Infographic: the facts and figures behind Toyota’s new solar array

Toyota’s new solar panel array marks the next step in the company’s ‘Sustainable Plant’ vision, helping to ensure that the cars we build and you drive are manufactured at plants that work in harmony with their local community and surrounding environment.

Covering an area equivalent to almost four and a half football pitches, the solar panels will produce enough energy to build 7,000 cars each year. This is great news for Toyota’s Derbyshire-based plant at Burnaston, which builds Auris, Auris Hybrid and Avensis on site, as it will save 2,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

To discover more about the project and learn about the other ways in which Burnaston has improved its environmental sustainability, take a look at our infographic below:

Toyota Solar Array Infographic

To find out more, and to watch our behind-the-scenes video of the project’s development at Burnaston, please click here.


  1. Hi guys, the video in the first post on this solar array says that the solar farm is 90,000 square meters, and as far as I can tell from wikipedia, an international football pitch is about 7,140 square meters. Wouldn’t that make the solar array more like 12.6 football pitches? No need to publish my comment; I’m just curious to know the answer.

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