Prius and Verso earn Which? ‘best buy’ recommendations for Toyota

Toyota Prius Best Buy Award

Auris HSD might be the new hybrid about town, but Prius is never out of the spotlight for long. As well as starring in its own TV show and setting sales records, the UK’s original full-hybrid Toyota has now been proclaimed as “era-defining” by Which?, Europe’s largest consumer organisation.

Taking the ‘best buy’ award in the Large Car category, Prius gained a 90 per cent satisfaction rating from owners surveyed for the autumn issue of Which? Car. But it wasn’t alone. The Toyota Verso also gained a ‘best buy’ recommendation with the highest score in the MPV category.

Assessing the seven-seat Verso, Which? declares: “Verso ticks all the right boxes, with a versatile interior and good comfort.”

There’s even more good news for Toyota. The results of Which? Car’s 2010 reliability survey are in. With a score of 96 per cent, the innovative iQ takes sixth place overall, with Prius just one place behind with a 95.4 per cent reliability rating.


  1. As an avid follower of the Rav4 of which I have purchased mine from new in 2001 and it is still going strong! I have one thing to ask why Oh why did you discontinue the 3door version???

  2. I am now on with my second Prius and I am extremely delighted with the ride/ comfort/ ease of driving/ consumption and dealer service.
    The one area that I NOT satisfied with is the TOYOTA warranty.
    My first Prius had an 8 year warranty on the battery,
    The Prius models sold now have an 8 year warranty.
    But the Prius’s sold between August 2009 and January 2010 only have a 5 year warranty. WHY?
    If the Mk 2 battteries were good enough to carry an 8 year warranty and the new Mk3 Prius batteries are good enough for an 8 year warranty,what IS wrong with the earlier Mk3 Prius batteries?

  3. My Prius was registered April 2010 but only has a 5yr Hybrid warranty – is the service book wrong in stating 5yr or have I ‘been short changed’

  4. I beleive I can answer the questions of the first 2 posters.The MK 2 battery has now worldwide acclaim as to its reliability hence the extra warranty,also Toyota will always move forward above the competition,no matter the cost.You will find out that Toyota will ensure satisfaction in all they sell.

    Really the company is in a no win situation but do sympathise with your concerns They have been through an awful time lately to satisfy the unproven defects originated from the USA.I have carried out my own tests and confirm all I say.The Prius is the future enjoy,always bearing in mind their will be further mods as necesary.Take my Budgie and the cat but no way will you take my Prius.

  5. Lisa,The demand for the shorter wheelbase Rav does not exist anymore in volumes.The longer wheelbase with its 5 doors is a better option in todays world.Even though it is expensive but then ASDA increased their Baked Beans and jars of Beetroot just double in the last 12 months.

    By the way you have a very desirable RAV to exchange or sell on.No, I dont work for Toyota but know the brand very well to justify my comments.Continue to enjoy your RAV and Guarrantee you will see a high price for it in future years.Cheers….Peter

  6. I spoke to Toyota UK customer service who confirmed that the warranty on my Prius battery was only 5 years (missed out by couple of weeks or so). This seems an unsatisfactory state of affairs, although they hinted that Toyota would look upon a ‘good will’ claim favourable.

    I remain unhappy that the eight year warranty was not applied retrospectively across the new model, the numbers are small, and I am told the likelyhood of a claim remote, because of the batteries reliability.

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