Weekend workshop: how to use a tyre repair kit

If your Toyota has a tyre repair kit rather than a spare wheel, it pays to know how to use it. This ‘weekend workshop’ shows how tyre repair kits work. It’s all quite straightforward when you know how…

Using a tyre repair kit can be quicker and safer than spending several minutes at the roadside taking a wheel off and fitting the spare. On average, repairing a puncture with a tyre repair kit takes just half the time needed to fit a spare tyre.

As soon as you notice your car has a puncture, try to find somewhere safe to stop away from traffic. Be sure to turn on the hazard warning lights and apply the parking brake.

Then locate and examine the puncture. Remember, there are some circumstances when it’s not appropriate to use the repair kit. It shouldn’t be used if the puncture is more than 4mm in diameter, if the wheel rim has been damaged, or if the tyre has been flat or running at low pressure for a prolonged period.

If you find a screw in the tyre – a common cause of punctures – don’t remove it. This will only make it harder for the repair kit to do its job.

You’ll find the Toyota tyre repair kit under the boot floor. It consists of a compressor to reinflate the tyre and a bottle of sealant to seal the hole.

The first thing to do is to fit a sticker to the tyre to show that it has sealant in it. There’s another sticker that must be applied to the car’s A-pillar to remind you to change the wheel at the next opportunity.

Next, remove the valve cap on the flat tyre. Take the sealant bottle and screw it on to the valve. Do it up securely so there are no leaks. Remove the cap from the sealant bottle and unravel the hose from the back of the compressor. Screw that hose on to the sealant bottle, and make sure it’s done up tightly.

Unwind the compressor’s wiring, and plug it in to the auxiliary socket inside the car. If you’re driving a non-hybrid vehicle, once the compressor is plugged in turn on the engine. If the car with the puncture is a hybrid, have the ‘ready’ light on.

You can now turn on the compressor. It should take no more than 10 minutes to inflate the tyre to an acceptable pressure. When the tyre looks to be properly inflated, turn off the compressor and press the yellow button to check the pressure.

Once the tyre is correctly inflated, unscrew the sealant bottle from the tyre and replace the valve cap. If the tyre doesn’t reach the minimum pressure given in the owner’s manual, you will need to contact your breakdown cover provider to arrange recovery of the car.

Put the repair kit back in your car. Drive two or three miles to allow the sealant to move around the tyre and repair the puncture.

Stop and check the tyre again, looking for signs of damage. If you find any, don’t drive the car further and call your breakdown provider.

If there’s no damage, fit the kit again and inflate the tyre to the pressure given in your handbook. It may have lost a little air over the two or three miles you drove the car to spread the sealant.

The tyre has now been repaired, but you should continue to drive with caution, staying below 50mph and cornering, accelerating and braking gently.

The repair isn’t intended as a long-term solution. You should have a replacement tyre fitted as soon as you can. Your local Toyota dealer will be able to provide a suitable new tyre at a competitive price.

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  1. A good and well maintained car tire leads to have a smoother running of your vehicle. Unfortunately if you got leak in your car’s tire on the way be prepared to have repaired it there. So keep a repair kit with you and have idea about fix the leak which may assist you on the road. It is important that the tire technician remove the tire from the rim so that the inside can be thoroughly inspected.

    1. Hi Fraser,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Providing the trye is repaired by the tyre manufacturer, yes, it could be used at a max speed rating.
      We hope this helps.

  2. After I temporarily repair the tyre by the kits I have , do I have to buy a new sealant bottle ? Or can I keep it and reuse it again in future ?

    1. Hi Haneen, thank you for your question.

      The tyre sealant is generally single-use and can be replaced via your local Toyota Centre.


  3. Most if not all tyre depots will not attempt a repair on a tyre that been inflated with one of these kits even if the tyre has maximum tread.
    It can be a very expensive way to repair a puncture in an othwise good tyre.

  4. If I buy a spacesaver wheel and tyre for my awd Rav4 and I get a puncture while towing my caravan can I use a spacesaver towing? Can I use the provided puncture repair kit whilst towing?

    1. Hi John,thanks for getting in touch.

      We do not recommend towing with either a fitted compact spare wheel or where you have had to use the tyre repair kit. You may wish to speak with your local Toyota Centre in relation to a full size spare wheel and tools for when you are towing.


      Toyota UK

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