Toyota Yaris Cross accessories: What is available?

The new Toyota Yaris Cross is a compact sports utility vehicle, and as such will be utilised in a wide variety of ways. For some it will become their urban companion, while for others it will help them explore the back of beyond.

Yaris Cross with optional side steps and mud flaps

In view of this diversity, Toyota has put together a comprehensive collection of approved, dealer-fit accessories that will help owners personalise their new Yaris Cross to meet their individual requirements.

Yaris Cross with silver front skirt

Deciding on which accessories to pick can seem daunting, however. So Toyota has gathered some of the most popular into optional packs that offer multiple elements at a great price, but also identified a number of others that owners may want to specify individually.

Yaris Cross with rubber boot liner and rear seat protection

This post itemises the various possibilities for both the exterior and interior, revealing how much they cost (all prices are quoted as fitted) and with which equipment grade/s they are compatible.

Yaris Cross accessories: optional packs

Advanced Safety Intelligent front and rear parking sensors with clearance sonar and automatic braking, rear cross traffic alert with brake assist, blind spot monitor £650.00 Dynamic, Premiere 
City and Advanced Safety In addition to above: advanced parking assist, panoramic view monitor, eight-inch Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with navigation and smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), WiFi connectivity, voice recognition, dynamic guidelines on reversing camera £750.00 Dynamic, Premiere 
City Advanced parking assist, panoramic view monitor, eight-inch Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with navigation and smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), WiFi connectivity, voice recognition, dynamic guidelines on reversing camera £100.00 Excel 
Tech Nine-inch HD Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system with wireless smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) and connected cloud navigation £500.00 Design 
SUV Side steps (silver), front and rear mud flaps, boot liner, rear seat protection, rubber floor mats £639.00 Icon, Design, Excel 
Adventure (not compatible with SUV pack) Front and rear mud flaps, rubber floor mats £119.00 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Essential Protection Boot liner, rear seat protection £69.00 Icon, Design, Excel 
Sports Front skirt and rear skirt (both silver) £599.00 Icon, Design, Excel
Towing Horizontal detachable towing hitch, 13-pin electrics £599.00 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 

Yaris Cross accessories: exterior and interior

Left: 17-inch matt black alloy wheel. Right: 18-inch machined black alloy wheel (not to scale)
Front skirt (silver) £390.96 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Side steps (silver) – not compatible with SUV pack £499.00 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Rear skirt (silver) £420.48 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Front mud flaps (pair) £37.45 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Rear mud flaps (pair) £55.27 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Skyview panoramic roof £330.00 Excel, Dynamic 
17-inch matt black alloy wheels (set) £799.00 Design 
18-inch machined black alloy wheels (set) £899.00 Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
Yaris Cross horizontal detachable towing hitch with 13-pin electrics
Boot liner £51.00 Icon, Design, Excel 
Rear seat protection £51.00 Icon, Design, Excel 
Rubber floor mats (set) £78.61 Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premiere 
JBL Premium sound system £450.00 Excel, Dynamic 
Yaris Cross with rubber floor mats

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  1. Hi I have been in Toyota garage and none of yaris cross have scuff plates, they are contacting Toyota to get information on this matter.

    1. Hi Martin,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Please could you tell us which Toyota Centre you are referring to so we can look into this.

      1. Just collected my Yaris Cross dynamic, no scuff plates. Confirmation on a previous comment I raised that they come as standard, can you confirm please how these are obtained please as they clearly don’t come as standard.

        Also my AHB is not working, high beam is staying on even with the A button pushed and light on dash.

      2. Hi Gethin,
        Would you mind us emailing you to gather some further details so our Customer Relations team can look into this for you?

      3. Any updates on scuff plates missing from all models. If they don’t come as standard how much will they cost to fit?

      4. Hi Gethin,
        Our Customer Relations Team are still looking into this for you.
        Please continue to liaise with them on this situation.

  2. Sorry but on site you say car self locking is standered at 10 to 12 mph,this does not happen as a person said in above comments. Why is this? Also see note re no scuff plates. Thank you

  3. It says self locking doors on Toyota set and also your answer to a question on this site. ? Also no scuff plates on my car or other I have seen.

    1. Hi Rhys,
      Currently, we do not have any information on further accessory offerings.
      We apologise we cannot assist you further.

  4. Hello sorry to bother you again but still waiting for answer to my questions on why my yaris cross has no scuff plates and why do I have no self locking doors(auto lock) that I can find,?

  5. Morning to you. I just want to say I have no issue with garage I have dealt with them for 16 years and been looked after very well. My issue is Toyota and this site say car has scuff plates self locking doors. At this moment this is not correct on my car. Unable to find how auto lock on doors work and other sites say people unable to set this up.

    1. Hi Martin,
      Thank you for letting us know.
      We are currently looking into this so we will update you when we have further information.

  6. Good morning to you. Any news on my question ‘re scuff plates and auto lock doors, it has been just over a week since you said this would looked into. Thank you.

    1. Hi Martin,
      Thank you for your patience.
      Our Product Team are still investigating this for you.
      We will inform you when we have a response.

  7. Can I order some rubber mats please? How do I purchase them for my Yaris cross? There doesn’t seem to be an option to purchase.

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Your Toyota Centre would be best placed to assist you in ordering this part.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  8. Good morning,hope you are well. I have asked about why you say all Yaris cross come with scuff plates and doors will self lock . I asked weeks ago about this, you say we will get back to you. How long will this take. I hope this will be sorted soon and the door locks will work as this is something that I want for security and safety.keep safe and well

    1. Hi Martin,
      Thank you so much for your patience.
      We have opened this case with our Customer Relations team who will be in touch with you very soon.
      However, please do not hesitate to reach out on here if you have any further questions.

  9. Looking to find out of scuff plates are available for my Yaris Cross Icon, also inserts for the cup holder under the centre arm reat and below the heater controls to stop any scratches. As per some previous comments cannot find out to enable drive away locking.

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