What insurance groups does the Aygo X sit in?

Aygo X insurance

Since its launch in 2005, the Toyota Aygo has been widely regarded as our most accessible car. Affordable to buy and frugal to run, it meets the demands of urban and suburban life with a fun, youthful character. These qualities remain core strengths of the new Aygo X, enhanced further with crossover styling that stands out within the segment. But have such changes affected the model’s affordability in other areas, such as the cost of Aygo X insurance?

Aygo X insurance

Aygo X insurance: What can Toyota offer me?

Toyota Insurance Services has launched a competitive fixed price insurance product for the Aygo X. It arrives at a time when cost of living expenses are rising and there is a growing demand for stability in the price of essential outgoings.

Affordable, fully comprehensive Aygo X insurance from Toyota Insurance Services is fixed for the first year. Providing customers continue to meet the eligibility criteria, the premium is then capped at a maximum of £30 per month or £360 per year for the second and third year of cover. From year four onwards, qualifying customers can continue to be covered by a capped premium, though that cap will increase by up to one percent of the retail price index measured from 2022.

This product has a specific set of eligibility criteria, plus terms and conditions that customers will need to meet in order to qualify for this product. Click here to explore this offer more closely.

Aygo X insurance

Aygo X insurance: official group ratings

Depending on grade and transmission choice, the new Toyota Aygo X has been given an insurance group rating of five, six or seven out of 50. The specific insurance group for each model is itemised below.

Aygo X Pure Manual 
Aygo X Pure Automatic 
Aygo X Edge Manual 
Aygo X Edge Automatic 
Aygo X Exclusive Manual 
Aygo X Exclusive Automatic 
Aygo X Limited Edition Manual 
Aygo X Limited Edition Automatic 
Aygo X insurance

How do car insurance groups work?

Insurance group ratings were first introduced in the 1970s to help consumers get a basic understanding of the relative cost of an insurance premium for any specific vehicle. These numbers are applied based on repair or replacement costs, the level of passive and active safety equipment, as well as the statistical likelihood of each vehicle being involved in an accident based on its power and performance. Essentially, the higher the number, the more expensive that vehicle is to insure.

Today, the number rating for insurance groups extends from a minimum of one to a maximum of 50. These insurance groups are decided by the Group Rating panel, which is an adjudicating body administered by Thatcham Research. Its members include the likes of the Association of British Insurers and Lloyds Market Association.

What else can affect your insurance premium?

Insurance providers take a wide range of additional factors into account when calculating the cost of your premium. They will ask multiple questions about you, your driving history, occupation, where you live and how you plan to use your car. This information will help them calculate your individual risk and therefore provide a figure for your insurance premium.

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