Arctic Trucks Hilux AT35 arrives in the UK

Toyota and Arctic Trucks are continuing their long-established collaboration by bringing the all-conquering Hilux AT35 to the UK.

The Hilux AT35 has made its debut at the 2018 Commercial Vehicle Show, held at the NEC in Birmingham, coinciding with the legendary Hilux celebrating its 50th year of production.

Together, Toyota and Arctic Trucks have broken world records, established multiple world firsts in both the Arctic and Antarctic, and achieved widespread recognition for supporting BBC Top Gear’s epic expedition to the Magnetic North Pole. These feats have demonstrated why the AT35 has become the first choice in transportation for scientists, explorers and adventurers alike who need vehicles that can get them to remote locations – and bring them back.

The AT35 is now available to both private and commercial customers throughout the United Kingdom, via the Toyota centre network. The conversion process is fully Toyota approved, so the model benefits from the same five-year/100,000-mile warranty as other Hilux models.

The AT35 builds on the fine engineering principles Toyota and Arctic Trucks have developed to produce extreme expedition vehicles. The result is a Hilux that accommodates 35-inch all-terrain tyres, bespoke performance suspension for secure ride and handling and a 25% higher ground clearance.

Toyota Hilux AT35 outline specifications

Body typeDouble Cab
EngineCurrent UK specification
TransmissionSix-speed automatic
Wheels and tyres17 x 10-inch ET-25 wheels with 315/70 R17 tyres
Overall length (mm)5,335
Overall width (mm)1,990
Overall height (mm)1,890
Wheelbase (mm)3,085
Front track (mm)1,650
Rear track (mm)1,660
Front overhang (mm)1,000
Rear overhang (mm)1,245
Angle of approach (deg)37
Angle of departure (deg)28
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)3,250

How can I order a new Toyota Hilux AT35?

Customers should contact their local Toyota centre and discuss the various options available with this vehicle. The AT35 conversion can be specified as a standard package (£15,780 plus VAT and delivery) or enhanced with specialised upgrades at additional cost. Once the full specifications are agreed, the centre will price the Hilux AT35 to the customer’s requirements, place an order with Arctic Trucks, and advise on its completion and delivery timing.


  1. I want one, what price for a part exchanges on my 2017 Hilux invincible x… can Toyota tempt me?!… I hope so

    1. Hi Graeme,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The Toyota Hilux AT35 is available, we’d advise contacting your local dealer with regards to part exchanges.

  2. Are there agreements with insurers to recognise this as a standard model, or will they continue to see it as a standard Hilux with many modifications? I have an AT37 but can only find a single company that specialises in modified vehicles, willing to insure it.

  3. Hi Campbell,
    Thanks for getting in touch.
    The Arctic Trucks are classed as separate models to Hiluxs. Most advanced insurers will recognised the model and provide relevant insurance. If you have any further questions or problems with getting insurance, we’d advise contacting Arctic Trucks directly. You’ll be able to contact them here:
    Hope this helps.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Unfortunately, we can not comment on this as we are Toyota GB.
      We would advise you ask Toyota Ireland.

  4. I regularly tow 3.5 tonnes and want the bigger 2.8l Diesel engine version. When will Toyota start importing this version into Europe?

  5. Fantastic, can we have one with a proper engine soon please? We’ve been patiently waiting…

    The 2008 200bhp Hilux was the most powerful UK truck at the time. This smaller engine at 150bhp is 50bhp down on the aforementioned 3.0 engine and over 100bhp down on Mercedes and VW’s current top of the range offerings. Please listen to your customers before it’s too late!

    1. Hi Nito,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The new engine has vastly improved torque delivery in the low and medium speed ranges, as well as class-leading fuel economy. As well as having a lower environmental impact, the engine is also far more responsive than before. You can read more about the engine improvements here:

      1. Thank you for your prompt response.

        The data in the article linked above, compares the current new 2.4L engine to the outgoing 2.5L engine which was fitted to the basic model Hilux. However the Invincible range of the time, was only available with the formidable 3.0L powerplant.

        The new Invincible has dropped the 3.0L engine, leaving all of your previous Invincible buyers with the underpowered 2.4L powerplant as the only alternative, which is well down on performance and pulling power, hence why there have been so many complaining further down in the comments section of the exact same article you have linked above.

        Since the demise of the 3.0 engine, there is no viable replacement offering from Toyota to fill the gap left by the successful previous generation 3 litre Invincible. Other markets at least have the 2.8 Engine, yet in the UK, we are only being offered this 2.4. Please can you pass this feedback to the relevant departments at Toyota UK.

        Mercedes and VW are both offering 250+bhp V6’s, the Hilux has slipped from being the King of the pickups with the most powerful offering, to the least powerful in a hotly contested marketplace.

        With this being the 50th Anniversary of Hilux production, expectations are high for something special 🙂

        This AT35 is fantastic, but with 35″ diameter tyres, the 2.4 engine will be at even more of a disadvantage. This truck is crying out for a proper engine Toyota, please deliver!

      2. Hi,

        No problem.

        You stated that the 2.4 diesel engine is ‘well down on performance and pulling power’. This is not entirely true. Whilst it may be down on horsepower, torque is the key figure when considering pulling power. The 2.4 has 400Nm of peak torque, which is considerably more than was available in the outgoing 3.0 (343Nm).

        Other manufacturers may be offering larger engines, but we are focused on reducing our emissions, and currently have the lowest of any mainstream manufacturer in Europe.

        We agree that the AT35 is fantastic, and you might like to know that the gear ratios are different from the standard Hilux. If you get the chance, a test drive would reveal a surprising turn of pace.

        We really appreciate your passion for the Hilux, and taking the time to give us your feedback, which we will of course pass on.

        Thanks, and have a great weekend.

      3. Thank you Matt, it’s nice to have some meaningful engagement.

        The new engine remains well down on my 2008MY 200 edition Invincible which has 430nm torque which it carries from 1600-3200rpm. No equivalent to this has been offered to date. In the last decade things have moved on with the V6 Mercedes offering 550nm.

        The 2.4 Hilux’ 400nm torque spread is from 1600-2000rpm. A much narrower spread of torque. The 0-60 times reflect the lack of oomph, with 13.2 seconds in auto guise compared to 10 seconds for the 200 Invincible of 2008, with the Mercedes and VW moving this into the 7.5 second bracket with the current breed.

        It is incredibly frustrating that no equivalent model has materialised from Toyota in the near 10 years I’ve had this one, meaning I have been waiting and waiting to change it.

        What is more frustrating is that the new 2.8 engine is available in the Hilux in other territories and appears in other UK models such as the new Landcruiser. Even that engine however would appear somewhat lacklustre to the new big gun trucks now on offer but at least taking into consideration all things it may be an acceptable compromise.

        I have no wish to move away from Toyota, my wife has a Landcruiser, We have had many Toyota’s and Lexus over the years, I have owned numerous Supra’s (which once again we’ve been waiting so long for the successor to materialise and it still isn’t here either) and we have a fantastic local dealer who has been faultless in looking after us for the past 25 years.

        It is therefore very very frustrating that customers concerns have been falling on dear ears. The new hilux 2016 blog if you trawl through the comments will show that this is a big issue with Hilux owners and itmis very clear that many of these have been Hilux die hards for many years and owned many examples.

        With so much heritage and such a reputation, this 2.4 engine is killing the Hilux brand. It is not achieving good reviews in the engine/gearbox department, a pity as everywhere else it would appear to be the usual Hilux fair, even Clarkson, one of Hilux biggest fans who has done more to promote the brand in recent times has thrown his arms up in exasperation at this 2.4 model. What does it take for upper management to take note and bring about action.

        I have waited as long as I possibly can, I know there are many others out there in the same boat. Next year I will be changing the truck for sure as I cannot wait any longer. You don’t know how saddened and disappointed I am that Hilux won’t be in contention with the current offering. Equally as disappointing is having to leave our local dealer who have served us so well for so many years.

        Please take the criticism in the spirit in which it is given, which is not to stir trouble but to implore Toyota GB to listen to its customers and restore the Hilux standing to it’s true worth and where it should be. In its 50th year of production, it deserves better than this.

      4. I can only agree entirely with Nito M. I also have a 2009 Invincible 200 and have held on to this vehicle because there is no better replacement in the Hilux range. I guarantee the performance of the 2.4 will be nowhere near that delivered by the 200 – an amazing vehicle and far superior than the standard 3.0 litre 170hp version. We are approaching 150,000 miles – fortunately still as good as ever, but please provide a higher powered Hilux soon before I have to go elsewhere. The low power version may be ok for carrying the odd bag of cement around town but if you are carrying serious loads up in the hills in all weathers then the 200 is what you need.

      5. I have a new Hilux invincible x
        And before that the 3000 cc invincible x
        The old version towed my twin axel caravan better than the new version
        Bring in the 2900 cc engine

  6. I too have a 2008 invincible 200, which i bought new and has only 61k miles on it. What toyota is offering now would in no way compare. Come on toyota ! Listen to your customers needs before they decide to switch loyalty.

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