Your Toyota warranty: keep your car covered

Your Toyota is one of the most reliable and durable cars on the road, but our comprehensive warranty package gives you added peace of mind. Touch wood, you won’t need to make use of our warranties, but it’s good to know you can rely on them if and when you have to.

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Every new Toyota passenger car comes with a five-year, 100,000-mile mechanical warranty. There’s no mileage limitation in year one and the warranty also covers any mechanical fault caused by a manufacturing defect.

As well as the mechanical warranty, every new Toyota passenger car has a 12-year anti-corrosion and perforation warranty. The cover protects against rust perforation affecting sheet metal body panels as a result of a manufacturing fault and there’s no mileage limit. There’s also a three-year paintwork and surface rust guarantee.

Toyota is the world-leader in hybrid technology, and our hybrid batteries are covered by the Hybrid Battery Warranty. This guarantees lasts for five years and 100,000 miles. What’s more, this cover can be extended for another year or 10,000 miles simply by taking your car to a Toyota Centre for a Hybrid Health Check. The check is free of charge if carried out as part of a service. Even if your car isn’t due a service the Hybrid Health Check costs just £39.

It’s not just the Hybrid Battery Warranty which can be extended. Whether you have owned your car from new or bought it as a used car, a Toyota Extended Warranty means you can enjoy peace of mind for longer. To preserve this warranty you’ll need to have the car serviced or inspected annually (or more frequently for a high-mileage driver) by a Toyota Dealer or Service Outlet.

The benefits of a Toyota Extended Warranty go well beyond the obvious, and make most aftermarket warranty packages look rather lacking. Not only does the warranty cover parts and repairs, it also helps keep you on the road if there is a problem with your Toyota. If you can’t drive your car because a part has failed you can claim up to five days’ car hire to a maximum of £45 per day (including VAT) after the first 24 hours.

Our Extended Warranty also entitles you to hotel expenses if the repair or replacement of a protected part takes more than 24 hours from arrival at a Toyota Dealer and you are more than 20 miles from your home, paying up to £150 (including VAT) towards one night’s accommodation, including breakfast.

The Toyota Extended Warranty also covers you against unexpected repair bills following an MOT failure. As long as the vehicle is repaired and passes, your Extended Warranty will pay for repairs or replacement of covered parts including labour, up to the vehicle’s purchase price. All you have to pay is the original MOT test fee and the first £10 of any repair costs.

So, your Toyota is one of the most reliable cars on the road and comes with one of the most comprehensive warranty packages. It’s a belts and braces approach which gives peace of mind to our customers.

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  1. Is the cover that protects the engine covered under 5 yr warranty .65 plate Avensis Tourer. Cover has started to fray?

    1. Hi there I bought a Aygo out of a garage in September 2021 the registration is Sm62owp my car has had problems and been back 3 times now I’ve had the car at another garage they have told me the brake cylinders need replaced can I go back 2 the garage I bought it and get them to sort it

      1. Hi Steven,

        What garage did you buy the car from? Was it a Toyota garage or an independent garage?


    1. Hi Phil,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us.
      Drive belts are classed as a maintenance part. Therefore they will be subject to routine inspection / replacement during scheduled servicing – generally with a specified time interval dependent on the model and engine.
      There will be an overview of maintenance parts and warranty coverage along with an inspection / replacement schedule for the belt in your Service and Warranty Handbook.
      If you require further assistance, our wider Repair Support team should be able to provide some specific guidance. We would just need you to provide some vehicle details.

  2. Hi, I have just been informed by my local toyota franchise that if i dont get my vehicle serviced with a “Toyota” gargage then my Warranty is invalid. Is this true???

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us.
      The service schedule for your vehicle doesn’t need to be carried out at a Toyota centre, but genuine Toyota parts do need to be used.

      1. HI,

        I bought a Demo Hilux Invincible X 2 years ago from Toyota Plus Approved used car.

        Does the Toyota Approved Plus implicitly mean that the Hilux must have been prepared and serviced to exacting Toyota standards before sale by the dealer – I was told it was serviced before purchase but I just found out there is no trace on the service record at the point of sale and the new dealer is asking me to contact Toyota for confirmation of such servicing done.

        Does the sale of Demo under Toyota Plus Approved used car exacting standards include an automatic servicing done?


      2. Hello, thank you for your comment.

        The Toyota Plus Approved scheme provides a vehicle less than 8 years old with fewer than 100,000 miles on the clock. This also includes a multi-point check, hybrid health check, 12-month warranty and 12-month roadside assistance. To obtain the service history for your vehicle, please contact our Customer Relations team on 0344 701 6202. They are likely to ask for proof of ownership so it’d be good to have this to hand when you call. Thanks.

  3. Hi i bought my toyota rav4 in slm toyota dealer as used car i have 66 plate it means Iam still covered for 5 years. I just finished my full service with them and Iam on a service plan and they found out that rear breaks n/s/r inner pad not seated on disc correctly, requires new brake pads and disc and sliders, your break is 60% worn. For the rear suspension N/s/r suspension bushes worn trail arm bush and O/S/R suspension bushesworn trail arm my question is which part is covered only toyota service my car that is why i have service plan.

    1. Hi Marlo, thanks for your comment.

      The five-year warranty covers any mechanical fault that is deemed to have been caused by a manufacturing defect.
      For some items, a general level of wear and tear is expected over time. Your local Toyota Centre will be able to assess the issue and advise if it is due to a manufacturing defect that can be claimed for under warranty.


  4. My 11 month old Aygo was getting its first service.
    Dealer said needs new battery and it has only done 1000 miles in 11 months Toyota has said not covered under warranty.
    So much for 100,000 miles 5 year warranty

    1. Hi Graham,
      Thanks for your comment. We’re sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the diagnosis provided by your Toyota Centre.
      Our warranty covers any mechanical fault arising as the result of a manufacturing defect. If this is the case, the battery would be covered.
      However, if the resulting fault is not caused by a manufacturing defect, then it would not be covered.
      If you are unhappy with the diagnosis provided by the Toyota Centre, you can contact our Customer Relations team here:
      They are best placed to explore your specific situation in further detail with you, should you wish to.

      1. Can you show me why an 11month old car because it’s only covered 1000 miles Toyota has rejected warranty.
        Your 5 year warranty states unlimited mileage in first year where Toyota dealer states it’s because of low mileage.
        Can you please copy me this condition in your 5 year warranty, I have searched and cannot find this.
        The car battery went flat several times from a few weeks old. The battery would drop from charged to flat in 5 days.
        We contacted SDM as we thought it was caused by the dashcam they fitted incorrectly.
        It was several months due to lockdown before they fixed the incorrect wiring.
        Why has the battery they have now fitted got a 5 year warranty when you have rejected ours at 11 months.
        If you are unable to supply this please advise how I can escalate this com0laint

  5. My Toyota yaris is 16 plate & still covered with the year warranty. My question is, is the central locking cover under this warranty?

    1. Hi Jan,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      If you are referring to our 5 year mechanical warranty, this covers any mechanical fault caused by a manufacturing defect.
      Therefore, it will depend on the cause of the issue whether or not this is covered by warranty.
      This will have to be assessed by your Toyota Centre.

  6. Hi i bought 2017 Toyota Yaris and is still covered by 5 year warranty. Could you please clarify if the headlight is covered by headlight if not working

  7. The windscreen wiper on my 2 year old aygo keeps stopping in the middle of the screen and the tyre pressure warning continuously comes on despite the tyre pressure being fine. Please advise if this is covered in the warranty.

  8. I bought a Toyota New Corolla Touring Sports in June 2019. Did my first service in March 2020 @ 9000+ miles. At the moment the milage is 14000+. According to the serice and Warranty Handbook the net service is due at either before completion of 24 months or 20000 miles whichever comes first. However, the local Toyota dealer keeps on reminding me my Corolla is due for service by March 2021 as it will complete 12 months or 10000 miles (whichever comes first) – which is not mentioned anywhere in the Warranty/Service booklet. I do not want to do the second service untill its closer to 24 months or 20000 miles. Much grateful if you can kindly clarify this. I have sent two email so far to you but did not get a clear answer but received a mail from the local dealer confirming that its due for service in March 2021, otherwise the warranty will be void. Please help.

    1. Hi Raj,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Your vehicle must be serviced either every year or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first, so your Toyota Centre is correct.
      The handbook is most likely referring to 24 months from when the car was new.

      1. Hi Thanks for your reply. So my Toyota was purchased from brand new in June 2019 from Toyota. Isnt it the case that it will be 24months from new when June 2021 ?

      2. Hi Raj,
        Thanks for your reply.
        The main line here is that your vehicle must be serviced either every year or every 10,000 miles, whichever is soonest.
        This means that a year will have passed from your last service, so another service is needed in March.

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