GR Heritage Parts: Which Toyotas are included?

GR Heritage Parts

Have you ever struggled to source original equipment (OE) spare parts for an older Toyota model? To help solve this issue, Toyota Gazoo Racing has created an initiative to reproduce previously unavailable genuine parts for heritage Toyota models. This initiative is known as the GR Heritage Parts project and it aims to support customers who wish to continue driving and enjoying these much-loved classics.

There is a huge variety of models that enthusiasts would like us to cater for. However, Toyota Gazoo Racing has started by populating the GR Heritage Parts catalogue with selected components for models that have laid the cornerstone of the modern GR line.

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In age order, these currently include the Toyota 2000GT (1967-1970), AE86 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe (1984-1987), A70 Toyota Supra (1986-1993) and A80 Toyota Supra (1993-2002). A range of parts for the iconic J40 Land Cruiser (1960-1984) is currently being prepared and will launch soon.

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GR Heritage Parts: Toyota Land Cruiser (40 Series)

Exterior Pending: combination lamp bracket, license plate lamp, front indicator lamp, windscreen rubber,
Interior Pending: magnet starter switch, light control switch knob, back-up lamp switch, transfer indicator switch, shift lever spring seat and cap,
Function Pending: oil pump cover, coil pump drive gear, oil pump drive gear, front / centre exhaust pipes, control knob, starter, starter brush holder, transfer output shaft companion flange, vane pump pulley, vane pump, parking brake cable, accelerator cable, front / rear brake tubes, meter dropper, intake / exhaust valves, front drive dust cover, brake master cylinder, disc brake cylinder, rear wheel brake cylinder, steering relay rod

GR Heritage Parts: Toyota Corolla GT Coupe (AE86)

Exterior Pending 
Interior Pending 
Function Rear brake calipers, steering knuckle arms, rear driveshafts. Pending: transmission input shaft, differential final gear and pinion gear (4.3:1) 
GR Heritage Parts

Toyota Supra (A70)

Exterior Protection moulding kit, front and rear emblems, rubber door and window seals, door handles. Pending: front side turn lamp 
Interior Door garnish, air conditioner panel knob 
Function Prop shaft, fuel sender gauge, clutch master cylinder, clutch release cylinder, brake hoses, front suspension lower arm bush. Pending: catalyst, accelerator cable, parking brake cable, ventilation hose, radiator inlet hose, speedometer drive gear, turbo water hose, rear suspension upper arm bush, rear suspension arm bush, power steering hose
GR Heritage Parts

GR Heritage parts: Toyota Supra (A80)

Exterior Headlamps, door handles 
Interior Pending: ignition / door lock key and key cylinder 
Function Brake servo, oxygen sensor, front bumper cover. Pending: front suspension upper arm
GR Heritage Parts

Toyota 2000GT

Exterior Pending 
Interior Pending 
Function Transmission gears, synchro hub and sleeve, gaskets and oil seal kit, bearing kit, snap ring kit, thrust washer, shift fork, differential final gear kit, ring gear set bolt. Pending: clutch disc, clutch cover, brake flexible hose, transmission input / output / counter shafts, transmission reverse gear

The initial focus is on supplying OE maintenance parts as well as filling pre-existing component needs for these vehicles. The full catalogue is published on the GR Heritage Parts website and is regularly updated, but there is also a facility for owners to send individual part requests. Sufficient interest in a particular part could lead to it being reproduced and re-issued, and the possibility is always there for Toyota Gazoo Racing to further expand the scope of this project.

Please note that all part requests should be made directly with your local Toyota dealer, which will process the order in exactly the same way as other genuine parts.


  1. Are they eventually going to get round to supplying parts for the 1984-90 Toyota MR2 AW11? It’s just I have one and I may eventually need to stock up on OEM parts for it.

    1. Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We would recommend contacting your nearest Toyota Centre to see what parts are available.

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