Top Gear magazine tests the Toyota Century

The June 2019 issue of Top Gear magazine in the UK is a paean to Japanese automotive culture, and one of the stand-out articles is a rare drive of the Toyota Century flagship limousine.

The article, written by TG’s digital editor-at-large Rowan Horncastle and illustrated by Mark Riccioni’s exquisite photography, is the first appraisal of the third-generation Century by a UK automotive title.

Top Gear Toyota Century

After donning his white cotton gloves – de rigueur for chauffeuring duties in Japan – Horncastle carefully navigates the 18-feet-long Century through the bustling streets of Tokyo and heads to Gotemba, a city close to Mount Fuji, before making the return trip to Japan’s capital.

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Not surprisingly, the domestic-market-only limo attracts attention wherever the Top Gear crew go.

Top Gear Toyota Century

“It’s amazing how people are magnetised to its majesty and aura,” writes Horncastle. “Locals respectfully stop, have a look, and proudly acknowledge the craft and tradition the Century represents.”

Later, the pair meet Kouji Matsuda, the estimable mechanic who has worked for Toyota for 51 years and knows the history of the Century better than anybody.

Top Gear Toyota Century

The full story of Top Gear’s drive in the Toyota Century can be found here.


  1. What’s the point of letting us know about it if it’s only for the domestic market. I’m fed up with Toyota only having certain models available in the UK market.

    1. Hi Hutton,

      We’re sorry to hear that you’re not a fan of us sharing Toyota stories from around the world, but the Century is very popular with Toyota fans, and we think many people would love to read about it.

      Also – the Century is AWESOME!

      There are many Toyota models available in different markets around the world, and each model is evaluated in great detail to assess whether or not it’s suitable for a particular market, taking into consideration things like regional regulations, road types, climate, consumer behaviour and maybe most importantly – demand.

      What vehicles would you like to see in the UK? Maybe we can provide you the reasoning as to why they’re not currently available here.

      Anyway, back to the Century. What makes it so effortlessly cool? Find out here:

  2. Its nice to see cars from different countries , if we had put the same effort here years ago ,we would still have Rover and other companies here

  3. Hello Toyota Uk, What about the Pixis Joy range in Japan. It looks really cool. Maybe when the Aygo has run its course? Or will there be another Pugeot Citreon collab for a city car?

    1. Hi Jason,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We have no information on this, however thank you for the feedback. Do you like the look of the Century?

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