2019 Toyota RAV4 revealed

The all-new 2019 Toyota RAV4 SUV has been revealed. The first RAV4 to be built on a Toyota New Global Architecture platform, it remains true to its impressive heritage as the original pioneer of the recreational SUV segment, making significant advances in powertrain technologies, dynamic performance, intelligent safety provisions and all-round quality.

Robust design concept

The robust styling of the 2019 Toyota RAV4 expresses the strong and capable qualities that define Toyota’s approach to the latest iteration of the world’s best-selling SUV, notably higher ground clearance and a wider stance.

The design communicates the kind of “go anywhere” sense of fun and adventure that RAV4 ownership can bring, resonating with a target customer base of young families who enjoy life, whether moving around town or heading off to enjoy, sports, leisure or simple sight-seeing in the wide open spaces.

Manoeuvrability has always been a virtue of the RAV4 and this has not been compromised in the new design. In fact, at 4,600mm long, the new model is only marginally different in length compared to the current model. But while reductions have been made in the front and rear overhangs, 30mm has been added to the wheelbase, allowing for an even more spacious and comfortable cabin.

Luggage space has been increased, too, and has versatility designed-in with folding rear seats, a double load floor and deck side nets. Vehicle width has been increased by 10mm, to 1,855mm, which translates into a more comfortable and spacious cabin for the occupants.

Powertrain technologies and driving dynamics

The 2019 Toyota RAV4 will be available with a new hybrid electric 2.5-litre powertrain, which combines fuel and emissions efficiency and quiet operation with more power and greater responsiveness. Hybrid electric remains a unique selling point for RAV4 in its class, attracting ever-larger numbers of customers.

Driving dynamics have been greatly enhanced with significant improvements to the performance of the all-wheel drive systems. Toyota has developed a completely new electric motor that makes efficient use of power from the car’s hybrid system, using a second electric motor to drive the rear wheels to generate high torque. This reduces energy losses, contributing to greater fuel economy, and offers excellent AWD performance in different driving conditions.

The TNGA platform, with its low centre of gravity and optimised weight distribution, further strengthens the RAV4’s dynamic capabilities, enabling a more rigid body construction and more precise, stable and accurate responses to driver inputs.



  1. Can’t wait to see this and test drive it love it and great to see the gear stick is a lot better to look at

    1. Hi Coralie,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The new RAV4 will be available in the first quarter of next year so not too long to wait!

      1. How do the overall dimensions of the 2019 Rav4 compare with the exisitng model – height -length and width

      2. Hi Tom,
        Thanks for getting in touch. The full spec for the 2019 RAV4 will be released closer to the time. Keep an eye on the Toyota social media sites and the blog for the lasted information. Thanks.

  2. We returned to having RAV4’s in November after a spell of owning Verso’s (owned 4 RAV’s prior to children coming along!). We love the current model but found the price of the Hybrid a little bit over our budget so had to setting for the diesel.

    Are there plans to offer the 2.0 Hybrid engine (announced for the new Auris) to lower the price point of the Hybrids?

    P.S I completely agree with Toyota’s plan to remove diesels and replace with Hybrid 🙂

    1. Hi Bryan,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We love to hear you’re such a fan our bold decision to remove diesel power trains.
      We have no plans to offer a 2.0 Hybrid engine at the moment, but keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for the latest updates.

  3. I had always missed the front view look of the third generation , glad to know the robust looks are back. Will have to see the finer specs to know if I can buy one.

    1. Hi Dinakar,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’re glad to hear you’re a fan of the bold robust look. More information will be released closer to the release date in the first quarter of next year. Not too long to wait!

      1. 2019 RAV!!

        On third and probably last
        RAV 4…..
        I would be too embarrassed to get out of a Tonka Toy….
        Lost class and purity of style by trying too hard…
        Do you see many embarrassing
        C-HR on the roads !!??
        Big mistake. ..
        May as well drive a multi colour Renault Capture !!!

      2. Hi Peter,
        Thanks for getting in touch. The robust strong resign isn’t for everyone. We’d love for you to go see the new RAV4 in person and experience it, as it could just surprise you. Thanks.

  4. I like it. Front grill looks a wee bit Ford other than that it looks fresh and modern. I have the current model at this time.

    One thing though Mr Toyota can we please have a sunroof on the high spec models as standard ??

    1. Hi Charlie,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve passed your comments on to our Product team and they’re grateful for your feedback. We wish you many more happy miles ahead in your RAV4. Thanks.

  5. I think it would be nice If it was more blue ledlights in the cabin for example for the passenger in the backseat. And uplight at the storedge to the left at the steering-wheel.
    For me who has dogs, I wish it have ability to open the rearwindow on the trunk as the Landcruiser. And why not a solar panel to charge the ac when you are out of an adventure with the new RAV4.

    1. Hi Kalle,
      Thanks for getting in touch. What innovative ideas, we’ve passed them on to the Product team. Thanks.

  6. Car looks good but I hear the RAV4 2019 will only be available with an Apple auto system and no Android Auto. Mistake?

    1. Hi Ray,
      Thanks for getting in touch. We have no information on this at the moment but keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for the latest updates.

  7. Looks absolutely stunning, Think you’ve cracked it Toyota !
    Muscular lines , more ground clearance is the way for me.
    As above , a sunroof would be good or panoramic roof for plenty of light.
    And in a blue same as Hilux island blue , spot on .
    Looking forward to seeing one in my local showroom at Colchester next year.

  8. Hi I am enjoying driving a current Icon AWD HYBRID June 2016 model now with 55k miles, love it to bits, but to improve please illuminate the window, master door lock, mirror adjustments and wing mirror folding buttons for ease of use, and must have a windscreen washer level light for high mileage customers like me. Recomend Michelin Lattitude Cross tyres for more off-road capabilitie
    Michelin Tyres UK

  9. Owned four Rav4s in the past but left for Subaru in recent years but this looks to be a car to bring me back PROVIDING there is driver seat memory on at least some models.
    Many of us have a significant height difference between partners which makes non memory cars a real disadvantage.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for getting in touch, we will pass your comments on to our Product team.
      Keep an eye on our blogs and social media channels for the latest updates.

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