TNGA: the secret to new Toyota Auris design

Please note that following Toyota’s announcement on 28 August 2018, all versions of this next-generation C-segment model will be known worldwide as the Toyota Corolla.

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It’s not often a family-friendly hatchback gets to muscle in on the limelight among the glamorous concepts and high-powered machines at an international motor show, but the new Toyota Auris prompted an enthusiastic media response with its world debut appearance at the Geneva Motor Show.

The hot new look that set the cameras whirring is thanks to something that lies beneath the surface: TNGA – the Toyota New Global Architecture – is the key that’s unlocking an exciting new era of Toyota design.

The freedom to produce stronger, more attractive vehicle styling is one of the multiple benefits gained from using the TNGA platform. The new Toyota Auris follows the Prius and Toyota C-HR in adopting TNGA, which lets the car sit closer to the ground, allowing for a more athletic design to be produced with lower lines all round and a more dynamic profile.

TNGA also defines standard lay-outs for a range of components, such as the foot pedals, driver’s seat and steering column, making the design process much simpler. Where previously, fine millimetre adjustments would be made to perfect the principal interior elements of each new model, the design teams can make their choice from a small number of perfectly defined and effective formats. This doesn’t mean each new Toyota will look much the same; in fact, with most of the shared elements out of sight, it is easier to create a different look and to achieve higher ergonomic performance for ease of use and comfort.

The new Toyota Auris is 40mm longer than the current model, thanks entirely to a longer wheelbase. It is 23mm lower and, directly attributable to TNGA, the cowl height is 47mm lower, giving the driver a much-improved field of vision. The exterior styling features contemporary Toyota design cues, including a catamaran-shape generated in the front-end arrangement that flanks a large, trapezoidal grille. This adds more visual weight to the car’s 30mm increase in width. The rear is equally striking, with a rounded treatment to the tailgate, a more steeply raked rear screen and muscular haunches.

Of course, no one outside Toyota has yet had the chance to drive the new Auris, but again, TNGA will be central to improved handling response, stability and comfort, helped by the platform’s low centre of gravity, improved front-to-rear weight balance and significantly increased body rigidity.

Toyota Manufacturing UK’s Burnaston car plant in Derbyshire is the centre for European Auris production, with most of the car’s new engines being supplied from the TMUK plant in Deeside, North Wales. Auris will be the first Toyota model in Europe to be offered with a choice of two hybrid electric powertrains, including a new, higher power 2.0-litre system. TMUK has benefited from £240 million investment to prepare the factory for TNGA vehicle production, including new equipment, technologies, systems and member training.


  1. I currently have an Auris and love driving it I like the lolook the new hybrid model but am concerned about the change to the driving experience and the normal test drive is insufficient time to decide if you want to buy one
    Regards Les Conkie

    1. Hi Les,
      Thank you for sharing your concern with us. The new Auris is longer and lower than its predecessor, and adopts a significantly more dynamic design. The new Auris will be launched throughout Europe as from the beginning of 2019. When the time comes and you want to take one for a test drive, we’d advise contacting your local Toyota center directly regarding a longer test drive.
      We’re glad to hear you’re loving your Auris at the moment and we wish you many more happy miles ahead. Thanks.

  2. Lovely design. You can see a Volkswagon golf look about it too. Solid but sleek. It will do well against any rivals!!

  3. The new Auris looks very interesting. Unfortunately no pictures were shown of the interior. Will the interior be the same as the new Corolla going on sale in the USA?

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The vehicle is the production version of the next generation Auris. We will reveal the vehicle’s interior at a later stage.
      As we are Toyota GB we do not have exact specifications of the Corolla model. For more information on the Corolla we would advise contacting Toyota in your region.

  4. Toyota: I have a Three door 4X4 which I love. I have done around 120,000 miles. However! Why have my keys not lasted as long as my car? They are held together by Super glue which is not ideal. It is the plastic which has given up! Is this because of the harsh Scottish weather? My car is running very well.

    Belle Dieckfoss

    1. Hi Belle,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      We are sorry you have experienced this, please could you provide us with your reg or VIN number so we can look further into this for you.

  5. The registration number of my car is: SO02 HLC. I am amazed that you have responded so quickly but very impressed. OK! She is getting on, but she is well maintained. I did try several garages who keep bins of old keys, but not a key as old as mine. Both keys for my car have had to be repaired but if you have a new one lying around I will be delighted. Have no idea what VIN means let alone where it is!

    Belle Dieckfoss

    1. Hi Belle,
      Thanks for providing this. She is getting on a bit but we’re glad she’s still in great condition!
      Unfortunately we don’t have any keys here at head office, but have you asked your local Toyota dealer about getting a new key cut as we this would be the best option? Here is a link for more information:
      The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is your vehicle’s legal identifier, and is applied to your car at the moment it enters production. For more information on VINs and where to find them follow this link:
      We hope this helps.

  6. It doesn’t matte what toyota, design the body… .But the layout of the dashboard is still lot to be desired. Bodyshape me be 21st century but the interior belongs to 16th century. …Toyota designer open your eyes. broaden your thinking. .I think mazada 2 has impressive interior.

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