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If you want to know more about Toyota car service and repair, warranty and insurance, or accessories and merchandise, you’ve come to the right place.

Buying a Toyota is just the start. Owning a Toyota is when you really get to know the car and your local Toyota dealer. It’s a long-term relationship, and this blog is here to help you get the most from it.

Depending on the model you own and how many miles you drive, you’ll probably need to visit your local Toyota Centre once a year for a health check or service. Nobody knows the Toyota range better than the boys and girls at your local Toyota dealer. They’re your first point of contact, whether your car needs a service or repair work, or if you want to buy some accessories to personalise your car.

Servicing your Toyota should be easy, convenient and affordable, without compromising on quality and reliability. That’s just what your friendly local Toyota dealer offers. With online service booking and drop off and collection services available at many outlets, servicing at a Toyota Centre is convenient and hassle-free.

With expert technicians, the latest diagnostic equipment, and genuine Toyota parts, work is always carried out to the highest standards. That’s probably what you’d expect of Toyota, but what may surprise you is how competitive a Toyota dealer can be on price. Consider the long-term benefits of durable and reliable genuine parts, and you’ll find that servicing and repair at a Toyota dealership delivers on quality and value for money.

We do all we can to make the cost of servicing and maintaining your car predictable, too, with fixed price servicing: the price you see is the price you pay, even if the work takes longer than expected.

Regular servicing keeps your warranty intact. We hope you won’t need to call upon your car’s warranty – our reputation for building reliable cars is well deserved – but if you do you’ll find our warranties to be comprehensive and easy to understand.

Every new Toyota passenger car comes with a five-year, 100,000-mile mechanical warranty (whichever comes first) with no mileage limit for the first year. There’s an even longer corrosion and anti-perforation warranty, lasting for 12 years with no mileage limitation. That’s complemented by a three-year paintwork and surface rust warranty. Hopefully you won’t need to use these warranties, but it’s reassuring to know they are there if you do.

Hybrids are a big part of what we do at Toyota – we’ve sold more hybrid cars in Britain than anyone else. These days the technology is well proven, and all hybrid components are covered by a five-year, 100,000 mile warranty. What’s more, so long as you take your hybrid to a Toyota dealer for its annual health check that warranty extends by a year and 10,000 miles each time, all the way until the car’s 11th birthday.

These are just a few of the ways Toyota and our dealer network make owning and running your Toyota enjoyable, easy and affordable. Follow the links below to find out more.

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  1. Good Morning

    I own a Toyota Hiace light van that has been converted into a campervan. Please can anybody advise me on the correct tyre pressures. It has basic interior fittings such as storage cupboards and a lightweight sink and two ring gas cooker. The main weight would be the water I carry. Many thanks

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, we would have to advise you getting in contact with your local dealer. Your dealer will have the best information and advise! Hope this helps.

  3. Hello, I own a 66 plate Hilux Invincible which has so far turned out to be the worst purchase I have made on 38 years of motoring. Most recently on the list of things with problems are the parking sensors. The front sensors no longer work… tried the difficult to access switch… makes not difference. And the rear sensor is just one constant beep. Add this to rust, door handles that come off and a long list of other issues… you are assured I’ll never buy another Toyota. Would be nice though to not have to spend my life drinking coffee in a Toyota waiting tomb… while the current issue is fixed.

    So: How do I get the sensors working…. ?

    Tried searching the web – could only find many others having the same problem.

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thank you for getting in touch. We’re sorry to hear your having issues with your Hilux. We’d advise going to your dealer as they would be in the best position to check your vehicle for any faults. Unfortunately, as we are unable to see your vehicle we are unable to advise. Hope this helps.

  4. I purchased a 2015 Toyota Avensis from a Toyota Dealer in Belfast approx 2 years ago. I noticed that rust had started to develop around the top of the windscreen, so contacted the dealers to arrange for this to be repaired as the car is still under warranty. They examined the car and told me that I must have replaced the windscreen (not with a Toyota windscreen) and that it had been fitted incorrectly, which was causing the rust and therefore was not covered under the warranty. This was not the case at all. I have not replaced the windscreen, this was the windscreen that was in the car when I bought it. I challenged this and was then advised to take the car to another of the dealers repair shops for further examination. They checked the car and advised me that this was the original windscreen. However, I have now been advised that this is not covered under the warranty. Given that I bought the car in good faith I would have assumed the dealers carried out proper checks on the car before I bought it. They are now washing their hands of the issue. I have always bought Toyota cars and find this whole experience totally unsatisfactory. I am being passed from pillar to post with this issue. How can I be told 2 different responses regarding this windscreen (which has a Toyota ref no on it!!). Surely someone has to take responsibility for this.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. We would advise for you to contact our Customer Relations team via the following link as they will be able to assist you further:


      Thanks, we hope this issue is resolved.

  5. My 2016 Prius has been totally reliable, but…following a minor rear end collision it has not yet been put back on the road. Initially waiting for parts but now it needs recoding as some electronics behind the rear bumper have been replaced and after a week the Toyota dealer says they can’t sort it because of a ‘national computer failure’
    Very disappointing. Why are all parts not available as this is a recent model and how can it take so long to recode for replacement components?

  6. Hi
    This is my first visit to this blog and i have purchased my first Toyota ever from a local Toyota dealer. I like the car but my first six weeks of ownership have been awful. The full service and full valet were not completely covered leaving items that should have been discarded and replaced not even checked (also damage found to filter casings). The Valet seems to not have been done on the inside of the car at all. The salesman agreed with me but said that someone will loose their job when he looks into it. I believe that to be a comment to shut me up. I have had two new air filters from them since because i ended up purchasing my own. The air and pollen filter were absolutely filthy and covered in debris.

    Many things to report but i must mention reporting that my brake fluid was going down. Salesman told me that when passing i should call in and someone at the dealership would top it up for me and that i was to observe it over a couple of weeks. He said ‘leave it to me and i will sort all your problems in one go’. I left it to him, carried on driving and topping up with my own fluid. After 10 days of not been able to contact him i eventually drove it in to be checked. They could not believe that i had been allowed to drive for so long and not been advised to come in straight away. The Master cylinder etc was leaking and they fixed it immediately, for which i am grateful to the staff in that department.

    I have complained since i bought it about the difficulty i have sometimes with getting the shift lever out of ‘P’ position. I was informed that i was not pressing the brake pedal hard enough and that there was no problem with the auto gearbox or the shifter. I am certainly not happy with this and i have 10 months left on my warranty.

    The sales manager, as expected, was very defensive of his staff (and also informed me he knew nothing about my experiences until Wednesday 31st July even though i bought the car on June 12th) and promised me four days ago when we met for the first time that he would give all the information and details that i handed over to him to his Area manager (Principle) so that he could maybe sort something out for me for my horrible experiences with my first 6 weeks as a Toyota RAV4 owner.

    I have requested a sum of money to be refunded off the purchase price due to i feel the promises made by the salesman making the deal has not been fulfilled, so in my eyes breaking our contract (because i feel he lied) so what he said should form part of the agreement. Also allowing us to carry on driving a car with faulty brakes.and the sales manager mentioning that the salesman suffered from hearing problems so he might not have heard everything that was agreed even though everything is down on a total of a seven page email to the salesman .

    Also mistakes made with my date of birth (by 10 years) caused problems on the My Toyota site.

    My wife is registered disabled and on a Vulnerable Person list, and i also have a disability but i am her carer, and all this has caused a great deal of stress in our house. It was not the experience for customers promised by Toyota. Do they really know what goes on?. Do they really care?.
    There is also a problem with the Toyota Privacy Policy there. I will keep that for another day if i need to.

    Sorry for all the writing but the dealership were handed over twelve A4 pages of information about all the problems we had over a period of six weeks. I believe all my problems were caused by at least one, but maybe two Toyota personnel.

    Please dont tell me to get in touch with my local Dealership to sort it out. I have tried enough times without a result. I think this one is for Toyota to deal with because they are using your name after all. I have seen them running about like ‘blue assed’ flies when a Toyota representative is visiting. I wish they did that for me. I do not think that they understand how much upset they cause to elderly customers. I am nearly seventy years of age and had not bought a car for twelve years and my disabled wife is sixty seven and suffers fro COPD so struggles really badly with her breathing.

    As yet i have heard nothing from the Area Manager.

    PS I have deliberately not named anyone, or which dealership is involved. I simply want everyone to know what things can happen to you, even with such a big name as Toyota. I do not see why we have to suffer at all because of things going wrong at a dealership. If the wrongs are not put right, and someone does not admit that they got a lot of things wrong this time, then that is bad customer service and after sales service. It has to be compensated for.


    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We’re extremely sorry to hear about this situation. Our Customer Relations team at our Head Office will be happy to investigate and look into this. As you’ve provided an email address to post a comment on our blog, we have emailed you requesting additional information in order to create a Customer Relations case on your behalf.


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