Would you like to drive the 2019 Toyota GR Supra?

The queue to experience the new 2019 Toyota GR Supra has now been slashed, thanks to the latest in-game update to the Gran Turismo Sport racing simulator for the PlayStation 4.

Supra GT Sport

Less than a year after the GR Supra Racing Concept made its exclusive appearance in GT Sport, the new update sees the production Toyota GR Supra arrive in the game’s road-legal N300 race category (RZ refers to a domestic market trim level). As we have come to expect from the platform’s developers, the rendering of the new GR Supra and its environments is exquisite, offering the most immersive experience this side of driving the real thing.

Supra GT Sport

An additional feature of the latest GT Sport update is the inclusion of Autopolis International Circuit, a challenging track that has been the scene of many epic battles in Japan’s Super GT race series. Perfecting its three sectors, complex corners and elevations will require intense concentration…

Supra GT Sport

A task that could become even more difficult when the track is buzzing with a full grid of both fourth- and fifth-generation models in a new one-model Supra Legend race series – another notable feature of the new update.

Supra GT Sport

What other Toyota models are in Gran Turismo Sport?

As the most sporting nameplate in the Toyota catalogue, it comes as no surprise that Supra models feature heavily in GT Sport. However, there is a broad selection of other Toyota models – historic, current and conceptual – that also feature in the simulator. Below is the full list of available machines.

S-FRN 100Road-legal, level one
2000GTN 200Road-legal, level two
MR2 GT-SN 200Road-legal, level two
GT86 GTN 200Road-legal, level two
GT86 GRMNN 200Road-legal, level two
GR Supra RZN 300Road-legal, level three (new addition)
Supra 3.0GT Turbo AN 300Road-legal, level three
Supra RZN 300Road-legal, level three
S-FR Racing ConceptN 400Road-legal, level four
GT86Group 4Entry-level racer, similar to FIA GT4
GR Supra Racing ConceptGroup 3Mid-level racer, similar to FIA GT3
FT-1 Vision Gran TurismoGroup 3Mid-level racer, similar to FIA GT3
TS030 HybridGroup 1Prototype racer, similar to FIA GT1
TS050 HybridGroup 1Prototype racer, similar to FIA GT1
GT86Group BRally car
FT-1Group XUncategorised race car
FT-1 Vision Gran TurismoGroup XUncategorised race car

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