Join us at the 2022 Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy

The third Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy takes place at Silverstone circuit on Saturday 19 February 2022, and we invite you to join us for this special motorsport event celebrating all Toyotas.

Toyotas of all types are able to take part, from the diminutive iQ to the go-anywhere Toyota Hilux pickup, and even the dihedral-doored Toyota Sera. We’ll be there with the new GR Supra, and cars from our heritage fleet too.

The Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy will determine Britain’s best Toyota from this diverse group of vehicles through a series of autotest-style driving tests.

The judges of the Vintage Sports-Car Club (VSCC) oversee the tests and ensure each entry is assessed on a level playing field using a unique series of calculations.

How can you get involved?

To enter, please complete the application form by clicking the link here. Along with submitting the application form, a £35 entry fee will be required with the proceeds going to Toyota GB’s chosen charity, the Motor Neurone Disease Association. For the latest news and updates about the 2022 Parallel Pomeroy Trophy, then why not join our dedicated Facebook event page by clicking here.

There are no entry restrictions other than specifying that your vehicle must be road-legal and is a Toyota! You can enter via email or post, and all the event regulations are included on the form.

Unfortunately, entries for the Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy 2022 are now closed. Successful entries will be notified soon, and you are still able to attend the event as a spectator (entry of which is free). 

How the Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy entry process works

  • There are 65 places on the entry list for the Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy.
  • Entry application will close at 2359hrs on 12 January 2022.
  • Confirmed entries will then be selected from the applications by Toyota GB and the Vintage Sports-Car Club. 
  • Emphasis will be placed on early entry applications, but also on ensuring the entry list includes a varied mix of Toyota models of all ages.
  • Successful entries will be notified by email in the week commencing 17 January 2022 and will be sent details of how to pay the entry fee via post or online.
  • Entry costs £35, which will be donated to Toyota GB’s nominated charity, the Motor Neurone Disease Association.
  • Unsuccessful entry applications will be added to a list of reserves. In the event of a confirmed entry withdrawing or not paying the entry fee, reserves will be invited to take up a place if they so wish.
  • All entrants will need to bring their road driving licence to the event. All competitors will also need to have a Motorsport UK RS Clubman Competition Licence. This is a free licence and it can be applied for on the day of the event. However, if you’d like to save yourself a bit of paperwork, you can apply online in advance here.
  • The running of the Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy is dependent on any government guidelines regarding public gatherings that might be in force at the time.

2020 Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy

Why should you get involved?

The Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy is unlike any other event for Toyota owners. All Toyota enthusiasts are invited to come along to support the entrants, making it as much about the social event as the competitive tests.

Let some of our previous participants describe their experiences:

“This particular event is a coming together of many people with the same sort of mind and the same loyalties to Toyota. I’d love to come back again…hopefully there’ll be more cars – different cars – next year!” Eddie Bellringer, 1973 Toyota Crown

I’d love to come back again…hopefully there’ll be more cars – different cars – next year!

“If you look at the variety of cars, I think there’s a brilliant cross-section of the whole Toyota range here.” Rob Simmons, 1986 Toyota Celica Supra

“The people that are here…, they’ve all got a passion for the Toyota brand. It’s just nice to be around people that are like-minded.” Miles Stammer, 2005 Toyota Corolla

“You talk all the time on the forums of the Facebook groups and it’s great to finally meet people and put a face to a name.” – Jo Crouch, 1994 Toyota Celica GT-Four

“It’s a fantastic event and it’s nice to meet old friends and see old vehicles and new vehicles.” Daryl King, 1981 Toyota Celica Supra

We’d love to have you join us on 19 February, and encourage you all to spread the word to your Toyota-loving family, friends, club and enthusiast communities.


  1. Will there be any stands from toyota, what can we expect on the day, or is it more turn up, drive, go home?


    1. Hi Shawn,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We will have more information on this soon.
      However, the video in the blog post should give you an idea of how the event is run.

  2. I am so excited for this – the 2020 event was so cool! This time it’s not on Valentines Day either which solves a few ‘logistical’ problems!

      1. You bet I will be! As soon as that entry form is made available I’ll be filling it in! Are you able to reveal at this point if there are any changes to the format of the day this time around?

      2. Hi Michael,
        We are glad to hear it!
        Unfortunately we do not have information on that yet.

  3. Hey there

    I’ve got a decent sized Toyota owners club, with quite a few members interested in this, some of whom want to participate and others just to spectate.

    So with that in mind, can you tell me:
    – In addition to our members who want to compete, can our other members turn up (with our cars) simply as spectators?
    – Also, if spectating is allowed, can they turn up without notice? or is there a club/individual booking requirement? (I’m assuming any competition participants need to apply independently for insurance purposes)
    – Is there any limits on car numbers for either participating or spectating? (I’m assuming you have a significant limit, and will have to limit applications)

    I know the answers might not be available yet, so please feel free to update me as things develop.(email address supplied)

    Thanks – Simon

    1. Hi Simon,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Firstly, yes, spectators will be welcome. We are hoping admission to the event will be free for spectators, as it was in 2019 and 2020. We are awaiting definitive confirmation from Silverstone Circuit on that and will publicise it on the Facebook Event page when we know.
      Secondly, spectators can turn up with their cars without notice, although it would be great to let us know in advance if a lot of your members are planning to come in case we need to think about parking!
      Finally, our limit on participants is currently 65 cars. We’re still finalising the entry form, which is created for us by the Vintage Sports-Car Club who run the event on our behalf. We’ll notify people via the Facebook Events page when it is live.
      The link to the Facebook Event page is here –
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Please keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for the latest updates.

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