Weekend workshop: how to change a tyre

Every car driver should know how to change a tyre. This ‘weekend workshop’ shows how to do the job properly and safely.

Follow these simple steps if your Toyota has a puncture.

First, find a safe place to stop and change the tyre. Ideally you should be away from the road and fast-moving traffic. Stopping on hard and level ground will make the job easier than parking on grass or a bumpy surface.

If you can’t find somewhere off the road, turn on your Toyota’s hazard lights and wear a hi-vis jacket.

Make sure the handbrake is on and put the car in first gear or park if it’s an automatic, then chock the wheel diagonally opposite the one that needs to be changed.

Take the jack and spare wheel out of the car. Raise the car up using the jacking point closest to the punctured tyre. If you don’t use a dedicated jacking point you could damage the bodywork or the jack could collapse. Only lift the car high enough to take the weight of the wheel with the flat tyre.

Use the wheel brace and the locking wheel nut adaptor if required, and loosen the nuts. Apply downward pressure carefully so as not to over-balance if the nuts turn suddenly.

Now use the jack to raise the car up further so the wheel is clear of the ground. Remove the nuts, saving the top one until last. Take the wheel off using two hands.

Put the spare wheel on, fitting the top nut first. Next, tighten all the nuts by hand turning each a little at a time in a diagonal sequence so the nuts tighten evenly.

Lower the wheel to ground, then tighten all the nuts fully in a diagonal sequence. Put the punctured wheel in the spare wheel carrier and replace the jack and wheel brace.

If the tyre is a space-saver, make sure you abide by any speed and mileage restrictions. Your local Toyota dealer will be able to supply you with a full-sized replacement at a competitive price.

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