Toyota Yaris Cross accessories: What is available?

The new Toyota Yaris Cross is a compact sports utility vehicle, and as such will be utilised in a wide variety of ways. For some it will become their urban companion, while for others it will help them explore the back of beyond.

Yaris Cross with optional side steps and mud flaps

In view of this diversity, Toyota has put together a comprehensive collection of approved, dealer-fit accessories that will help owners personalise their new Yaris Cross to meet their individual requirements.

Yaris Cross with silver front skirt

Deciding on which accessories to pick can seem daunting, however. So Toyota has gathered some of the most popular into optional packs that offer multiple elements at a great price, but also identified a number of others that owners may want to specify individually.

Yaris Cross with rubber boot liner and rear seat protection

This post itemises the various possibilities for both the exterior and interior, revealing how much they cost (all prices are quoted as fitted) and with which equipment grade/s they are compatible.

Yaris Cross accessories: optional packs

Advanced Safety Intelligent front and rear parking sensors with clearance sonar and automatic braking, rear cross traffic alert with brake assist, blind spot monitor £650.00 Dynamic, Premiere 
City and Advanced Safety In addition to above: advanced parking assist, panoramic view monitor, eight-inch Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with navigation and smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), WiFi connectivity, voice recognition, dynamic guidelines on reversing camera £750.00 Dynamic, Premiere 
City Advanced parking assist, panoramic view monitor, eight-inch Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with navigation and smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), WiFi connectivity, voice recognition, dynamic guidelines on reversing camera £100.00 Excel 
Tech Nine-inch HD Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system with wireless smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) and connected cloud navigation £500.00 Design 
SUV Side steps (silver), front and rear mud flaps, boot liner, rear seat protection, rubber floor mats £639.00 Icon, Design, Excel 
Adventure (not compatible with SUV pack) Front and rear mud flaps, rubber floor mats £119.00 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Essential Protection Boot liner, rear seat protection £69.00 Icon, Design, Excel 
Sports Front skirt and rear skirt (both silver) £599.00 Icon, Design, Excel
Towing Horizontal detachable towing hitch, 13-pin electrics £599.00 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 

Yaris Cross accessories: exterior and interior

Left: 17-inch matt black alloy wheel. Right: 18-inch machined black alloy wheel (not to scale)
Front skirt (silver) £390.96 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Side steps (silver) – not compatible with SUV pack £499.00 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Rear skirt (silver) £420.48 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Front mud flaps (pair) £37.45 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Rear mud flaps (pair) £55.27 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Skyview panoramic roof £330.00 Excel, Dynamic 
17-inch matt black alloy wheels (set) £799.00 Design 
18-inch machined black alloy wheels (set) £899.00 Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Yaris Cross horizontal detachable towing hitch with 13-pin electrics
Boot liner £51.00 Icon, Design, Excel 
Rear seat protection £51.00 Icon, Design, Excel 
Rubber floor mats (set) £78.61 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
JBL Premium sound system £450.00 Excel, Dynamic 
Yaris Cross with rubber floor mats

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  1. Can you confirm that a space saver spare wheel and Jack will be available in the UK as it is shown in the handbook. I had a flat tire at 196 miles and need the confidence of a spare.

    1. Hi James,
      Thanks for your comment.
      A space saver spare wheel can be fitted to the Yaris Cross if desired. It should be fitted by your nearest Toyota Centre to ensure correct fitting.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply.
        I asked my dealer in November to check availability but heard nothing back.

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Both the drive and front passenger seat are height adjustable. However, this is unfortunately not electric.
      However, the Premiere Edition also features heated driver & passenger seats as well as power-adjustable lumbar support on the driver seat.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  2. I am interested in buying a Yaris Cross Premiere edition, as it has all the features I need, including the heads up display. I want to add the City and Advanced Safety pack, as I want the Advanced Parking Assist. However, I have been told that if I do that it will come with an inferior sat nav, which does not give real-time traffic updates. Is this correct? If so is there another way to spec everything I want?

    1. Hi Jayne,
      Unfortunately, the Advanced Parking Assist is not compatible with Toyota Smart Connect, meaning Toyota Touch 2 is used with the City & Advanced Safety Pack.
      We apologise for this inconvenience, please let us know if we can assist you further.

      1. Thank you for your reply. Can you confirm whether the Touch 2 sat nav gives live traffic updates and rerouting?

        Also, does the Advanced Park Assist provide perpendicular/reverse parking as well as parallel parking?

      2. Hi Jayne,
        These links will give you more information on Toyota Touch 2 navigation.
        ( and
        However, this specification of Yaris Cross also includes smartphone integration.
        This means you can connect your smartphone and use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.
        The navigation features within these apps do also include live traffic updates and rerouting.
        Furthermore, we would recommend contacting your nearest Toyota Centre for a demonstration of Advanced Parking Assist.
        This way, you will be able to view it for yourself and see if it meets your needs.

  3. My supplying dealerCharles Hurst Toyota 62 Boucher Road Belfast.
    On checking my wheel query was on 3/12/21(same day as puncture)
    No scuff plates fitted on my Icon.Are they standard on this model as previous posts infer.
    I realise that with new models plus Covid related issues there will be hiccups and happy to see Toyota UK are working through them.

  4. Do we have clarification yet on the statement made on 22 November 2021 that the door scuff plates come as standard on all grades? They are not present in the showroom or tester I saw, or any of the online reviews. I am wondering if the picture above is using an accessory from the standard Yaris range; perhaps PW382-0D007?

      1. Thanks. My car is on order and so hopefully the team will have got to the bottom of it by the time it is delivered.

  5. Hi when I test drove a Yaris cross it had a variable boot floor which is one of the reasons I went for the car. Now having received my car (the Icon model) it is not included so I am going to struggle getting things in and out of the boot. Please can you clarify why I have not been supplied with this? Thank you.

    1. Hi Joanna, thanks for your comment.

      There should be removable inserts to increase the height of the boot floor. If you take a look at the images in the following link, you’ll see this:
      If you do not have the components, your local Toyota Centre will be able to look into this.


  6. Hi Toyota UK
    Just purchased a Yaris Cross Urban hybrid here in Australia, and I would dearly love to have a centre armrest between the 2 front seats.
    Is it possible to buy one from you as an accessory and have it shipped to Australia because they are not available here as I understand it?
    many thanks

    1. Hi Loy, thanks for your comment.

      This would be something that you’d need to discuss with a Toyota Centre here in the UK, it would depend on if they are willing to ship the part out to you. Also, the part number would differ depending on the grade you have and the options in Australia do not align exactly with ours here in the UK so we wouldn’t be able to provide a correct match.


  7. Dear all I have been in touch with Toyota over a while and they have confirmed that the Yaris cross doesn’t come with scuff plates or auto locking doors. This was wrong information given out and Toyota say they are correctoling this information. I hope this helps sort out people’s questions.

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