Latest UK position on Prius braking system

Press speculation continues today regarding the 3rd Generation Prius braking system. On Friday, Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation, gave a press conference, and below is an extract from his statement:

“As Toyota revealed yesterday, new Prius now in showrooms include an improvement. For Prius in the hands of customers, I have instructed that consideration be made as soon as possible regarding the way to address such units. Once a decision is made we will inform the public.”

Toyota GB awaits the outcome of this investigation, and will make an announcement to its customers shortly.

NEW 11/2/10: Further information can be found at


  1. My Wife & I had a car each but we decided that it was unecessary expense so she sold her Honda Civic & I sold my Mercedes CLK both were extremely low mileage cars. We bought a Toyota Prius 3rd Gen 3 weeks ago and we fight over who is going to drive it(not really fight) we both think it is a very pleasant car to drive. We haven’t had any problems yet but have spoken to our dealer and it appears that the ABS is over sensitive and they assure us that Toyota will sort it and face their responsibility.
    We are getting about 52mpg at present with very few miles on the clock it is winter time and the engine needs running in. Perhaps you guys who know a little more about these cars can tell me if we can expect more mpg. Its not a problem we are laughing all the way to the bank after selling the two cars. Also no road tax now. Thanks.

    1. Great to hear you are loving your Prius! As a Lexus Driver I have noticed a slight drop in Fuel consumtion during the winter months.

      This comes about becuase it is colder the engine naturally needs to be on more to stay warm. I would say once you get into the slightly warmer months (In the UK thats August :).) then your Fuel MPG will go up. Mine was around 33mpg in a Lexys GS450h during the summer, im currently on 30mpg. BTW thats hard driving as well!!! So very pleased with the output.

      Hope that helps

  2. I feel Toyota is an extremely reliable brand. I own Toyata yaris and am exyremely pleased no problems since 6 years not even starting trouble. I thus brought prius 3 rd gen in oct 09 and extremely pleased good car comfortable and good mileage abt 56 mpg.I feel Toyota is the most reliable brand and will get out this trouble

  3. I have always bought Toyota cars for the past 20 years and have also been more than pleased with the comfort, style and running costs. However I changed late 08 to a Yaris and it had a few teething problems to start with, which the garage tried to correct, one being the brakes – too sharp!! and they grind if applied gently, or go through the windrsceen if applied normally. As your Yaris appears to be ok, I think it is just the recent newer models that there are problems with – although the garage did not adjust anything on the brakes, as asked, when it went in for it’s first service.I was told it was because it was a new car and would soon ‘wear in’ I always had new Toyota cars – larger models loved them and I am not happy with this Yaris – sadly all Toyota’s will now depreciate in value – i’m furious!!

    1. As a loyal Toyota owner I have nothing but praise for these fantastic cars. I currently own a Previa (my 3rd) and a Prius for which I am a new convert. Both cars start every time no matter the weather, accelerate and brake when needed and reacted perfectly in the snow and ice.. Our local dealer did a 60,000 mile service this week and found no problems. I get approx 56-62mpg on the Prius and 35mpg on the Previa. Not bad for a car which regularly carries 3 adults, 3 children, 1 dog and an electric wheelchair. Only complaint is with the Previas road tax band which doesn’t reflect the fact it carries twice the load for half the emissions.

  4. I bought prius in november end 2009. It is running nicely. I before the problem I done emergency stop at 60mph.
    Everyting is alright I never felt the breakes giving up or any changes. You can not drive in London if your car is not fit to drive.
    This car is satisfying all my needs.

  5. I was so pleased with my last Prius that I ordered the new one for Sept last. I have had four Toyota and this one is the BEST. I am in my 70yr. And drive to Spain and in no way would I not feel happy to drive this car.I thank TOYOTA for the responsible way they have acted over this matter. And will continue to drive my car with pride

  6. I am awaiting delivery of my Gen III T Spirit and looking forward to the car. However reading reviews many people say these cars rattle is this true. Whats your experience.
    I have had RAV4’s for years until the withdrawl of the 3 door versions but generally rate Toyota as a quality product so I am concerned these new models are not the same quality.

  7. Andy nice to hear a positive for once 🙂 sometimes I guess the only people who write to these blogs are the minority with a problem, therefore the view is skewed in favour of negatives.
    Many thanks and I hope mine is rattle free also


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