Drift racer Fredric Aasbø drives an 800bhp GT86 sideways along a Norwegian mountain pass

If you’ve ever yearned for a Toyota GT86 with a bit more, no, a lot more grunt, then you’ll want to check out this full throttle video from POV camera manufacturer GOPro.

The, for want of a better adjective, ‘sick’ short shows Team Speedhunters and Scion Racing driver Fredric Aasbo – amazing name, right? – sideways on a mountain pass in Norway.

Aasbo’s incredible driving skills are plain to see as he pinballs his way along the pass, at times veering perilously close to its edge. Only a crash barrier stands between the road and a drop that would give anyone with vertigo, or any desire to go on living, a fright.

Give the film a watch, and don’t forget to turn your speakers up to fully appreciate the highly-tuned GT86’s riotous exhaust note. Thrrrrruuuuuum!

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