts of the FT-Bh here

Toyota NS4

NS4 and FCV-R concepts
Speaking of vehicles of the future, Toyota’s NS4 and FCV-R concepts were also shown in Europe for the first time. NS4 (shown above) is a next-generation plug-in hybrid vehicle, designed to address customer demand for added value from hybrid motoring, together with advanced design and a more involving drive. FCV-R represents Toyota’s next step towards mass production of hydrogen-powered vehicles, paving the way for the launch of a saloon-type fuel cell vehicle by 2015.

Toyota Fun-Vii concept

Toyota diji
The Toyota diji concept – previously shown at 2011’s Tokyo motor show as the Fun-Vii (pictured above) – is all about personalisation. The entire body, inside and out, serves as a display, with the driver being able to change colour and content at will. The process of displaying images or information is as simple as downloading an app. The car can also link to nearby vehicles and infrastructure to create an even more connected driving experience.

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Update 22/02/12: New details about the FT-Bh concept have now been announced – click here to find out more and to watch our official preview video!


  1. “if there’s a subject you’d like to see addressed, let us know by leaving a comment below.” –

    Can you please let us know the different spec levels of Yaris HSD with prices, when Yaris HSD will be available to test drive in Toyota dealerships in England (or atleast brochures). Looking at buying a couple of these for my small business if the spec/prices are right. If they are too long away/too expensive, I might just get some Polos instead.

  2. Hi Nicky

    Thanks for getting in touch, the Yaris HSD will be released in July and have an OTR price of £15,000, test drives will also be possible from July. Further details regarding spec and other details will be formally announced at the Geneva Motor Show next week which we will be covering, so stay tuned for for further information.

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