Introducing the Toyota Proace Electric van

The new Toyota Proace Electric medium-duty panel van adds a powerful new dimension to our light commercial vehicle range. The Toyota electric van not only represents our first zero emission, battery electric vehicle in the UK market but signals our ongoing commitment to the widespread application of electrification technologies across all forms of mobility.

Toyota Proace Electric

This new medium-duty, medium wheelbase panel van arrives as demand is accelerating for alternative fuel commercial vehicles. Low- and zero-emission zones are restricting the use of conventionally powered vans in urban environments; at the same time, e-commerce is generating more delivery traffic, further increasing the need for cleaner transport.

Toyota Proace Electric

The new Toyota Proace Electric meets these needs with optimal power, performance and charging requirements, while meeting the same quality and load-carrying practicality of its diesel-powered equivalent.

Toyota Proace Electric: all-electric powertrain

The Proace Electric can be specified with either a 50kWh or 75kWh battery pack, both of which power a front-mounted 134bhp electric motor to drive the front wheels. The smaller pack consists of 18 modules and weighs 383kg to give a WLTP driving range of up to 142 miles. The larger pack has 27 modules and weighs 534kg but can travel up to 205 miles on a full charge. Both batteries have an eight-year or 100,000-mile warranty.

Based on the fact that European drivers (including UK van drivers) typically cover around 28 miles in a working day, the Proace Electric should not require daily charging. However, all models come with separate Type 2 cables for single-phase charging through a home socket or 32A wall box system, though an optional 11kW on-board charger can be specified for fast-charging through a 11kW tri-phase wall box. A 100kW rapid charger can deliver an 80% charge in either 32 minutes (50kW battery) or 48 minutes (75kW battery).

Uncompromised practicality

By locating the battery beneath the vehicle floor, the stability and rigidity of the Proace Electric has actually been enhanced and there is no impact on load capacity.

This Toyota electric van is 4,959mm long with a 3,275mm wheelbase and has a load capacity of 5.8 cubic metres. The side and rear door openings are wide enough to load standard-size Euro panels and it is possible to carry items up to 3,674mm long through the ingenious Smart Cargo system.

Similarly, the payload and towing capacity of this Toyota electric van are at best-in-class levels. The 75kW model can carry a one tonne payload, while thanks to its lighter battery the 50kW model can accommodate up to 1.266 tonnes. Braked trailers up to one tonne can be towed with up to 50% payload inside the van.

Equipment features

The new Proace Electric is available in a single Icon model grade with optimised specification that covers the majority of user requirements (see specification panel below).

Toyota Proace Electric

Drive controls are located on the centre console in the area where the gear shifter would normally reside. An e-toggle allows the driver to switch between Drive, Neutral and Reverse, while separate ‘B’ and ‘P’ buttons activate regenerative braking and the electronic parking brake respectively. On the other side of the e-toggle is a selector that scrolls between Eco, Normal and Power drive modes – each of which has a unique power and torque setting.

EV-specific instrumentation is found within the driver’s binnacle and 3.5-inch colour multi-information display. This includes an EV system indicator divided into Charge, Eco and Power sections, and a real-time indication of energy flow, battery charge level and remaining driving range.


The Toyota electric van’s charging port is located on the nearside front wing behind a hinged flap. When a cable is plugged in, intuitive lighting is used to indicate charging status: white for stand-by mode, flashing green for charging in progress, constant green for fully charged, blue for a programmed charging function, and red to warn of an error.


The new Proace Electric is available in four body colours: Vivid White (solid), or Black Opal, Silver Shadow or Falcon Grey (metallic).

Toyota Proace Electric technical specifications

Electric motor Synchronous type with permanent magnet, 300V or 450V max voltage (50kWh or 75kWh battery). Max output 134bhp and 260Nm torque (Power mode), 108bhp and 210Nm (Normal mode), 81bhp and 190Nm (Eco mode) 
Battery (50kWh) Lithium-ion with 394V (nominal), 18 modules, 383kg 
Battery (75kWh) Lithium-ion with 394V (nominal), 27 modules, 534kg 
Charging 7.4kW AC input with Type 2 connector: 7.5 hours at 230V 100kW DC input with CHAdeMO connector: 80% in 32 to 48 mins 
Transmission Automatic with 0.366:1 differential gear ratio, front-wheel drive 
Performance (50kWh) 0-62mph 12.1sec (Power mode), 80mph max speed, 142-mile range 
Performance (75kWh) 0-62mph 13.3sec (Power mode), 80mph max speed, 205-mile range 
Brakes 304mm ventilated front discs, 294mm solid rear discs 
Steering Rack and pinion with 6.2m turning circle (to tyre) 
Suspension MacPherson-type front struts with anti-roll bar, rear trailing arms with anti-roll bar 
Exterior 4,959mm long, 1,920mm wide, 1,890mm high, 3,275mm wheelbase 
Load area 2,512mm floor load length, 3,674mm floor load length with Smart Cargo, 2,185mm mid-height load length, 1,397mm max load height, 1,628mm max load width (between sides), 1,258mm max load width (between wheel arches), 1,241 sliding door opening height, 935mm sliding door opening width, 1,220mm rear door height, 1,282mm rear door width, 5.3 cubic metre load volume, 5.8 cubic metre load volume with Smart Cargo 
Weights (50kWh) 3,100kg gross, 1,874 to 2,050kg kerb weight, 1,226kg max payload, 1,000kg towing capacity 
Weights (75kWh) 3,025kg gross, 2,025 to 2,201kg kerb weight, 1,000kg max payload, 1,000kg towing capacity 

Toyota Proace Electric equipment specifications

SAFETY ABS with brake assist and emergency brake distribution, stability control, hill-start assist, driver and double passenger front air bags, front passenger air bag off switch, tyre pressure warning system, headlights with automatic high beam, adjustable speed limiter, eCall 
SECURITY Locking fuel filler cap, deadlocks, remote central locking, intrusion alarm with glass breaking and motion sensors 
STORAGE Cabin cupholders, open dashboard upper storage, glovebox with light, two lights in load area 
MULTIMEDIA DAB radio with four speakers, Bluetooth, USB port, 3.5-inch TFT multi-information display, Pro Touch multimedia system with 7-inch display, WiFi connectivity, smartphone connectivity 
CONVENIENCE Air conditioning, power windows, automatic headlights, automatic wipers, power steering, cruise control with speed limiter, two 12V power sockets, rear parking sensors, twin personal lights, rear wipers, 6m home charging cable, wall box cable, 13-pin trailer connection, tow bar (optional) 
INSTRUMENTS Battery capacity indicator, 7kW on-board charger, 11kW on-board charger (optional), drive mode selector, eco driving indicator, analogue speedo, additional digital speedo, electronic parking brake, e-toggle shift system 
SEATING Height-adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support, front passenger bench (seats two), driver’s arm rest, dark grey cloth and PVC upholstery, plastic cabin floor lining, rubber floor mats (optional) 
EXTERIOR Daytime running lights, twin rear doors (180-degree opening), sliding panel doors on left and right, heated and retracting door mirrors, acoustic windscreen, black bumpers and door mirrors, black side protection mouldings, cornering lights, 16-inch steel wheels with caps, temporary spare wheel 
LOADING AREA Steel bulkhead with window and grille, Smart Cargo system, twin lights, 12V power outlet, cargo area lining and anti-slip flooring (optional) 


  1. Like this in principle yet had this been a Hybrid better for us as we have no means to charge at our base across pavements overnight, no lamppost for a charge point neither possible.
    Chicken & egg situation here in Brighton as the city is looking to encourage a change away from petrol and diesel ownership and tradesmen may need to comply with inner city access one day.

    1. Hi Gordon,

      Thanks for your feedback. Public charge points will hopefully increase as new regulations like this are introduced. We know it doesn’t work for everybody right now, but we hope the situation changes for the better for you in Brighton.


  2. Its nice to know about electric toyota proace 9 seater. It will be suitable for taxi trade as well.
    There should be some financial packages with low diposit so that it can be eazy for taxi drivers to perchas electric minibus for taxi trade in UK.

    1. Hi Shahzad,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately, the Toyota Proace Electric is a medium-panel van, not a 9 seater vehicle.
      We currently don’t have any plans to share information on an Toyota Proace Verso Electric.

  3. Love that Toyota is finally introducing all electric options and this van would be great as a conversion to a camper which is now on trend.

    I would love to see more of the car range offer full electric with a 300+ range per charge. I currently have a new Corolla which is an amazing car my next one in 2-3 years time will be full electric and I want it to also be Toyota which I have had for 10 years.

    1. Hi Anth,
      Thanks for your kind words and congratulations on your new Corolla!
      The Toyota bZ4X Concept previews the first in a series of zero-emission battery electric vehicles as part of Toyota’s Beyond Zero strategy.
      You can read more about this here –
      What do you think?

    1. Hi Stuart,

      Proace Electric does have A/C preconditioning. This feature can be activated when the vehicle is plugged in. When the vehicle is not plugged in, the function is only activated if the battery charge level is greater than 50%.

      If you’d like to take a closer look at the Proace Electric, your nearest Toyota Business Centre will be pleased to help.

      You can find them here:


  4. why should a Toyota main dealer not know that the Prius electric van has been updated since March 2021 ?

    1. Hi Nick,
      Thanks for your comment and thank you for your interest in the Proace Electric Van.
      Motorline Toyota Gatwick have confirmed that they currently have a Proace Electric Van available to view and test drive.
      If this is convenient for you, please contact them directly.
      Their telephone number is – 01293 535500
      Alternatively, you can use the following link –
      Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

    1. Hi Jack,
      The 11kW On Board Charger fitted to the Proace takes the power supplied via the charging socket and charges the traction battery.

      1. Hi, I’m totally confused by this 11KW OBC, is this a factory fitted option? is it a stand alone device?, When it says Tri- Phase, is this what I would know as 3 Phase supply? How/or does it work if using a single phase AC 7.4KW home charger? I’m about to order a new Proace city EV and am confused by this as 3 phase supply is usually industrial/ commercial premises and I will be mostly charging at home and am wondering what, if any are the benefits. I asked all of these questions of the Dealer when I took a test drive but the sales person couldn’t enlighten me other than saying she hadn’t sold one yet without it and that it was some kind of power pack (which i was very skeptical of) which was of no help at all. Many thanks

      2. Hi Fred,

        the 11kW OBC is a factory fitted option. It is integrated within the vehicle. An OBC is required to convert AC into DC, which charges the battery. We offer the 11kW OBC as an option for those that have access to a three phase supply. As you say, this is mostly at industrial or commercial premises. If you are only charging from home, using a single phase supply, you don’t need the 11kW onboard charger because your home supply cannot provide that rate of charge.

        Does that make sense?


  5. Can my Toyota dealer swap the 7kW charger for a 11kW charger on our 75kWh 21 plate Proace electric?
    How much will it cost?

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We would recommend discussing this with your nearest Toyota Centre.
      They will be best placed to advise on the best possible solution.

  6. Further to your reply to Fred Burns, can you confirm whether the 11kW unit will still charge on a single phase supply (albeit at a slower rate) or does it require a 3 phase connection to work at all?

    1. Hi Paul,
      Yes, we can confirm that the 11kW OBC will charge on both single and three phase supply.

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