Exclusive: Behind the scenes with the Toyota FT-86 II Sports Concept

Toyota FT-86 II Sports Concept in Brussels

Excitement about the 2012 launch of Toyota’s new sports car is building following the world debut of the FT-86 II Sports Concept at the Geneva motor show.

We’re just as excited as you are, so we jumped at the chance to shoot the FT-86 II on location in Brussels last week. Check out the images and video – we hope you like them.

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  1. most websites i have seen are quoting £25k plus, and im also wondering if its an all out sports car or if they are going to try and implement a hybrid element to it, partial electric to bring costs down (especially with fuel costs at the moment)

  2. Hey guys,

    Thanks for your thoughts. From my view point it looks as if Toyota would be pitching this up against the Honda CRZ and therefore would have to provide a hybrid option. Toyota did also commit to having a wide range of hybrids leading me to believe this maybe one of them i.e same power and engine as auris, prius and lexus ct all of which I believe have 136bhp which is in line with the honda.

    1. I cant see this being a hybrid or having a hybrid option. I would imagine Toyota bringing a dedicated hybrid sports car in a few years building on the FT-HS concept.

      I think this car is best pitched somewhere between an MX-5 (seen as though the RX-8 is gone) and a mid spec TT or 370z?

      I would of thought that a price tag of £25k for a decent spec version of the FT-86 would be achievable seen as though Toyota and Subaru are sharing components and the development of this car.

  3. Looks like a cross between the gen 6 & 7 celica. I preferred gen 6 though. This needs at least a 2.0 litre lump under the bonnet. The 1.8 VVTi from the gen 7 were all underpowered. If it can’t get to 60mph in under 7.5secs then it isn’t worth producing.

    1. The 1.8 VVTL-i from the gen 7 (190, T-Sport and UK GT) Celica could achieve a 0-60mph time in 7.1s

      The FT-86 engine will utilise a 2.0 subaru sourced boxer engine. Dont worry, its going to be an awesome car!

      1. I have a corolla T-sport with the same drivetrain as the celica gen 7 and I have achieved 0-60 in under 7 sec in wet conditions. (Minor upgrades: K&N Typhoon kit and sport backbox)

        I will deff. keep my eyes and ears open for the release date 🙂

  4. Already registered my interest at my local Toyota dealer and have a deposit ready when a release date is confirmed. Hurry up Toyota 🙂

  5. I own a Celica T-Sport with a 189 BHP VVTL-I engine. I love variable valve lift control.

    The old concept said that each makers versions would have their own engines. It would be a great shame if the toyota version did not have an updated VVTLI engine.

  6. I want to buy one of these but if there’s no Auto transmission than that’s a deal-breaker. Anyone know if there will be a fully automatic version?

      1. The man who can’t drive having a dig at someone else lol this is a car designed as a drivers car ie you get out what you put in not a car for lazy people who want to cruise about

      2. lol. an auto box changes gear and knows what gear to be in better than any human. wasn’t like that in the 80s, but it is now. sorry.

  7. dont care about this that and the other all i know im driving it in the toyota gt86 drift school so i will know for my self . what a cool car !!!

  8. just wondering if the tail lights would be available, as i love the look of the tail lights and would be a great thing (but thats just me saying) if it was an option to be put on the 86. would make me happy 🙂

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