This is what a 3D-printed Toyota engine looks like

It seems like only yesterday that we were all being thoroughly flabbergasted by the process of 3D printing.

The first time that we laid eyes upon a 3D-printed Warhammer figurine we yelped in amazement. But now, US-based mechanical engineer, Eric Harrell, has created something using a 3D printer that makes printed action figures look a tad twee – a Toyota 4-cylinder 22R-E engine.

Composed of 80 separate 3D printed parts, the engine took approximately 60 hours to design and assemble and more than 72 hours to print.

Toyota 3D-printed engine fan

According to tech website 3D, Eric accessed the printing files from legal download portal Thingiverse and calibrated his printer to enable him to print the parts to a 35 percent scale.

To enable the engine to operate, Eric used rubber bands to connect a fan pulley and an electric motor to fire the pistons. Aside from some bearings and fasteners all of the engine components are 3D-printed.

Introduced in 1981, the real 22R-E-coded engine appeared in such Toyota models as the Toyota Hilux Surf. R-Series engines have appeared in a number of key Toyota models from the Celica to the Corona and the Hiace light commercial vehicle.

Watch Eric’s 22R-E engine in action below.

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