Do you #LoveHybrid? Watch the new Toyota TV advert

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Here’s a first look at our latest TV advert for our six-strong range of hybrid cars. It extols the importance of putting love into everything that you do; a message that extends to driving. On our increasingly congested roads, it can be easy to fall out of love with driving, but the whisper-quiet drivetrains of our hybrid cars will help you to fall head over heels once again.

In the ad, a man wanders through a grey city, encountering characters who have become disillusioned with different aspects of everyday life. There is the warring couple who have fallen out of love, the woman who appears to have let work take over her life, and the drivers stuck on a gridlocked street; all of the banal situations are then juxtaposed with an upbeat Auris Hybrid driver.

If you would like to find out why six million people the across the globe #lovehybrid, visit the hybrid section of the Toyota UK website. If you would like to test drive an Auris Hybrid, leave a comment below, and we’ll be in touch.

Do you love #Hybrid and want to tell the world? We’ve created a set of bumper stickers to help you do just that!

Simply fill in the form with your relevant details, below, and we’ll stick a set of free stickers in the post to you. There’s no cost, all we ask is that you send us a picture of your car, with the sticker in place!

We want to see the stickers on your Yaris, Auris, Prius, Prius+ and Prius Plug-in.

For more details, and to help us share the message, you can either spread the word by sharing this blog post, or check out our post on facebook, and click “share” for I love my hybrid, and “like” for #lovehybrid.


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Want to explore hybrid further? Here’s our guide to how hybrid synergy drive works, tips for getting the best economy from a Toyota hybrid, and here’s 10 reasons to #lovehybrid.

By Eliott Farr


  1. The current advert with a guy stuck in traffic in India somewhere id dreadful.A great record is overdubbed by this dude singing extremely flat is disrespectful to a great piece of music.Absolute sacrilege !!! America Horse with no name. where is copyright here,Toyoto you ought to be ashamed of yourselves…why not leave the original track alone with the car going thru the desert or something.Hardly gonna make me go out and buy one of your Cars

    1. Sorry you do not like the ad Colin, we currently have more people liking than disliking but we do appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback. This is the Neil Young version of the song.
      Thanks again.

  2. What’s the song called in the advert where 2 women are doing make up in car, ready to go on a night out. It’s a Toyota auris hybrid advert. The song is a house beat on itv movies advert, thanks

    1. Hi Ashley,
      Thanks for getting in contact with us. Can we confirm that you are referring to the itv movies sponsorship idents for the Auris Hybrid? Thanks.

      1. Hi Kieran,
        Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, after extensive digging we are unable to find the name of the track.

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