Introducing the Toyota Driven documentary series

Driven is a series of films produced by our colleagues at Toyota Europe about people from all walks of life and what motivates them. A drive to win. A drive for perfection. A drive for adventure. It is a story about their direction in life rather than their destination. The message is a simple one: ‘when you are driven, anything is possible’.

The Driven series has been running for two years and this article will bring together all the episodes that have been published on our Toyota GB social channels so far. It will be refreshed as we publish more episodes.

Toyota Driven: eco-friendly surfboards

NOTOX, a Basque surfboard company, is reshaping the impact of surfing on the environment. Company chiefs Pierre Pomiers and Benoit Rameix create a new generation of surfboards that match the sustainable values and spirit of the sport, not only producing sustainable surfboards, but also changing the mindset of people. To protect the future of our magnificent nature, it’s up to us all to act.

Toyota Driven: building better cities

Danish architecture bureau Third Nature sees a bright future ahead and a different way of developing cities. They are driven to build a better society through a new movement in urban design, by proposing simple solutions to complex man-made problems. Because cities and nature are one and the same. Check out their story.

Toyota Driven: Dakar determination

What does it take to race in the Dakar Rally? Bernhard ten Brinke knows. As a racing driver and entrepreneur he always goes all in. Working hard on the road to perfection, pushing through hardship and trusting in the team and equipment. And above all things there’s passion.

Toyota Driven: much more than a nurse

This is the story of Damales Mukaka, nurse for Marie Stopes NGO in Zambia. Together with her team she strives to empower women all over the country, to help them choose their own path and inspire them to achieve their dreams. From the bustling city to the tiniest of villages. Damales brings empowerment to the remotest places of Zambia. What drives her to make an impact? How does she change her country and the world at large?

Toyota Driven: Mike Conway

This is the story of Mike Conway. Mike, the athlete. Mike, the racer. Mike, the survivor. What drives him to push his car, and himself, to the limit? How does it really feel to be behind the steering wheel in an endurance race? How did he find the drive to recover from injuries sustained in a serious accident at Indianapolis in 2010?

Toyota Driven: a visionary in bionics

What happens when technology meets ideas people thought were impossible? With a punk attitude and tons of ambition Samantha Payne and the team at Open Bionics are changing lives by creating unique, advanced and affordable bionic limbs that empower people.

Toyota Driven: life through a lens

As a travel photographer, Johan Lolos travels the world to discover and capture natural beauty, as well as to document the different cultures he encounters. Johan’s career started by taking a chance and by being bold. After his studies in Belgium he bought a one-way ticket to Australia, where he turned his passion for photography into his profession. Today, Johan is one of Europe’s leading travel photographers and a Toyota 4×4 ambassador.

Toyota Driven: the hydrogen-fuelled vessel

This is the story of Victorien Erussard and Jérôme Delafosse, team members of the Energy Observer. Pioneers in environmentally friendly sea transport. Innovators. Idealists. What drives them to go on an odyssey for the future, aboard the first hydrogen vessel? How do they draw energy from nature, without damaging it? Why do they dream of a different future? How do they want to change the world on a big scale? And why do they find it so symbolic to moor in Venice?

Toyota Driven: globetrotting chef and DJ

This is the story of Nick Bril. Top chef. DJ. Globetrotter. What drives him to run a Michelin two-starred restaurant? How does he challenge himself as a chef? Why does he feel the need to constantly improve? Where does he find his inspiration? And why is he so passionate about Japan? Check out his story. 


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