Learn more about the all-new Yaris Cross advert

Have you seen our latest TV advert for the all-new Yaris Cross? The 30-second commercial, embedded below, showcases the desirable looks and urban capabilities of our new compact SUV with a combination of elegant charm and spectacle.

What is the storyline of the Yaris Cross advert?

Inspiration for the visual narrative was drawn from the following brief: “A journey across the city is colourful and challenging for our entrepreneurial Joelle. But whatever the obstacles and whatever the day throws at her, she and the Yaris Cross are always in confident control.”

Yaris Cross advert

To fulfil this brief, the commercial was filmed among the narrow, cobbled streets of Lisbon, Portugal, where the female protagonist runs her eponymously named patisserie shop. At the close of the working day, Joelle makes a quick change and dashes across the city in her new Brass Gold bi-tone metallic Yaris Cross to meet up with friends. Unfazed by a handful of potential disasters along the way, she always manages to put an elegant spin on every circumstance.

Yaris Cross advert

Who is the actress in the new Yaris Cross TV advert?

Mallorca-born actress Paz Garcia plays Joelle, who is primarily known by Spanish audiences for her supporting role in the 2012 movie Las Aventuras de Jesús María Cristóbal Pequeño. However, since moving to New York in 2016 she has starred in a number of high-profile commercial projects, with this latest commission from Toyota giving her the opportunity to return to southern Europe.

Providing the voiceover is British actor Ivanno Jeremiah. Well known for his distinctively smooth, deep voice, Ivanno is most famous for his role as the anthropomorphic robot Max in Channel 4’s science fiction TV series Humans.

Yaris Cross advert

What is the music in the new Yaris Cross TV advert?

The song featured in the commercial is Happy Together by American crooner Mel Tormé. It was originally written by American pop band The Turtles, and although the track reached the top of the US charts on its release in 1967 it has experienced ongoing success within movie soundtracks, often being used as a juxtaposition to what is occurring on-screen.

Toyota’s selection of the song has no such irony. Instead it is used to reinforce the genuine confidence and joy Joelle experiences in driving her new Yaris Cross. Little wonder Joelle is so happy when she meets her friends.


  1. It’s obvious that the birds in the advert were placed on the ground in front of the car, together with perhaps seed etc., and then the car suddenly driven off at speed, and at an angle, results in two birds squashed under the tyres, clearly having been unable to get away quick enough. Tellingly, the film cuts away a split second before the wheel runs over the birds.
    This is an extremely cruel and disgraceful practice, merely in order to make a more dramatic scene of a car making a quick getaway, with birds flying up.

    1. Please, Lísboa is full of pigeons, probably more than people, don’t be ridiculous. Very nice advertisement bye the way🚙

  2. I hope that there are lots of complaints regarding this advert . The cruel way that the car quite clearly runs over a bird is horrible.

    1. Hi Tracey,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      We can guarantee you that no birds were run over in this advert.

  3. Was not watching the ad but was sucked in by the music. Then I was attracted by the fresh happy but strong face, of the actress (Paz Garcia) and had to discover who she was. Don’t worry about the birds, the car was only moving slowly. The car’s not a bad looker either, lovely colour.

  4. Nice advert and great scenes of the beautiful city of Lisbon, and of course the car. Regarding the earlier comments about the birds, have these people not heard of special effects? They probably think superman can really fly.

    1. Hi Julia, thanks for your comment.

      We do not have information on the items of clothing worn in this advert.


  5. Well the advert is really colourful and very good but got more attention off the women as we wish we knew where she got the blouse

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