10 tips for maximising your hybrid’s fuel economy

Driving a Toyota hybrid is relaxing and wonderfully straightforward. But for those of you who are keen to supercharge your economy and keep the pennies in your pocket, there are a number of ways you can adapt your driving style and hit dizzying mpg heights. We’ve rounded-up 10 top tips for maximising your hybrid’s fuel economy.

1. Observe the car’s energy monitor


Doing so will enable you to see when you’re using petrol, and what situations allow you to run on electric and/or charge the battery.

2. Be light on the throttle


A light but consistent press will help to keep the car in EV mode. Stick to 70mph on the motorway to prevent unnecessary use of fuel.

3. Develop an acceleration and braking rhythm


In urban driving, accelerate to your required speed and then ease off the throttle, before gently easing on again.  This sequence will help you to utilise your car’s battery.

4. Know your driving modes

Hybrid driving modes

Toyota hybrids have up to three drive modes – EV, ECO and Power. EV Mode encourages the car to be powered solely by the battery at low speeds – use when driving around town. ECO Mode reduces air conditioning output and dampens harsh acceleration – use for motorway cruising. Power Mode uses the battery to help boost acceleration along with the use of the engine – use when you need to make swift progress, for example when pulling out of a busy junction.

5. Brake in good time

Brake lights

Gentle, early braking boosts the regenerative abilities of the car’s brakes. This helps EV mode to operate for longer periods.

6. Think about your gears

Hybrid gearstick

When in stop-start traffic, do not select ‘N’ neutral when stationary, as electricity will not be generated and the hybrid battery will discharge. Use ‘B’ when approaching roundabouts or descending from steep inclines to increase engine braking and ‘D’ for flat roads and ascents.

7. Use cruise control

Head up

Keep the revs constant on the motorway by enabling your hybrid’s Cruise Control to maintain a constant speed.

8. Consider your use of ancillaries

Prius Plus

Using climate control, lights and wipers will increase fuel consumption. Address this by selecting the re-circulate mode for climate control, and using the lights and wipers as conditions dictate.

9. Read the road ahead

Auris road
If you know what’s in front of you, you’ll avoid unnecessary braking and accelerating and will use less fuel.

10. Coast

Prius plug in hill

Take your foot off of the accelerator when driving downhill and allow the electric motor to kick-in. Cover the brake to avoid speeding or losing control of your vehicle.

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Further information about our six-strong range of hybrid vehicles is available on the Toyota UK website. 

By Eliott Farr


  1. Hi
    We bought a 69 yaris last week
    We were told by the dealer to keep our air conditioning on at all times , is this correct?

  2. Hi , most of my journey is urban . Should I keep EV mode and when stationary at traffic lights should I keep in D ? I have had the car 3 weeks and I love it.
    Regards, Bob Monte.
    Ps my car is a Yaris hybrid LD67 KPK

  3. I have a Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2018 model the maximum miles I’ve got per gallon was 50, but now nothing more than 42, have to use aircon as the windscreen get foggy also the back one as well. How to improve fuel efficiency and how to stop windows steaming up.

    1. Hi Tony, thanks for your comment.

      The fuel efficiency of your hybrid depends on many factors, such as weather and driving style.

      As with any vehicle, minimising hard acceleration, keeping your overall speed down, maintaining a smooth, constant speed whenever possible and planning ahead to manage your interactions with other vehicles and conserve your car’s momentum are all fuel-saving essentials.

      Please read this article for further Hybrid Driving Tips: https://mag.toyota.co.uk/hybrid-driving-tips-for-best-fuel-economy/.

      It can be common for windows to steam up in the cold weather. However, if you believe there is an issue, please contact your Toyota Centre.


  4. Hello. I have a 2022 Corolla hybrid and have been getting up to 72 mpg albeit this has recently dropped marginally. Is this a winter issue? I drive a lot of motorways and purposely try and avoid busy periods for smooth journeys. Secondly, would you suggest ‘normal’, ‘eco’ or ‘sport’ options for the motorway? I get better performance and response in ‘normal’ than ‘eco’ but have yet to try ‘sport’.

    Thanks. David

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your comment.
      That is correct, fuel economy can drop slightly with the colder weather.
      Eco Mode will limit the cars throttle response in order to improve efficiency.
      On the motorway, there may be some situations where you will need to accelerate quickly and eco mode may not provide sufficient power to do so.
      We hope this helps, please let us know if you have any further questions.

      1. I am a registered private hire driver
        I currently drive a 15 plate prius plus registration LV15 ***
        My licensing authority will only renew my license if i can provide evidence or vehicle specifications that show on EV mode it does 0 emissions over a min of 30 miles
        pls could you help

      2. Hi Mohammad, thanks for getting in touch.

        Your vehicle does not meet this criteria. You would need a Plug-in Hybrid or All-Electric Vehicle to qualify for the pure electric range required by most local authorities.


        Toyota UK

  5. Hi, I am thinking of buying a prius (business edition) can you change between battery and petrol while the car is moving,also can you move into “B” mode while the car is moving ?

  6. Hello.
    I am having problems with my Toyota Auris
    The speedometer lights have gone on it so I can’t see the speed as it’s no light and also the steering wheel has a click when I turn full wheel and I can hear the wheels make a stiff noise and also the brake pads and disks are fine but keeps making a screeching noise I have only had this for less then month and having so many problems issues with them.
    Please help I paid £9000 for it.

  7. Hello. I have a new Corolla Hybrid 1.8 .
    I drive 14miles to work and I lose 14miles off my range. Even though it told me 60% of my journey was in EV mode and the MPG for the journey was 64.9mpg.

    Surely this is incorrect?

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Please may you provide your vehicle registration so that we can look into this for you?

  8. Hi, I have Toyota Prius hybrid 2012 model. I tried registering my car on my Toyota app but it does not number plate. What to do?

    1. Hi Aamer,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Please provide your vehicle registration so we can investigate this for you.

      1. Hi Aamer, thanks for your comment.

        Your Prius is not compatible with the MyToyota app due to the age of the vehicle.


        Toyota UK

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