2021 Hilux: on and off-road abilities improved

If you’re driving the new Toyota Hilux, chances are you would have noticed the significant improvement both on and off-road. This is thanks to new enhanced adjustments to the suspension and steering, plus the fitment of a new automatic limited-slip differential for improved on-road handling and off-road controllability.

2021 Toyota Hilux

2021 Toyota Hilux: on-road performance

Thanks to improved changes to the rear suspension, power steering and shock absorbers, driving the new Hilux will a more refined and comfortable experience.

The durable rear leaf spring arrangement now features a helper spring, a six per cent increase in the length of the main leaf and reduced spring constant (stretch). Meanwhile, the bushes have been re-optimised to suit the new set-up, with the shackle bush now featuring a self-lubricating rubber composition to reduce friction. The result is smoother, SUV-like ride comfort over uneven road surfaces, greater stability yet no compromises in suspension articulation.

New variable flow control power steering offers speed-related assistance and helps fuel economy by entering a stand-by mode that reduces pump torque when it senses that the Hilux is being driven straight ahead and with no steering angle.

2021 Toyota Hilux: off-road dynamics

The off-road credentials of Hilux have been enhanced with the addition of a new automatic electronic control that replicates the effect of a mechanical limited-slip differential. This works to deliver enhanced traction and acceleration on low-grip surfaces in H2 (rear-wheel drive) mode. When the system is activated and a loss of grip is detected, it brakes the slipping wheel in order to divert drive torque to the wheel that has traction.

Hilux dynamics

This new feature is in addition to Active Traction Control, which operates when the Hilux is in L4 (all-wheel drive) mode.Hill Start Assist is also provided to help negotiate uphill slopes, and Downhill Assist Control is fitted on Icon grade models and above.

Supporting the vehicle’s impressive off-road capabilities include a class-leading 310mm of ground clearance (Double Cab models), approach and departure angles of 29 and 26 degrees respectively, and the ability to wade through water up to 700mm deep.

The new Toyota Hilux is on sale now! 

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*Please note that the images shown in this article are not UK spec


  1. Would love to know when the brochure for the Hilux will be released. As all the YouTube videos are in European spec. Loving the new Bronze colour.

  2. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your comment and your interest in the new Hilux! We agree – the Titan Bronze colour, exclusive to the Invincible X model, is certainly very striking!
    The brochure on our website is due to be updated soon, but in the meantime you can sign up for the latest updates and explore the model further on our car configurator: https://www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/hilux/

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The Toyota warranty covers any mechanical fault resulting from a manufacturing defect. Faults caused by misuse, abuse or neglect are not covered.

  3. hi is the new 2021 active extra cab fitted with the a-trac or the trc and what is the difference thanks

    1. Hi,

      Sorry, we’re not sure what you mean by ‘a-trac’ and ‘trc’. Please rephrase and we’ll do all we can to answer.


      1. hi matt the 2019 brochure says the hilux active has a-trac active traction control the november 2020 brochure says the hilux active has trc traction control what is the difference please my new extra cab due april 21st approximately

      2. Hi,

        Thanks for clarifying. The only difference is the naming of the system! It still operates in the same way.


  4. hi could you please give me the internal dimensions of the 2021 extra cab tub please the november broucher 2019 gives the dimensions but the november 2020 dosent can you help

    1. Hi Stephen, thanks for your comment.

      The deck length of the extra cab model is 1,808mm with a width of 1,540mm.


  5. Does the new hilux invincible x have a four wheel drive system that can be used on road as well as off? I cannot seem to find a definitive answer online as some state using h4 for daily road use will some how damage the system. Can you clarify this for me please, from a safety perspective it seems only logical to be able to have drive available to all four wheels on road and I notice other manufacturers seem to be implementing this with all wheel drive systems, I always presumed h4 was made for extra traction during road usage is this correct? Thanks

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