Miguel Fonseca on the Toyota recall in the UK

Miguel Fonseca, managing director of Toyota GB PLC, has today reassured Toyota customers about the safety of their cars.

Following on from the announcement of exactly which cars in the UK are to be recalled for a safety adjustment to the accelerator pedal, he re-emphasised the fact that the problem is extremely rare and does not occur without warning.

“Toyota is very sorry about the concern caused to its customers about the safety of their vehicles by the recall we have announced to fix an issue with the accelerator pedal in certain models.

“Among the several million Toyota vehicles sold across Europe in the past five years there has been a small number of reported cases of drivers experiencing a problem with a sticking accelerator pedal. There have been no reports of any accidents or injuries occurring as a result of this problem in Europe, or the UK.

“People who drive any of the models that are to be recalled should also be aware that this is not a problem that develops suddenly. There are warning signs that will indicate that your vehicle might have a problem, such as the accelerator pedal becoming harder to depress or slow to return to its normal position. In some cases, drivers may notice a rough or chattering feeling when depressing or releasing the accelerator pedal.

“In the rare event that Toyota drivers notice that the accelerator pedal is hard to depress, slow to return or is unsmooth during operation, they should contact their nearest Toyota dealership.

“Toyota can reassure its customers that its cars remain safe to drive. Safety is our prime concern and that is why we have set up the recall programme to ensure our customers continue to benefit from the highest standards of safety, quality and service.”

Any customers who have concerns should contact Toyota GB Customer Relations on 0800 1388 744.

Regularly updated information is available here on this Blog, and on a dedicated recall information page on Toyota.co.uk.