Toyota i-ROAD set for Grenoble car-sharing trial

Toyota i-ROAD The Toyota i-ROAD, star of the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, is to take part in a zero-emissions car sharing initiative in Grenoble, France.

A new vehicle based on the all-electric three wheeler revealed at Geneva is being lined up for the three-year project that will look at how a co-ordinated car sharing system can help cut greenhouse gases and help keep people on the move. Deliveries will begin next year.

The new model is designed to work alongside public transport networks, offering a “last mile” solution to cover the journey from bus or train service to the user’s final destination.

Being as narrow and nippy as a scooter, but with the benefit of an enclosed cabin, i-ROAD can cover around 30 miles on a full charge – more than enough for most city hops.

Toyota will supply around 70 vehicles for the scheme, including its development of the two-seat i-ROAD concept and the one-person COMS, another small EV made by Toyota Auto Body.

Find out more about COMS and the Toyota City Ha:mo initiative in this post.

It will also provide the central IT system which will control the car sharing scheme. Users will be able to check what cars are available and where, and make bookings using their smartphone. The system will also allow the fleet to be distributed for optimum use, in line with the network of charging stations.

Toyota hopes to learn more about people’s attitudes to car sharing and their priorities, and to research further into how different modes of public and personal transport can be interconnected in urban centres.

Energy provider EDF will be responsible for the vehicle charging system, and car share operator Cité lib will handle the day to day running of the car share programme. The project forms part of Ecocité Grenoble, an initiative supported by the French government to promote sustainable urban development through new transport systems and alternative energy use.

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Toyota i-ROAD


  1. I am 65 and a lifelong PTW user. My Yamaha 250 scooter is getting old after 14 years service. I am perhaps a little old to consider another new one. The i-Road offers an intriguing alternative for all weather use. The problem seems to be battery life. The Renault Twizzy offers battery lease at £45 per month, just a bit high to consider and without the familiar fun of leaning into corners which comes so naturally to me after 45 years. So the Toyota i-Road seems a lighter and more agile alternative. The range of 30 miles could be expected to improve along with future battery improvements. A top speed of 30mph is fine for the expected local use. I am therefore watching this innovation with great interest.
    My experiences with a pedelec have been superb so can the Toyota come in a justifiable affordable deal? I wait to see.
    The family car is an Aygo which has been very reliable on longer trips. (one car is enough)
    Suddenly the auto industry is becoming creative!

  2. Cool idea. Any chance they might make a gas version to compete in the scooter market? like the other poster I have a scooter, except mine is a Honda Silverwing. Living in a rural area it is great for picking up a couple of bags of groceries or seeing a movie in town. With all the heat in Texas a gas powered iRoad with a 150-200mi range would be great.

  3. I believe that Car Sharing is not only a great idea, but it’s the futur. And it can (wil) be the Public Transportation of the futur! Mutch user-friendly than trains-trams-bus and coaches. And much les expensif to! Congratulations Toyota Team. There is stil a lot of work on the table, and many bridges to bild… The biggest obstacle wil probably be the lack of financiel incom for the gouvernements, who suck millions out of the car-users with there tax on car-sales, car-road tax, insurance and other fuel-tax… Oh, i almost forgot the financiel income trough tickets and bodyworkshops… Once again, it will be an industriel war against the Big Company’s and the Politiciens … Good Luck for the Futur, and thanks for taking that difficult commercial path! And i must say that your product, aldo it looks very much like that Dutch Car, has a very nice look! Just a comment from a Belgium Friend. 😉

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