Why service your car at a Toyota dealership?

The best place to have your Toyota serviced is your local Toyota dealer. We would say that, wouldn’t we? But we can back it up.

Servicing at a Toyota Centre couldn’t be more convenient. A service can be booked any time of day or night using our online booking service. No need to worry about whether the dealership is open – just make the booking at a time that’s convenient to you.

We know many of our customers lead busy lives and rely heavily on their cars. We also appreciate that your time is precious. That’s why most dealers will be happy to arrange either a courtesy car or a drop off and collection service from your home or office, keeping you mobile and minimising any inconvenience. Some even run shuttles to and from local shopping centres, so you can indulge in some retail therapy while your car is being serviced. Will your local garage offer the same?

If you choose to wait at the Toyota Centre while the work is carried out, you’ll be well looked after. Grab a drink, read a newspaper, watch TV, or catch up on your emails (many of our dealerships now offer free wi-fi access). Make the most of your time.

The chances are, you won’t be waiting long. Many services are completed in under an hour, so that complementary coffee will hardly have time to get cold.

So, big ticks next to the boxes marked ‘helpful’ and ‘convenient’. What else?

Well, nobody knows Toyotas better. A Toyota Centre service department is staffed by graduates of the Toyota Academy, and these highly trained technicians understand Toyota cars inside and out. From the EGR valve on a 2007 Avensis diesel to the battery control module on a 2013 Prius, it’s all familiar territory to a Toyota technician. They spend their working lives servicing and repairing Toyota cars, so their knowledge is second to none. Could you really say the same of your local garage?

We give our technicians the tools to do the job. That means they have access to the latest diagnostic equipment and technical bulletins so they can identify any problem quickly and accurately. That way your Toyota is soon back in rude health, and on the road where it belongs.

Whether your car is in for a service or needs a repair, Toyota dealers use genuine Toyota parts. There’s no point owning a precision-engineered machine and compromising on the quality of the parts used. By using only genuine components your Toyota remains a Toyota through and through. Yes, you may be able to find a non-Toyota replacement part to do the same job but will it be as reliable and long-lasting? We doubt it. In the long run a cheaper part which doesn’t last as long or perform as well is a false economy.

That goes double for safety-related components like a brake disc. Genuine Toyota parts are durable, reliable and perform to the highest standards. Why compromise on safety?

We can also help spread the cost of servicing with a Toyota Service Plan. Make a one off payment, or spread the cost monthly. Either way, a Toyota Service Plan makes it much easier to manage your motoring costs and keep control of your household budget. What’s more, you can also choose to include the cost of replacing wear and tear components such as brake pads and tyres.

Whether you pay service by service or take out a Toyota Service Plan, our dealers will wash and vacuum the car before returning it to you.

So, servicing at a Toyota Centre guarantees convenience, efficiency and quality, all at an affordable price. Perhaps the question isn’t why would you have your car serviced at your local Toyota dealer, but why wouldn’t you?

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  1. Allow me to provide a counterpoint. I bought my Auris new from Arnold Clark in East Kilbride. On the order form, I wrote in capital letters “TO BE USED FOR SERVICING AND WARRANTY RECALL PURPOSES ONLY”. Despite this, Arnold Clark sbsequently used my details without my consent to:

    * Sign me up to MyToyota. Including handing my mobile phone number to Toyota. This resulted in my receiving spam texts asking me to fill out a survey.

    * Signed me up to their “Accist” accident assistance program, again without my consent.

    * Of most concern, they took out an insurance policy for lost keys with a third party (Ageas Insurance.) I would note that I had to take Arnold Clark to the UK’s Financial Ombudsman Service on a previous occasion 5 years ago for similar mis-selling behaviour. They were fined £200 on that occasion. Yet, it appears not to have deterred them from repeating their actions. That previous experience of Arnold Clark’s unethical business practices is why I did not buy another Toyota for 10 years.

    If you want consumers to trust your dealerships, they need to start acting in a more trustworthy way. This includes not selling our personal contact details to third parties (including Toyota themselves.) And it certainly includes not signing us up to products and services we haven’t consented to.

    Despite the car itself being a good deal, had there been a non-Arnold Clark dealership closer to where I live and work, I would have used them to get a similar deal. Arnold Clark is damaging your brand in Scotland by the way they mishandle customer data for their own profit.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for getting in touch again. Please contact customer relations with your issues as they will be able to handle this case accordingly. Have you contacted them prior to this as we can chase the state of your case. Many thanks.

  2. That’s why most dealers will be happy to arrange either a courtesy car or a drop off and collection service from your home or office’ nope entirely not true, no dealership will pick car up , and being disabled, im stuck arnt i, i live in Gravesend Kent and the situation sucks

  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for getting in touch. If you are in need of a collection service, we would advise for you to contact your local Toyota Centre. If you have experienced any issues regarding this, you can contact our Customer Relations Team via the following link:



  4. I have a recall letter for my Auris Hybrid. I have tried to phone both Reading and Bracknell dealers. All I get is a “Welcome to Toyota” message repeated over and over. All these dealerships still operational?

  5. I got my last ‘free’ service at donnelly and taggart toyota garage in londonderry, from when I purchased the 3 service plan when i bought the car. Noticed on the sheet of paper advising of everything carried out it says “wash and vac normally 110 but free of charge due to plan”
    My car was half washed on the outside and as for vacuumed? If there was a hoover anywhere near the car they must have forgot to turn it on. Should my car have been washed and vacuumed or is this just something that’s advised on the leaflets and told in the service plan and not done. I have other MAJOR complaints about this but dealing with one issue at a time starting with the minor.

    1. Hi Amy,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear that you have a complaint. Toyota centres have different service offerings in place, so we’d recommend discussing the car wash policy at Donnelly and Taggart with them directly. As you’ve said you have other complaints, we’d recommend contacting our customer relations team so they can look into these with you. You can do that here: https://fal.cn/3mYy8


      1. The link you have attached comes up with a Web page that says what I’m looking for can’t be found.

  6. I have had a service twice at a Toyota dealer and if I’m honest it’s the worst valet (wash vac)I have ever had from any dealer ever.

  7. Hi there

    Are there any Toyota owned service centre available in the UK?

    I brought a Toyota whuch was not because of the dealers, it’s because I am a loyal fan of Toyota. I would like my Toyota car built and maintained as to the Toyota design and performance standards throughoutthe lifespanof the car. It seems there are tons of different dealers selling Toyota and services. However, as a simple minded user, I won’t be able to differentiate the good dealers and the very best dealers when I purchased the car, also the capability of servicing in terms of having and using diagnostic equipment as well as their acceptable servicing standards. If there’s anything seemed not right felt quality issues(such as new vehicle’s ride comfort, vibrations, smell, early signs of tyres worn out, etc..), but the dealer felt the performance is normal, tge dealer won’t do anything and I can’t object the judgment, but continue to suffer. So is there any Toyota owned service to make the final verdict?

    1. Hi, thanks for your question.

      All of the Toyota dealers around the country are within the Toyota network and have Toyota trained technicians. This means that your vehicle will be checked and serviced to Toyota’s standard. We hope that this reassures you.

      You can find your nearest Toyota Centre here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/find-a-dealer.


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