The Toyota Land Cruiser was the original Jurassic Park car

Toyota has a special place in the 1990 Michael Crichton novel Jurassic Park  – the Land Cruiser was Crichton’s vehicle of choice for ferrying visitors around park.

In the novel, Crichton wrote: “A line of Toyota Land Cruisers came out of an underground garage beneath the visitor center. Each car pulled up, driverless and silent…”

1993 Toyota Land Cruiser


The novel explains that the Land Cruisers were made specifically for the park in Osaka, Japan, and ran on electric to adhere to the park’s zero emissions policy.

Each vehicle drove along a track to transport visitors to different attractions and a two-way radio allowed the cars to converse with the park’s security staff. An on-board audio guide outlined which dinosaurs guests were encountering.

Tough though the Land Cruiser was, it didn’t prove a match for the primeval exhibits, who threw the car off of a cliff and into the T-Rex enclosure. What a pity.

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